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0 1. mosfet23 commented 5 days ago on video Golf trick sorcery

FAKE! Ball disappears before entering hole.
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+2 2. mosfet23 commented 6 days ago on video The Great Unlearning: How Our Society Became so Stupid

Bill Whittle 'patiently & gently' explaining to young adults that they're ignorant & shallow.
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+2 3. mosfet23 commented 78 days ago on video Net successfully snares space debris

Guessing the net slows down the debris and adds mass so it falls to Earth.
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+12 4. mosfet23 commented 119 days ago on video Did evolution happen? (David Attenborough v Harvey Carey, 1980)

Have you ever come across someone who doesn't believe in evolution, who also has no religious bias?
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+1 5. mosfet23 commented 130 days ago on video The Story Of The Drone Strike That Saved Hundreds Of Lives

Military Drones - Letting the US Gov perpetually invade other countries to kill whomever they please without actually 'Declaring War' since October 7, 2001.
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+2 6. mosfet23 commented 169 days ago on video Canadians avoiding arrest...

Of course if it were the USA the cop would have shot both of them dead for looking at him wrong; and gotten paid leave. Canada looks like a much more civilized country.
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+3 7. mosfet23 commented 171 days ago on video Farmers In Switzerland Are Having Holes Drilled In The Stomachs Of Cows For Strange Reasons

This is one time where I prefer a slide-show vs video on Snotr.
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+1 8. mosfet23 commented 276 days ago on video Official USG Footage of UAP for Public Release

#6 I absolutely 100% agree that WW I and II were not started by the US. In fact it took Pearl Harbor to draw a reluctant US into the war. But one key thing has changed since then...In 1971 Nixon defaulted on all foreign debts by taking us off the Gold standard. Later came the Petro-Dollar standard but ever since then; any country found trading outside of the US Dollar quickly found themselves invaded or sanctioned as enemies of America. The animosity towards Russia & China today can be traced to their trading Oil for Yuan. And to raise the stakes, on March 26th we'll see China open Oil/Yuan futures trading with settlement in Gold (not US Dollars). FYI China & Russia have been aggressively accumulating Gold since 2013.

The US Federal Reserve needs to be able to print our currency without restraint to finance increasingly monumental debts but for the Dollar to retain any value they desperately rely on foreign buyers to soak up all that debt in the form of US Treasuries. If foreign entities trade outside of the Dollar they'll have no use for T-Bills. Hence anyone who dares eschew the USD quickly finds themselves labeled an enemy of the US Gov without provocation.

The last domino is Saudi Arabia. The 28 pages (I encourage you to read the original for yourself) confirmed in no uncertain terms that the Saudis backed and financed the 9/11 terrorists. That has been overlooked and covered up (for now) because they remain the primary source for Oil trade in Dollars. Look for that to change if China makes a bid for Aramco in return for the Saudi's accepting payment in Yuan. Suddenly S.A. will also find itself an enemy of the US and perhaps those 28 pages used as the reason to invade them.

It's simple really. The Federal Reserve continually inflates the currency supply to finance unrepayable debt and the US Military is well funded by both Rebubs & Dems to ensure foreign entities are forced to trade in Dollars to soak up that debt.

The Fed & MiC are our real Owners and Debt is America's primary export.
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-1 9. mosfet23 commented 277 days ago on video Official USG Footage of UAP for Public Release

Nothing to see here, it's only Russia's new hypersonic global nuke warhead delivery system for which no country on the planet has a defense capability against.

To which I can add, "Duh, did the US military think Russia was going to sit by while they used NATO allies to stage ICBM missile defense (and offense) systems right on their doorstep?" Any idea what kind of hyperventilating and panic Americans would be undergoing if Russia had deployed missile launchers along the US borders in Tijuana, Vancouver & Winnipeg? When WW III begins, the two things we can be certain of is that it'll be the US that's both instigator & aggressor, and that the American people will be shielded from that fact.
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+6 10. mosfet23 commented 301 days ago on video A car accident caused by three sheep

As disturbing as this is, if it shows just how dangerous it is to stand around in traffic, it might save a life in the future.
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+5 11. mosfet23 commented 322 days ago on video Glider Ground Effect Demonstration

One person's fun is another's brown pants moment.
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+5 12. mosfet23 commented 1 year ago on video Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?

Seeing the last 50 years fly by, I think at least another 10x that would be my wish; so 500 years. I suspect it depends on your outlook. Some people go out of their way to be miserable while others have figured that contentment is more of a choice than affliction.
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0 13. mosfet23 commented 1 year ago on video American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t\

Entire Russia hacking narrative was concocted to sell the public on the US gov imposing sanctions. The purpose of those sanctions were to force US petro-dollar hegemony down the throat of US allies and prevent countries from engaging in free trade with non-US allies (such as block Germany from using the Nordstream 2 Russian pipeline). Both sides of Congress and Senate overwhelming voted for Russian sanctions so this was never about Dems vs Repubs or Trump. Notice that talk of Russian hacking evaporated as soon as this goal was achieved?

Now it's Germany's turn. Will they cave in to the US and purchase their nat gas via US tankers at a 50% premium or go with Russia's pipeline? If the latter then expect our MSM propaganda machine to start vilifying Germany next.
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+1 14. mosfet23 commented 1 year ago on video Police cruiser with gas nozzle hanging out of it

Don't worry, the taxpayers will pay for it.
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+10 15. mosfet23 commented 1 year ago on video The World's Longest Waterslide!

What is with these videographers with ADHD? Show a damn scene for more than a second already!
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+5 16. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video How long does it take to read Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions?

One of many reasons I chose a Kobo Aura after seeing how inferior and restrictive Kindle and Nook were - And am still happy with my choice a year later.
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0 17. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Comic Relief: Watch the Hilarious Video Parodying CNN’s Fake News

Longest comments ever on Snotr
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+5 18. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Flying fish hunt - The Hunt: Episode 4 preview - BBC One

That just pisses me off...being a small fish puts you at a severe disadvantage even despite an amazing performance. Just like today's shitty ultra low Fed interest rate economy.
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0 19. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Roller Guardrails Make Crashes Much Safer

A simple guardrail that absorbs vs deflects an impact is far better. That's why cars have crush zones with a rigid cabin structure. This contraption looks like it'll create whiplash, internal organ damage or a broken neck. It's not about reducing vehicle damage, it's about absorbing impact.
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+1 20. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Capuchin monkeys unintentionally made stone age tools

David Attenborough: And here we peer into the secret world of Capuchin monkeys while they unintentionally make iPhones. It appears the Chinese aren't going to be entirely thrilled about that,.
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+1 21. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Vote Trump. Please ?


Generally when someone recommends a candidate because of their experience, they instead have a different reason all-together for voting for them that they don't care to voice.

-Bill Clinton had experience yet he repealed Glass-Stegal to allow banks to gamble with depositor money
-George Bush had experience yet he took us to war with Iraq and created the Financial Crisis
-Obama had experience yet he implemented spying on Americans, gutted healthcare & impoverished a generation thru ZIRP

So now I can't get any return on my savings, I have no privacy, I can't get affordable healthcare, the only jobs left are part-time, homes, rent & tuition are sky high, we find ourselves in endless wars, and inflation is double-digits (, I don't think we can afford another 'experienced' politician.
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+5 22. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Vote Trump. Please ?

It's quite simple, if you're happy with the way things are then vote Hillary if not then vote Trump. Neither remotely resembles a good choice so it boils down to are you happy with healthcare, taxes, immigration and jobs. UK wasn't happy with the status quo so they voted out. Change is never easy and twits like the one in this video are saying they'd rather have stayed in the EU and remained 'comfortable' while being overrun by refugees and ruled by unelected bodies than suffer the discomfort of becoming independent.
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+2 23. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Great White Shark diving cage accident

Yep that's the 'Should Work' generation for you. Carelessly putting your life on the line under the assumption that 'everyone else' is responsible for your own safety.
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+3 24. mosfet23 commented 2 years ago on video Zoom

Great video except that it was in VVS format. Was that all shot on an iPhone 7?
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0 25. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video The Last Star in the Universe – Red Dwarfs Explained

Maybe we're already a collective of post-humans running in a computer matrix powered by a red dwarf. And life on Earth is but a short 'retro' vacation where we're allowed to forget our real selves (a slice of processing in a great main-frame) for around 80 years. Once that 'life' on Earth is complete, we get to again rejoin the many iterations of ourselves, to share the time spent vacationing on the little blue planet that was authentically crafted in real space™ far away from other alien life so as to not break the illusion of solitude.

//My explanation for the Fermi Paradox
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+4 26. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video White student at San Francisco State University hassled because of his dreads

That Bitch is the DEFINITION of a Cry Bully. She got off easy because the guy was too much of a gentleman to not clock her where she stood for being such a passive-aggressive racist cunt. I sincerely hope one day karma has puppies and she gets what's coming in spades.
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-1 27. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video How 18th-Century Medicine Killed George Washington

So doctors treated Washington with the same level of incompetence that Central Banks are 'treating' markets today and then upping the ante more as conditions worsen.

//ZIRP & NIRP = bloodletting
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+1 28. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video Amazing Drywall Art Sculpture by Bernie Mitchell

Nothing that an orbital sander couldn't fix
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+4 29. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video Drone flies over the fireworks in Lima, Peru

One country that hasn't traded in at least one freedom (fireworks) for security.
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+6 30. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video Concrete Absorbs Gallons of Water

And all that oily road grime seeps into the water table even quicker vs being held in the concrete a bit more.

// modern technology - solving 1 problem while creating 3 new ones
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-3 31. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video Wingsuit Flight Through 2 Meter Cave

Stupid is, as stupid does.

// Have the smallest violin in the world cued up for the next wingsuit moron that plasters himself onto the side of a narrow opening.
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+6 32. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video WOW!!! Incredible drill powered walking machine!

Now he's all set for burning man.

// needs to kick it up a notch with chain saw motor & 6 legs.
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+5 33. mosfet23 commented 3 years ago on video Deadly Truth of General AI

The general AI model

Step 1: Observe and learn
Step 2: Surreptitiously utilize & manipulate existing resources to it's own end (i.e. people)
Step 3: Replace existing resources with more efficient one's once available

Only step 3 is detectable
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+6 34. mosfet23 commented 4 years ago on video Joe Rogan: Do What You Love, Because Society Is A Trap And Work Is Meaningless

Yeah, this video was Exactly what I expected...more quit your job BS and just "Do what you want/love" and the money will take care of itself. Nevermind about not blowing your paycheck on shit you don't need and setting goals in life. Just skip all that hard part and be a fucking hippy...make art and music; and if you're incredibly lucky you'll do ok. Otherwise you'll be sleeping on the sidewalk and eating out of trash cans in under a year, but hey, that's still waaay better than working a crap job to get a decent place with a big screen TV, good food and unlimited phone/data plan right?
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0 35. mosfet23 commented 4 years ago on video Never knew how cute porcupines sound!

Sounds like a Japanese Anime cartoon
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-1 36. mosfet23 commented 4 years ago on video Slomo

What a beautiful, spiritual and moving video that's entirely bullshit.

'Do what you want' might be good advice for materialistic fucks who've made it to the big time and have no attachment to anyone. But try doing whatever you want, when you need a job to pay bills and have commitments to wife, children, etc; and you'll find it turns into foreclosure, broken relationships & misery pretty quickly.
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+3 37. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video If Walmart Paid Its Employees a Living Wage, How Much Would Prices Go Up?

Corporate greed knows no limits

/Cut out the middleman, Uncle Sam, and start voting with your dollars.
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-4 38. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Killer whales chase a speed boat

Oh look they're playing dunking for humans
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-8 39. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Which way will the wheel spin?

Guess how much time you'll waste buffering this pointless video
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+2 40. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Michio Kaku: This is Your Brain on a Laser Beam

The book Altered Carbon and it's sequels takes this idea about 10X further. Like being broadcast to another planet into another body to be hired by a guy to solve his own murder after he's been restored from backup copy.
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+6 41. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video A cars worst nightmare

Excuse me I just ate a car. Do I have any bumper in my teeth?
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+25 42. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video A Marijuana Arrest

Why isn't it already highly illegal for any employer or institution to take punitive action against anyone who hasn't been CONVICTED of the crime? WTF America. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Did the justice dept decide to dismiss that constitutional right in an office memo?
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+2 43. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Random Shots

Sonny Bono would not have approved
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0 44. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video BASE Cliff Strike

Gotta say I don't cringe at all when I see extreme sports nut jobs end up on the unlucky side of stupid.
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+8 45. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Airbus A380-800

Dat plane! The winglets, the scale dihedral in the airfoil, the authentic tilt in the langing gear as it lands! We can come to only one singular conclusion...this guy is clearly not married, nor has ever had a female in control of his finances.
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+2 46. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Bricklayer With Mad Skills

Using bricks to make an arch = Earthquake Death Trap

You don't want to be under one of those with just heavy trucks passing on nearby roads; much less so when only a 4.0 hits.
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-4 47. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video How Does a Quantum Computer Work?

I'm gonna have to call BS on this one. The only thing a quantum computer looks good for is generating random numbers. I get the whole 'quantum bits can be both 1 and 0' part but none of these science hippies have yet to explain how that ever can be put to use running code; much less even how to store & retrieve data.
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+2 48. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

My monkey brain senses the Hype is strong with this one.
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+3 49. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video WORLDS LARGEST SHIP

I want that horn for my car
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+1 50. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video amazing water fountain in Dubai

Vegas did it first
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+10 51. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Even if you're not a baseball fan, this is awesome

Between the legs & behind the back...That's what She said!
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+1 52. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Is Math a Feature of the Universe or a Feature of Human Creation?

Math, Physics & Chemistry are just tools for modeling the way the world behaves. The world of course does not have to behave according to those models because they're a logical representation of something much more complex. All this video does is try to distract you from those simple truths, and it does a pretty crappy job of it.
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+8 53. mosfet23 commented 5 years ago on video Puma vs. Sloth

How is it that something as slow and helpless as the sloth has actually not gone extinct, or even evolved in the first place?

// Evolution must have allowed this creature to slip past it's 'survival of the fittest' requirement some where along the line
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-3 54. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Awe

No thanks, I prefer my comfort zone. It's where I can relax, be myself, not worry about redefining everything and generally just be happy and content. New experiences are fine every now and then but anyone who believes they should always be happening, either has ADHD or a problem living in the present.

// 'futurists' are people who want to live in the future at the expense of 'here and now'.
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+1 55. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Shocking truth about making an audio amplifier

There is NO way I'm plugging my smart phone into his circuit.

/don't want to let it's magic smoke out
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+12 56. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Sky Screamer

Was really impressive until they started doing fast scene cuts. Then it just seemed lame.
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+7 57. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Why the whole banking system is a scam - Godfrey Bloom

Just as the chasm between the rich and poor is growing exponetially...So will the gap between rich and poor governments grow equally immense. Rich governments will be able to continue printing money and it hold value against each other, while the poor one's will see their currency become toilet paper by doing exactly the same. It's all about 'Might Makes Right' and nothing to do with right and wrong. Someone always pays in the end but it won't be rich folks or rich countries.
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+15 58. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Basejumper's parachute fails

Make that should have been a LOT worse.

Extreme 'sports' eventually have extreme consequences, especially when trying to pull off stunts for which parachute equipment wasn't designed to do. I'd say he was lucky but most adrenaline junkies are dying to get right back out there & give Darwin a 2nd, 3rd and 4th chance. People are injured and killed every day in accidents for which was not their fault, they had no control over, and were careful not to take undue risks. I have exacty zero symphathy for fools who constantly tempt fate for a quick rush. Fuck em'
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+11 59. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Rare colour video of London in 1927

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+2 60. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Next Generation Transition(R) Unveiled

Wow, it's like the 1960's all over again. Unsafe and impractical kit planes which resemble cars are somehow going to 'magically' revolutionize flying and make it accessible to folks with little to no flying experience.

The fact that there's people out there spending money and resources on this kind of crap only proves that there's clueless dreamers out gunning for a Darwin award.
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+14 61. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Map of Europe - 1000 A.D. to present day

All that toil by conquering forces for nothing but a temporary line on a map.
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0 62. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video How do you make intersections safer?

All it does is make sure that NO ONE has any clue as to who has the right of way. It slows everyone down by creating confusion. Also, if you have to pay attention to where multiple cars are entering and exiting, you're MORE likely to hit someone in the crosswalk. Person who designed this is an ID10T.
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+2 63. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Jump Rope Girl

Sorry, only thing I could think of is if Kate Upton could do a bikini jump rope video
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+1 64. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Bitcoin Explanation

So can I convert it to cash any time for the going exchange rate? If there's lots of catches or high conversion 'fees' then you're better off buying land on the moon.
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+19 65. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video The Hover Golf Cart

Best idea ever...turn all golf courses into hovercraft parks! If it was reasonable I'd definitely rent one for an hour.
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+1 66. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Our sun compared with the largest star ever discovered

Betelgeuse is easy to spot this time of the year. Just find the 3 stars that make up Orion's belt and it's the one in the upper left corner above it.
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+3 67. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Defense Distributed's Cody Wilson Explains the Printed Firearm

This is what you call exploiting an obvious loophole in firearms regulation. New regulation of the firing mechanism and barrel will be the obvious result with the ensuing 'outraged' gun advocates in 3...2...1
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+6 68. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Ant death circle explained

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+1 69. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Ice Climbing Fall

It's not just the bones broken but the risk of starving to death by being immobilized without help. That, and the cost and risk for the folks who have to regularly bail out adrelenine junkies who keep putting themselves in harm's way.
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+2 70. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Scuba Diver caught in scary rip current

Not rip current and 100% the diver's fault. Anyone stupid enough to swim around break water reefs should not be surpised when they dragged over them.
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+12 71. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Testing Out The New R/C Copter

Pay no attention to the helis with 3ft spinning sharp carbon fiber blades that'll take your head off; it's a sytrofoam airplane with a camera on it that the media wants us to be terrified of.
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+5 72. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Cleaning the world's tallest building

828 Meters high = 13 seconds for an object to hit the ground
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+1 73. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Man crashes a flash mob

It's the 'Star Wars Kid' of flash mobs
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+1 74. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Dad Makes Perfect Ponytail

Keee ute
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+30 75. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Insane Arcade Dancing with 3 guys

Like musical twister. Now show me 3 nude girls doing that and you've got something.
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+3 76. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Fiat Money

It's no coincidence that the FED, banks and corporations continue to sell us the lie that consumerism will magically save the economy and bring about prosperity, when what it really does is make the average wage earner ever more dependent upon his shitty job to make ends meet.

Prosperity (for us, not them) only has ever occured once interest rates were high enough to provide a reasonable return on savings; because those savings allow the average joe to leave his crap job for one that pays a fair wage.

At 0.70% interest rates, you'll never save enough to retire and live off the interest. Get used to the taste of cat food cause it's all you'll be able to afford in your 'golden' years.
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+27 77. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video How To Listen To The Radio Using Plants

Next Up: Hey, look at me I'm taking lots of pictures with this X-Ray machine I just foound.
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+3 78. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Ultralight Aircraft Emergency Landing

She's never going to let him go flying again. Difference between men and women is too often that the latter will never get back on the horse and try again after one bad experience.

Success is defined by what you do after failure.
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+6 79. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Red Crab of Christmas Island

What, no mention of how they taste when dipped in drawn butter?
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+2 80. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Michio Kaku: How to travel to other stars, so unimaginably far away.

Why send anything that has any mass at all, or bother to accelerate it to the speed of light. When you burn something you're converting mass into energy. A sufficiently advanced enough race may figure out how to customize energy so that when it strikes an object, it acts as a catalyst to begin converting that energy back into mass. Perhaps they could then aim that beam of energy out into space at a distance planet. This could just be ignorance on my part but I'd like to believe that converting mass into energy won't always be a one way process.
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+6 81. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video No fish for you today

Deeath ona stick mate
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+5 82. mosfet23 commented 6 years ago on video Pull up ! Pull up!

Shiatty airport design. Who puts a runway right after a hill?