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+84 1. nodisc2 commented 12 years ago on video Insidious cat

>:) woof woof woof woof oooooo S**T O:) meow meow meow
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+11 2. nodisc2 commented 13 years ago on video 100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs

If You're Wondering which songs he plays!!
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+16 3. nodisc2 commented 13 years ago on video Chauncey Billups

it's better to be lucky than good :P
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+39 4. nodisc2 commented 13 years ago on video Porcupine Vs lions

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense :P
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+3 5. nodisc2 commented 13 years ago on video BP - Brown is the New green

Did you know that

Only 8 of the 126 people working on the Deepwater Horizon were BP employees.

BP only held a 65% share in the well, Anadarko held 25%. Anadarko are a Texas based oil production company with 4000 employees.

The rig itself was owned and operated by an American firm, Transocean. They have been questioned with regards to possible understaffing. On the night of the disaster there were just 18 employees on the rig, lower than any other retained record. None of these were engineers, electricians, subsea supervisors or mechanics.

The failed 'blow out preventer' was made by another American firm - Cameron.

The cement work carried out which was supposed to 'seal' the well was carried out by yet another American firm, Halliburton - once run by Dick Cherney.

Before the Gulf of Mexico disaster, ExxonMobil was the worst oil-spiller in US history.
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+6 6. nodisc2 commented 13 years ago on video Evolution of war

If you want peace prepare for war
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+6 7. nodisc2 commented 14 years ago on video Street performer

:O incredible :O