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+19 1. opticalypso commented 10 years ago on video Spider prank

trolling skill 600 :D :D
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+1 2. opticalypso commented 10 years ago on video Angry Cat Vs Mirror

The blonde discussion just ended with this vidoe ! >:)
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0 3. opticalypso commented 10 years ago on video Using a can to make supercar noise

5:40 ish ....Slow shifts like that... clearly hes not going to win that race >:)
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0 4. opticalypso commented 10 years ago on video Babysitter?

#7 and #15 The cat is declawed.
@ 0:17 when the cat first "hit" the head,(and other spots in the vid aswell) it spreads its paw out. This would normaly have resulted in claws showing.

The real parental failure is having kids in the first place, when you perform this cruel action to an animal.
And possibly later when the camera is shut off, and the cat does what they love to do.
Seveal reports have been posted on cats accidently suffocating infants snuggling up on their head / neck while they are sleeping cause they are warm and the heartbeat seems calming to the cat.
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0 5. opticalypso commented 10 years ago on video Afterlife

#7 "" So many of the good and kind acts in this world happen because Christians care about their fellow man""

What the F*** is wrong with religion ?? I swear it must be the worst disease, far worse than Alzheimer.
Cause not only do you not remember your own deeds, but you selectively and actively suppress the memory of some of the WORST HORRIBLE HIDDEOUS VIOLENT DEGRADING ABUSIVE, GENOCIDES RAPES MOLESTATIONS and MURDERS, and BY FAR the MOST in numbers. have ALL been done in the name of the good lord. (any good lord)
Religion is like an "ALL FREE" pass to selectively belief in whatever truth you choose. YOU choose to believe that good deeds CAN ONLY be done by christians, and IGNORE that most EVIL deeds have been done by religious people.
Now tell me.. what evil have Atheists ever done to anyone ?
We win by default BY YOUR OWN SCRIPTURE. Cause WE are TRULY NOT evil AND nobody are more RIGHTEOUS than an ATHEIST.
If God presented himself to the world today, EVERY Atheist would admit beeing wrong, most would follow him.
If Science PROOVED the mechanics of the creation of the universe BEYOND ANY DOUBT. Even if they could, and DID infact create a new universe themselves.... Religious people would still claim it was an act of god, and all according to his plans.

What really is wrong with this world, is not lack of faith, but faith itself. Nothing in this world have ever had a more demolishing effect to human potential than scriptures.
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0 6. opticalypso commented 10 years ago on video Detroit Firefighters

#5 Cloe What do you think is going on at 0:34 ?
Am i the only one who think YOU are a deuche atm ?
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-2 7. opticalypso commented 10 years ago on video A Liberal Prison System - Bastoy Island, in the fjord of Oslo, Norway

#1 (and others without mental capacity to comprehend this)
watch the video.. it actuly DO teach them.

Sorry your living in a country where pain and suffering inflicted on others must be retaliated. With even more pain and suffering. Resulting in evnen more pain and suffering.
"cause yeah.. IT WORKS DAMNIT" !!! (it has to.. its all we know)
Thats why YOUR crime rate statistics are working their way UP, and other more enlightend countries, are working their way down.

#15 .. any victim of rape, with a shred of humanity, would give up the satisfaction of the rapist beeing punished completely. If this meant no others would have to suffer it ever again. Infact ALL rape victims ever care about, is NOT seeing the person ever again. Then mending their own scars. they couldnt care less what happens to the rapist. Infact, many of them forgive their rapist after a few years. When they have mended their soul, and come to terms what happend to them, was due to an ill person.
Real rapists are mentally ill. They are sick! they are not in controle of their actions.

#24 its cause of guys like you, stereotypes of Americans are made.
3 time capital offender = life. So you get caught 3 times stealing a car,
and your punishment is getting raped 2-3 times a week , beat up .. shanked.. for the rest of your life, potentionaly that beeing all sorted out REAL fast in your jail system.

But the psychotic 7ft 300 pound MMA fighter rapist, gets to serve his time..(statisticly 7 years) with no rape.. no beatings, basicly beeing left to his merry self.
no wonder you turn out more criminals from your penal system, than you put in. (statistic fact)

In conclusion:
Theese offenders meet all the basics for penalty.
They are kept away from the general public for the duration of the punishment.
They are stripped of free will, as they have to work on the island.
As any farmer will tell you, this qualify as "hard labour"