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0 1. piita commented 13 years ago on video Why would you do this?

Snotr, please stop posting these kind of videos. They show nothing but idiots with zero intelligence, and sadly that encourage others to do something similar.

Please. Anything but people getting hit in the balls.
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+3 2. piita commented 13 years ago on video 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes

I totally agree with Oxydous above. Great collection.
"You're a funny guy Sally, I like you. That's why I'm gonna kill you last" :D
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+1 3. piita commented 13 years ago on video Neil Tyson about UFOs

You can also listen to Neil's great comments on the tv show The Universe.
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+6 4. piita commented 14 years ago on video Nahtzee - The n00b effect

He nailed it.
Sadly most of today's PC games are all about their fancy graphics. Ridiculous hardware requirements just because the graphic card manufacturers wants to sell new expensive cards.
Where are the game developers who used to put most of their time on creating gameplay (you know, the thing that games are supposed to have) and less time on graphics?

Some gamers actually want to spend their money on games, not graphic cards.
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-1 5. piita commented 14 years ago on video Japanese pranks

To be humiliated like that... Not funny at all.
I would beat every one of them who's laughing with the microphone stand right there on the stage.
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+5 6. piita commented 14 years ago on video Un-pimp your ride

Hilarious :)

That's swedish actor Peter Stormare. He rock as usual. You can find him in movies such as Minority Report, Armageddon and The Tuxedo.