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+1 1. poppy12 commented 3 years ago on video Ground Control Shoots the Shit with SEATAC Plane Hijacker

no response.[5] A nearby Alaska Airlines jet on the ground reported that the aircraft began a takeoff roll with its wheels smoking,[5] and an unauthorized take-off was made at 19:32 local time (02:32 UTC, August 11).[1][7][8][9] In response, two McDonnell Douglas F-15C Eagles of the Oregon Air National Guard's 142nd Fighter Wing under the command of NORAD[10] were scrambled at around 20:15 local time[11] from Portland Air National Guard Base to intercept it. Both were armed with AIM-9 Sidewinder and AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles[12] and went supersonic, generating sonic booms on the way to the Puget Sound area.[4][13] A KC-135R Stratotanker refueling tanker was also scrambled from Fairchild Air Force Base to support the F-15 flight.[12] Flights in and out of the airport were temporarily suspended.[7]

Seattle–Tacoma air traffic control (ATC) maintained radio contact with the occupant.[14] The transmissions were on an open frequency and were quickly posted on social media websites.[15] He said he was a "broken guy, got a few screws loose I guess. Never really knew it until now."[16] When ATC suggested that the plane be landed at Joint Base Lewis–McChord, the occupant refused: "Those guys will rough me up if I try and land there. I think I might mess something up there, too. I wouldn't want to do that."[17] He asked ATC if he could get a job as a pilot with Alaska Airlines if he successfully landed the aircraft. ATC said that "they would give you a job doing anything if you could pull this off," to which he replied "Yeah right! Nah, I'm a white guy."[18] He spoke of wanting to do "a couple maneuvers to see what [the aircraft] can do," and requested the coordinates of an orca that had been brought to national attention, saying, "I want to go see that guy." He stated that he did not want to hurt anyone,[17][19] and in the final minutes of the communication apologized to his friends and family.[15] Near the end of the flight, the aircraft was filmed doing aerobatic maneuvers over Puget Sound, footage of which appeared on social media.[20] A veteran pilot said the maneuvers "seemed pretty well executed, without either stalling or pulling the wings off."[21] When an air traffic controller requested he land the plane after these maneuvers, he said "I don't know. I don't want to. I was kind of hoping that was gonna be it, you know?"[16][19] He added that he "wasn't really planning on landing it."[22]

The two F-15s attempted to direct the aircraft toward the Pacific Ocean, and did not fire at it.[23] The Q400 ultimately crashed at 20:43 local time[1] on Ketron Island in Puget Sound, Pierce County, Washington, killing the occupant and destroying the aircraft.[4][6][9] A tow boat crew was the first to respond.[24] Firefighters from West Pierce Fire and Rescue and other nearby departments arrived on the island approximately 1.5 hours after the crash, due to waits for the Steilacoom–Anderson Island ferry, and contending with thick brush when crews arrived on scene. The two-acre fire the crash caused[23] was suppressed by a lack of wind and dry brush, and was extinguished by the following morning.[25][26] No injuries were reported to residents of the sparsely populated island despite the crash site being in close proximity to at least one cabin which was occupied at the time of the incident.[27]
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+1 2. poppy12 commented 7 years ago on video Now that's a finale!

Truly Awesome end of show firework
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+4 3. poppy12 commented 7 years ago on video The Real Faces of those so Called Dangerous Dogs

Its the same thing we heard of 20 years ago about German shepherds, I have had the pleasure of have 4 over the last 30 years. Each one a rescue dog from the RSPCA 1st was very protective of her extended new family,anyone raised their hand to myself or her extended pack(my family) she would bark like crazy and show real aggression ,it was only through long training regimes that you CAN retrain your dog if you have the patience to do it. The 2nd would not tolerate other German Shepard's but that too was retrained. My 3rd was my favourite she was a 6 month old when we got her. She was loving to us as a family and was always well behaved with other dogs and other people. Used to walk her without a lead as she always followed my lead. 4th was a lovely well natured 5 year old rescued from an abusive family she bonded with me and follows me everywhere. The only thing I cant stop her from doing is to run(very slowly now shes 10) up to other dogs with a wagging tail to great them.Everyone knows her as the dog with the deflated football in its mouth.

My point is most dogs can be trained but they are ALL individuals with their own individual personalities.
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-3 4. poppy12 commented 8 years ago on video The Most Chilled Accident Ever

*1 (BRANDX) The guy in the oncoming car that was overtaking the white car was the cause of the crash. Not the guy who overturned who OBVIOUSLY had to go on the grass verge to avoid being hit by the speeding car. Once those wheels hit the grass at that speed it was never going to recover. If as you say he had kept going it would have been a high speed impact that more than likely would have caused a fatality.
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+4 5. poppy12 commented 8 years ago on video Children on Easter egg hunt form human arrow to direct British police to suspects.

Its True it made the news. Here in Uk we don't have the US its nothing to do with me buddy attitude
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+9 6. poppy12 commented 9 years ago on video Baby escape from his crib

You have to love how clever little ones are. A treasure to watch
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+3 7. poppy12 commented 9 years ago on video Incredibly Nervous Man Blows Audience Away

You would have to have a heart of stone to be not moved by this performance.
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+11 8. poppy12 commented 9 years ago on video David's story: Road safety campaign

Very distressing but worth watching to show how so very easily fatal accidents can occur.As an owner of a 1978 CX500 and a car driver I am always thinking BIKE especially at junctions. As his mum says Please drive safely
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+3 9. poppy12 commented 10 years ago on video Good Cop Pull Over Prank

what is the point of this clip
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+15 10. poppy12 commented 10 years ago on video My philosophy for a happy life: Sam Berns

A true inspiration to all
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+6 11. poppy12 commented 11 years ago on video Compilation Of Stunts Gone Wrong

god save our america if this is our youth
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+13 12. poppy12 commented 12 years ago on video Ground 0 population 5

Why do the generals of ANY army think its accetable to use its citizens(soldiers) as guinee pigs