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0 1. psyh commented 2 years ago on video Top 20 Megacities In The World 1950 to 2035 - World's Largest Cities By Population

Megacity includes the metropolitan areas.
"the city is the center of the New York metropolitan area, the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass[11] and one of the world's most populous megacities,[12][13] with an estimated 19,979,477 people in its 2018 Metropolitan Statistical Area"
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0 2. psyh commented 5 years ago on video What if scientists were as famous as starlets ?

#5 "And actually not funny but sadly serious because in 2017 women still on average earn less for doing the exact same job as their equally qualified male counterparts."

Not true.
Ben Frost, a global reward expert at Hay Group, said: “When it comes to thinking about pay on the basis of gender, a man and a woman in the same company, doing the same job, will usually be paid nearly the same. The data shows this very consistently, from Sweden to South Africa. This means we need to look at the pay gap differently. The biggest driver is a lack of women in high-paying industries, senior functions and in leadership positions. If we want to close the pay gap and make a difference, it is the road to the top jobs that needs to be the focus. This is the pay gap problem.”
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0 3. psyh commented 5 years ago on video Comic Relief: Watch the Hilarious Video Parodying CNN’s Fake News

#15 You're not going to change his opinions and he's not going to change yours. You've both made up your minds. You think he's a racist bigot and he thinks you're a leftist cuck. If the debate was more friendly and open-minded, then it would have a point.

"It is precisely IMHO this kind of timidity and inaction refusal to call people out who expose such positionality that has enabled these alt right movements and actors to grow in strength and power."

They grow in strength and power because the left has no satisfying solutions to the current problems. People are concerned about things and these concerns have to be addressed with sympathy. You can't make them go away by calling them intolerant. That way you're just feeding into the partisan system. I'm not American, but in Europe, the left wing politicians have called the people concerned with the current immigration situation racists, islamophobes and so on. That is not going to change their opinions and it's not going to make them go away. So what do these politicians do? Call them racist again. I see no critical thinking there. I see ideologues against ideologues.

Now you've made me rant. Damn you!
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+2 4. psyh commented 5 years ago on video Comic Relief: Watch the Hilarious Video Parodying CNN’s Fake News

Austin ranting about politics again. Could have just downvoted the video and move on, but no, we haven't had enough political rants on Snotr. Let's have another dead-end debate :(|)
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+1 5. psyh commented 6 years ago on video 5 Most Haunting Space Disasters

After seeing this, I started wondering if being an astronaut could be one of the most dangerous jobs. Found this article:

"So, at the very lowest end of the range, with 34 deaths out of 450 spacefarers, we have a 7.5% death rate. In terms of the "dangerous jobs" statistics above, that's more than 7,500 deaths per 100,000. So being an astronaut or cosmonaut is well over 60 times as dangerous as logging, and has nearly twice the fatality rate as climbing the world's highest mountains."
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+1 6. psyh commented 7 years ago on video My pale skin

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+8 7. psyh commented 7 years ago on video Strange Creature

This is a ribbon worm.
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+15 8. psyh commented 7 years ago on video Daytime Fireworks

More like smokeworks.
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+1 9. psyh commented 7 years ago on video Attention test

I only noticed the scooter disappear. I tried to pay close attention to everything though. Maybe I tried too hard.
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-1 10. psyh commented 7 years ago on video The Most Beautiful Way To Stop A Bully

I'd probably be depressed too if I lived a sedentary life and was overweight. Hit the gym ffs. :)
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+4 11. psyh commented 7 years ago on video Children rescued from Fresno apartment fire

"All three had minor burns but were badly injured due to smoke inhalation. As of Thursday, they were in stable but critical condition."
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+4 12. psyh commented 9 years ago on video What if Money Did not Matter?

Life is full of activities that we don't exactly enjoy, but we still have to do them. For example I don't like to wash dishes. Should I stop doing that? NO. I think living in a moment and trying to enjoy every little experience as a miracle is the way to go (mindfullness). We have too many dreams and I think that's why it's hard for us to enjoy the things we already have.