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-1 1. qner commented 7 years ago on video Antares Rocket Explosion from 2 miles away

37$? Didn't know that it that cheap to run a video platform and a nice revenue for doing nothing (self-running site) on top of that. Getting almonst the temptation to create a video platform as a side project to see where all the pitfalls in the developement are. 5 days left for the auction? I will miss ya guys when everyone leaves because of the increased advertisement or other forms of depressing changes.
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+2 2. qner commented 8 years ago on video A Day in Auschwitz

:'( I recently watched the Schindler's List and The Pianist.

It's a shame that when we went to one of the concentration camps with the whole class I was to young to really grasp the depth of the place and what happened there not a big while ago. It's really disheartening how people could and still can treat each other.
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+1 3. qner commented 8 years ago on video Real programmers use metal ( Snotr Category Week )

#1 #2 Hah... I didn't consider the length of this video. The time I watched it it felt like 10 minutes :x
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+3 4. qner commented 8 years ago on video Snotr Category Week

Ahhh, it was called mininova. Thanks for the reminder. Have been on snotr since it got butchered but made an account just recently.

I'm going for Documentary, Science, Nature
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+4 5. qner commented 8 years ago on video Making Charcoal

I've been a frequent lurker since the torrent site (I can't remember its name anymore... something with nova?) which linked to went down. But I went ahead and made an account to give you folks more infos because I find this guy amazing!

His youtube channel name is Primitive Technology

From the description:

Making primitive huts and tools from scratch using only natural materials in the wild.I also have this blog:

Q.Where is this?
A. This is in Far North Queensland Australia.

Q.Do you live in the wild?
A.I don't live in the wild but just go into the bush to make these projects. Also I camp out here occasionally.

Q. How did you learn all this?
A. Researching books and internet plus trial and error. I'm not indigenous and have no army training.

Q. What about dangerous animals in Australia?
A. The only really dangerous ones in my area are snakes. Care must be taken when walking about and lifting things from the ground.

Q. For the mud huts what stops the rain washing the mud walls away?
A. The roof.

Q. Why don't you talk in the videos?
A. When I watch how to videos I fast forward past the talking part to see the action part. So I leave it out of my videos in favor of pure demonstration.

#3 He build one multiple times, really interesting.

#4 Essentialy yes, I like the pump drill