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+4 1. rashaba commented 5 years ago on video Asian garden littleton new hampshire

This kitchen is still cleaner than any other place in asia that you will eat at.
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+1 2. rashaba commented 5 years ago on video Camouflaging scars and burns with tattoos

Islam is barbarism.
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0 3. rashaba commented 5 years ago on video Cops vs A Hill

Looks funny, but isn't. Try to scale a hill with 30 kg gear and a Darth Vader helmet. BRIC did an amazing job in Paris. Merci beaucoup.
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-5 4. rashaba commented 7 years ago on video Tears of Steel

It certainly looks nice. Yet the visual aesthetics can't compensate the bad acting and the crappy story. This is Eurotrash.
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0 5. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Meet the Autobahn - The german Highway

A pity that most Autobahns in southern Germany are usually congested. Driving a top speeds is only possible very late or extremely early. Also, sometimes the road conditions aren't really that good.
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+1 6. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Flipping With Guns

The North Korea State Circus in training for the next season.
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+2 7. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Highly radioactive graphite crane claw

200μSv = 20mrem. I wouldn't want that thing in my backyard but 20mrem isn't something to freak out about. In most western countries this piece of scrap metal would be treated as intermediate-level waste‎. There are certainly other pieces of waste lying around the reactor block with much higher levels of radiation.
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+3 8. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Daydream of a Penspinner

Penspinning is nice. Problem is that no smartphone or tablet with a stylus will ever succeed. That's an unwritten rule of the industry. Steve Jobs was raging about how stupid styluses are and he seems to have been right about it. Every smartphone/tablet with a stylus will fail.
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+1 9. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Papa CJ

The part about the homeless guy with laptop and cell phone is actually true. Just walk around a bit around New Delhi train station, you'll see it's actually not far from the truth.
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0 10. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Twitter, faster than earthquakes

Twitter doesn't matter much. It's nice but nothing more.
Today OTR matters big time. Twitter should be renamed Twatter.
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+2 11. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video John McEnroe abusing the refs

McEnroe's fits are legendary. Today he's making fun (and commercials) about it:
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+2 12. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Best of Kickbox Champion Michael Kuhr

Like most young Germans he is a quite friendly and normal guy. Of course the video has to look aggressive and OG, but apart from that Michael Kuhr is the son-in-law mothers dream about.
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+20 13. rashaba commented 8 years ago on video Stuxnet : The Real Deal

The clip got it wrong on many details that it borders on total BS.

- Stuxnets itself or its dropper does not reside in databases.
- One of the major points though is the part about Siemens: The reference of Siemens cell phone technology is total BS because the involved Siemend systems are SCADA and automation related.
- "20 times more complex than any other virus code" is a bogus statement/ While it is true that Stuxnet employs a couple of 0-day exploits its code is rather trivial. The payload is yet another matter but varies greatly from variant to variant.
- "ability to turn up the pressure inside nuclear reactors". This one got me laughing out loud. Reminds me of one the fed's accusations against Kevin Mitnick: "he can launch a nuclear missile just by whistling into a phone".
- etc. pp
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+3 14. rashaba commented 9 years ago on video Vanessa Mae plays Toccata & Fugue

This version is total crap. How could they do this to this great piece of music? Toccata itself is interesting enough you don't need to destroy it with pseudo-classical tunes from a Skoda-commercial.
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+1 15. rashaba commented 9 years ago on video Ridiculous Drumming Skills

Try some Charly Antolini solos for a change. Scandinavian Nazi Death Stomp is so 90ies.
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+1 16. rashaba commented 9 years ago on video Freezing to death, but surviving thanks to the cold

It seems to happen there a lot. One of my Norwegian colleges is still in that stage and they forget to revive him.
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0 17. rashaba commented 9 years ago on video how to pack your bag

Best advice: get a pair heavy duty packing belts with compact but easy to operate buckles that'll work when's cold, wet, dark, or in a sand storm. Roll all clothes into a tight roll with your best shit/uniform top in the middle. Compress the roll with the packing belts as tight as you can. Tipp: use a thin towel at the outside layer. A towel is always useful and it will prevent your good clocthes from ripping when you tighten the belts really good.
It doesn't matter If you leave for 14 days or 2 years since the luggage is not getting any more. Leave the sneakers at home, take one pair of flip-flops instead. Too much hassle.
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0 18. rashaba commented 9 years ago on video Russian Systema hand to hand fighting masters

It is Arkadi Renko!