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-1 1. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Pilot pretends to faint

the camera tracks the guys head too, if it were real he wouldnt have known to do that (you'd be looking at the scenery)
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+4 2. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Ferrari owner runs over cop's foot.

#21 I regret to inform you that you are wrong. From the highway code you should be aware that whilst driving on the roads, you are required to follow any directions given to you by a police constable in uniform. If you got in your car and drove off after being told to stop (no police officer in their right mind would forget to mention that), then I am afraid you are also committing the offence of failing to stop for Police a Officer. Contrary to section 163(3) Road Traffic Act 1988.

I think you may need to go away and read over the highway code... you are obviously rusty and so probably a poor driver as a result.
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+1 3. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Pedophile Beard

I understand how this type of joke is offensive to some but, and this is a very big but, the clue was in the title:

"Pedophile Beard

How cool is that beard! :-)"

This gives a very clear indication that the video contains a joke about pedophiles. No one forced anyone to watch it, therefore if you think that a joke of that nature is going to offend you, I would advise not watching this kind of video in the first place.

Personally I don't think the video is bad, I found it rather amusing when I was at university. What I found distasteful and offensive were some of the reactions of viewers such as #11. But then that kind of reaction just shows immaturity on their part.
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-1 4. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Kitten freaks out at sneeze

#8 no I'm just saying that: I'm fine watching stuff repeated several times (it was an amusing reaction on the cats part), but I don't need it slowed down as well. It doesn't make it any funnier, it just reduces the quality. It ends up just annoying me that people think everything needs to be slowed down. My view is: if you don't have the correct equipment, don't bother slowing it down... I just feels it ruins the video.
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-3 5. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Kitten freaks out at sneeze

is it just me that hates it when people slow down footage that hasn't been filmed on a high speed camera?
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+2 6. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Mysteries Of The Honey Bee

#1 noooooooooo have you not seen bee movie?! you cant just steal the honey from the bees! They make it for them, if you steal it then they will make a law suit against the human race!
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+1 7. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Vinyl Record Tosses To A Turntable

#5 it isn't fake. look at 0:54 and there are loads in the bush where they have missed. 0:27 also has an extra one on the floor, then 0:34 you see them miss.
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0 8. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video New way to climb walls

this was on bang goes the theory on bbc 1 at least 2 years ago... so is old
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+1 9. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Scooter Jump FAIL

Idiots like this deserve the injuries. I think he should be sterilised too tho...
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+2 10. roadrunner90 commented 9 years ago on video Pee Prank - Arrested Edition

#4 and #22 the reason these idiots got arrested, isn't for simply being idiots and the police not liking them, it is because they were arguing afterwards. they were told to stop because it was generating a lot of calls to the police and whilst they may not think they are doing anything wrong but, they are causing harassment, alarm or distress to member of the public (otherwise no one would call the police). It is the fact they keep doing it and then argued when they were told to stop that got them arrested. The arguing prevented the police doing their job which is an offence.