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+5 1. senseishin commented 9 years ago on video Climate Change in 12 Minutes - The Skeptic's Case

I really hope people who see this here (and other platforms like YouTube) will watch this video with "skepticism." Dr. Evans isn't denying global warming (9:16). The rise in temperature has indeed been greater than even skeptics say could be due to CO2. The data, as Dr. Evans likes to point out, actually does show a material increase in temperatures. ( Both sides are wrong about how much temperature has changed due to non-natural factors (i.e., human causes), but there is no question that global temperatures have been rising. To be a climate change skeptic is not to believe that climate change isn't happening: climate change is happening.
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+2 2. senseishin commented 10 years ago on video Awesome Machines

so calming. so entrancing.
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+2 3. senseishin commented 10 years ago on video Mass Incarceration in the US

Two points
1) I think you missed the point of the video. It isn't that bad people should not be punished (i.e. not go to prison) but that we focus too much on the punishment aspect (being in prison) and not enough on the rehabilitation aspect (making sure "bad people" can one day become productive members of society).

2) Assumptions are bad but since many of the visitors on Snotr seem to be American and many Americans are (nominally) Christian/religious, allow me to assume you are, and appeal to you religiously. No person should be denied the grace of God. Even the most wicked person was saved by Jesus while on the cross. We are all born with sin (according to Christians), but we are all, according to the Bible, possible of redemption (being saved from sin, error, or evil). I hope you can at least believe/agree that everyone deserves a chance to correct their errors or at least given the chance to atone for them on this earth (else they pay for sins in eternity of hell or as a lesser being in another life).

(For a refreshingly new way of handling recidivism, check out how Judge Alm of Hawaii is being tough on crime but not criminals, and giving criminals a real chance at rehabilitation).
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0 4. senseishin commented 10 years ago on video Amelymeloptical illusion

i'm so high and this trick is nice
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+10 5. senseishin commented 10 years ago on video Watch his left hand

Fantasie Impromptu. A beautiful piece of art written by Chopin. Good, jazzy interpretation.
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+1 6. senseishin commented 11 years ago on video Insane teeterboarding

Reminds me of this snotr video from about a year ago. Nice to see fun, creative uses for a seesaw across cultures.
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+3 7. senseishin commented 11 years ago on video Rain Frogs

lol, nature's booty call. followed by what looks like nature's version of last call at a bar... "chain of enthusiastic but undiscriminating males..."
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+3 8. senseishin commented 11 years ago on video Jaehoon Lim performing at Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde

frakking mindblowing. not the best show i've seen but one of the most creative and enthralling.
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+2 9. senseishin commented 11 years ago on video Deadly chopstick skills

I wonder if he could transfer the same muscle memory and movement into a pitching motion for baseball. would be a killer fast ball.
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+25 11. senseishin commented 11 years ago on video A Feral Cat Hunting

I tot I taw a putty cat... I did! I did taw a...
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+13 13. senseishin commented 12 years ago on video Impressive bicycle goal by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Ibrahimovic scored all of Sweden's four goals that game. Granted not all of them were solo goals like this one, but, you are right, if he had a stronger team behind him Sweden would be a force to be reckoned with.

Ibrahimovic 4 - England 2
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+7 14. senseishin commented 12 years ago on video The Bridge

I never understood the "suffering" of God "sacrificing" his son. As an omnipotent and all-powerful being who knows all that is to come, God knows God's son will be resurrected (passive voice). Or God can simply resurrect God's son (active voice). Can one suffer or sacrifice anything if one can just get it back? Seeing as no one is omnipotent and all-powerful or knows how it feels to be either or both, no one can "authoritatively" say anything about God.

Sorry... I'll do as the title suggests and forget the fact it's a religious advertisement... I would save the people in the train. I'm a utilitarian: I can't help but say greatest common good.
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+4 15. senseishin commented 12 years ago on video Games We Play

Super Dodgeball NES (the original Nintendo Entertainment System) is his jumping character, haha... wow, all these "games" take me back and I'm only 23. Gotta stay young, gotta relax and not be so serious.
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+14 16. senseishin commented 13 years ago on video We Stopped Dreaming

Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die,
Life is a broken winged bird,
That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams go,
Life is a barren field
Filled with snow.

-Langston Hughes

What are the dreams of our children today?

Going to the moon? Becoming a world changing leader? Solving the cancers and plagues that torment this world?


Winning the lottery, easy living, big houses, fancy cars, personal gain...

Do we challenge them to grapple with the mysteries that haunt us still: What is the meaning of life? What does it meant to live a good life? How do I become a better person?

or do we deflect these important questions for material gain to buy material happiness...
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+1 17. senseishin commented 13 years ago on video Demonstrating evolution with a line

#14 thanks for that link.... very interesting. =)
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+2 18. senseishin commented 13 years ago on video Demonstrating evolution with a line


the idea is that if we allowed this experiment to go on for thousands (perhaps millions) of people, you would indeed, eventually get a beautiful van gogh or picasso... I've heard another interesting thought experiment.... if you have a thousand chimps randomly typing on a thousand typewriters... would they eventually reproduce shakespeare's hamlet?

probability suggests that, however diminutive the chances may be, they will eventually reproduce the entire play line by line.

In other words, OwenRay, 100 people is hardly a large enough sample is it? He kept mentioning millions of generations, not hundreds. That said, 100 people gets the idea across of how mutations and evolution occurs. Can't be so cynical or literal...


interesting insight: thought-provoking at least... but the problem with the question which has also beleaguered philosophy is why we assume "who"

Perhaps the line was just always there just like the universe was always here before we were here... as Renee Descartes suggests with his famous "i think; therefore i am"... the "line" didn't exist until we called (thought) it a line, although it always existed. with our puny realization of self-existence and thought, we grant that the universe exists because we notice it... though it has always existed.

Put even more simply: does something exist because we say it exists or ask if it exists? Or has it always been, and we only failed to realize it existed until now?

The line metaphorically is atoms, molecules, simple and complex compounds... give enough time and they DO organize themselves into even more complex structures. Analogously, DNA, given time, "organizes" itself into even more complex sequences that can eventually express new genes.
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+8 19. senseishin commented 13 years ago on video Gay Parents Bashed

rights language has been thrown about throughout this convo thread... we act like rights have existed forever when in reality, wise thinkers such as Locke and Kant (17th century) spent decades of their lives to rationally prove the existence of self-evident rights. then it took hundreds of years of experimentation and implementation by following philosophers such as Rosseau and founding US fathers such as Jefferson to actually turn them into reality. Even then, it took nearly 200 years in the US to give equal rights to blacks and women because "most" people interpreted the "bill of rights" to only apply to white, property owning men...

Before we spew our diminutive opinions about who should get what right or not, we should sit back and realize that all people, at face value, should have equal rights. .. end story.

(anticipating backlash): people can abdicate some of those rights by infringing on the rights of others. for example: murderers infringe the right of life on another human being, so they lose their right to freedom/(own life but that's another debate I don't want to get into)... there is no right to be free from bad parents... whether you think gays can be good or bad parents is your opinion, but as others above have mentioned, there are just as many good/bad heterosexual/single parents. it is my firm belief that ANY kind of parent is better than no parent at all.

What I do know is that everyone in this country has the right to the pursuit of happiness. And though this is not explicit, the Constitution does seem to have an implicit right to love: to be loved and to love. Every child deserves that unsaid right to be loved, and when he or she becomes an adult, to love whomever they choose to love.

... don't hate. Love.
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+7 20. senseishin commented 13 years ago on video Increasing Gas prices?

I'd like to see how they overcome a bridge or tunnel