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+2 1. shittaco commented 10 years ago on video Tight Parking

Must be an asian female :D O:)
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-1 2. shittaco commented 10 years ago on video How hotdogs are made

A finished burger, hotdog or steak are bodyparts of animals. We dont mind eating cow muscle or pig ass but when we eat chicken skin in a hot dog it´s horrible but not if it´s on a nugget. ;) We are primates :(|) with teeth for both meat and vegetables. And as long as hoofs, claws and snouts don´t make me sick (As in sick sick :D ) ill have a hot dog. Unfortunately there is no sausage culture here, "hotdogs" are mostly flower so I avoid them mostly because they taste like nothing. And I don´t mind if hungry people eat dogs, cats and horses as long as they execute them painlessly. (But don´t touch my cat!) Holy cow that was a long text :O
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+2 3. shittaco commented 10 years ago on video Foot 2010 - Put it where you want it (Rémi GAILLARD)

#9 He is very skilled indeed, but I bet some of those shots were redone many a times. And the ones that bounce of something and in the trashcan/hole might have been intended to go straitht in ;) Btw, it sounds like they sing BLÅVITT!