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+20 1. sjesimon commented 10 years ago on video Parachuting from 100,000 feet

6:00 - Why did his rescuer give him the finger? Must have put his money on "No Chance of Return" in the office pool.
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-7 2. sjesimon commented 11 years ago on video Red Arrows

I almost crapped myself just watching how close these guys fly to each other... More chutzpa than I'll ever hope to have! 8-)
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+12 3. sjesimon commented 11 years ago on video How potato Chips are made

3:53 - "Simulate flavor"? LOL

I'd be so fat if I worked there...
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+4 4. sjesimon commented 11 years ago on video Queue to the first McDonald's in Soviet Russia

Over 50 Million served... In one day
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+4 5. sjesimon commented 11 years ago on video 3 Strikes and you're a Slave

2:53 - I believe these domestic items are produced by the prisoners via work release. Low risk criminals have the ability to get a job and work while in prison. They are subject to the same labor rights as the rest of the work force including wages. They do not work for $0.25/hour. Hardly slave labor...