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0 1. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video Russian military Ka 52 Alligator Attack Helicopter

@ sux2bu I am back, my luv.. I started to watch and couldn-t countinue... it clear that its about that infopaganda and so on...

Ye part of my idea came from that coputer test... the rest came from american scientist that probably knows more then all of us together here on this site.
Check on youtube, somthing about f35 being a duck...

Regardless that youtube is the worst place for the truth.. HF!
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0 2. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video Black Hole Comparison

Wait a bit pls... as I remember they predicted also so called "white holes"?? So that means sth as opposite of black holes? Which would lead to negative mass or what?? is that even possible within matter universe or does it have to be antimatter one??
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0 3. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video Russian military Ka 52 Alligator Attack Helicopter

#16 Yee yee.. I never said canada will buy russian, I also know why they will never, you obviously don't.
F-18 is finally a good plane. I Admit.

Now please (if you are interested afterall) read about this "stealth" of yours and do it where infopaganda from best propaganda machine (country) didn't reach yet.

I don't need to waste any more of my time with you, since you are obviously TOTALY BRAINWASHED.. You don't know nothing about that "stealth" gimmick, You don't know much about world politics, that make u do such sharp conclusions and you don't know much about one country that means so much to you.. You don't care about the truth, you care what it sounds/looks like.
AND I bet my IQ beats your by few ten points by just looking at how you think.

Someting about this slow... I used to like this slow-thing, I even used it as a nickname decade ago, would u belive it... but it does sound a bit ironic when someone obviously slo trys to be funny with it. Yuck!

Do you think that canada would ever even start with F-18s years ago if they wouldn't be a part of this "coalition of the willing" world-raping machine?? If it would be neighbouring to lets say India?? LoL You are a peace of wood, you know..
Probably you never even heared something so trivial and as strange as: "WTC 1 and WTC 2 were terrorized to the core by some miracle on the same day as the WTC 7 was being demolished"... and you belive all the rest as well... the country that did not invent lies yet.
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0 4. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video The how and why of heroin addiction

the nicest, maybe the best explanation about a drug that CAN and probably also WILL break also the strongest person of this world. how easy you drown in it is well explained and from then on it is a fight to stop or continue just not to be sick. abstinence of heroin is one of the worst feelings one can come across and every next one is more horrible.
I did many cold turkeys in my first 5 years of addiction, now I just stopped to fight. it has broken my once strong will, now just a thought of passing one day sick... the 1st day is not even so horrible as it can get... I sh*t my pants. from this deep seeded fear of sickness that grew up in me.
exactly the fact that it doesn't take over you after first trys is what tricked me and many of my dead or slowly dying friends. Do not think you are strong enough to beat it...coz you are not. and even if you climb out of it - you are scarred for life.
NEVER DO HEROIN. NEVER EVER. SIMPLY NEVER... You will miss nothing and You will not destroy people that love you and finally destroy yourself.
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-2 5. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video Russian military Ka 52 Alligator Attack Helicopter

#14 regarding the radar-lock... Sukhois lock targets at 200 miles, don't talk crap when you know nothing about it.
Those reporters that you are talking about afterall had cameras, twoof them.. others had NOTHING. That was the final result of researches, the story you've heard was just on american news, nowhere else.

About the fighterplane tests and results I swear are not written by morxns like me and you, but by people that know their work and the babyseal clubbing included also those f22 planes that you love so much, not just f35.. those were going up against russian and chineese fighterplanes. Why you think canadians decided not to go for f35?
Why you include some aerospace accidens only you know, i dont need to go into spaceshuttle, you are well enough informed i bet.
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-1 6. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video Russian military Ka 52 Alligator Attack Helicopter

#12 I forgot.. u are right, this model has no battle info.. and even if it would have comparable battles like Apachee - shooting on sheepherders, children and reporters from a mile far - it is not really a battle, huh? today a lot is done with computer simulations..
also f35 and sukhoi never met in war, tnx god, yet whole world was writing about how it was easy for sukhoi planes to own military exercises, they said as easy as clubbing baby seals.
but I guess u have read this one when it was still fresh.
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-1 7. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video Russian military Ka 52 Alligator Attack Helicopter

#2 or you are a kid or brainwashed american.. this thing would bxxchslap your prehistoric moneyhog with its 66% capability.. the next thing would be that you would claim same thing about american 'fighter' plane??? omg!!! the only weapon where USA army is competitive comparing to Russian is their tank, nowhere else. and I am not Russian, I just read and research a lot non biased info. omg to even think for a second in your direction is a misery.
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+2 8. sulyo commented 3 years ago on video Forging a Knife From Cable

Can someone explain me why would u split it and weld it back together.. what kind of quality would u gain from this action?? or I just missunderstood.. Greetz
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+2 9. sulyo commented 4 years ago on video Magic Mushrooms against Cluster Headache

4Sure he is taking a big dose. He would not be lying down like he was half dead. I remember I was laughing like hell on mushrooms.. All relaxed, feeling fine :) Actually I was laughing so much that I puked, not from feeling sick but just coz I unnerved my stomack so much with LOLing.
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0 10. sulyo commented 5 years ago on video Ambulance intervention in Ljubljana, Slovenia during rush hour

Btw I live in this Ljubljana... Considering probably the most moronic and idiotic driver culture of the world without any scence for fellow human - they passed quite fine and did a good job...
Trust me... drivers of turkey and india have nothing on slovenian drivers... actually turkish are like a limo drivers compared to a real slovenian rednecks and idiot chicks making their makeup on their way to wherever :s
I hate slovenian road culture!!! I am ashamed to live in a land where ppl after 100 years of automobile revolution still act as in anarchy.. u can see it here quite good.
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0 11. sulyo commented 5 years ago on video Living with lag

#4 LOL!!!
Those days even LAN parties had ping up to 30 :D LOL!
Today sometimes I get 30 to 40 ping from SLO to UK!
Actually when I switched from 56k to quite thin-broadband i had to get used to 0.2 sec less lag..
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0 12. sulyo commented 5 years ago on video Bears On Stairs

#2 and #4 are quite rite, I agree as well.
People that call this art made the average artpeace much worse than it prolly was last 100 years before...
Ofcourse it is artistic wxplanation of some idea but far from good art... really faaar.
Anyway we haven't seen here nothing but pictures of 3D printing engine, not even a bit of stopmotion movie made out of the prints... so the video worths even less... some talk about stopmotion and don't even realize there was not even a secunde of that movie created by 3d prints....

from the other side - that technical side - I liked it. I am sure that the look of this kind of work... maybe cartoons for kids - would look better then computer generated ninja-superman caracter from this newage stuff...
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0 13. sulyo commented 5 years ago on video Ronald Jenkees

#5 obviously you never had commodore64... Althou the synthesis was not so variable since that chip had only few voices and few waveforms - this is exactly that kind of music...
Whats even cooler was that the music was programmed and not played...
DemoScene C64 had often better music than what was playing on radios :D
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+1 14. sulyo commented 5 years ago on video How to handle a road rage confrontation

I can't belive how unimaginative are americans with their cursing words :S
who**-b**ch-c*nt? Like 7year olds would put it..
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+7 15. sulyo commented 6 years ago on video The Steepest Race in Europe.. this is intense.

Man its crazy!! They hardly make it on the winning podium LOL :D
Congratz to everyone that made it to the top! This is legburning at its finest;)
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+1 16. sulyo commented 8 years ago on video Volleybal girl is tired...

#4 WHAT is wrong with you? By your standards - you need to be a hero to help someone in this kind of situation???
Obviously its IQ thing because that efing sheetbag took 10 minutes to process those sequenzing "real life" pictures in his head so when he came to the picture in question - that girl was already playing a game in Japan.
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+1 17. sulyo commented 8 years ago on video The more oil spills change, the more they stay the same.

#1 Who from the greasy big guys ever pays?? Small people pay, not them.. Because we are to busy working our asses off so we don't have time to construct together some bigaas court for them so they close down their golden goose.
Till this corporations will rule the world - there will be questions "who paid?" coz the one who shold - didn't.
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+4 18. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Drugs make you ugly

Uuuuff... This meth is a killer:(
I belive it kills your imune sistem, thats why this scars all over the skin..
I just want to say that I've spent my 15 years as a heroin addict. In those 15 years i didn't rob no bank, pull no mother of six for her purse, did NOT give no drugs to young or underaged, did not steal cars or any shit like this.. I even don't have any file at police and i never had.. Acutally - I am sure i know better then 99% of you - just few out of 100 of drug users DO make bad criminal acts to get drugs.. All the rest is just small stuff, stuff like non-working lazy asses do THE SAME!!! And I am sure there is more of nonworking lazybastards as there are junkeys.
I don't say my conciousness is clean, i feel BAD LIKE HELL just coz i was doing drugs, i didn't have to make bs like someone mentioned (KILLING PPL FOR DRUGS... whatta idiot). There is more murders coz of drunk ppl fighting then KILLINGS FOR DRUGS. Please, YOU whoever you are... start reading newspapers, don't just watch action movies.
You mignt learn some things by mistake and already this is enough.

There is one down side to my shitty past - I started to work when i was 16 years old and today at my 32 I STILL HAVE NOTHING!!!
Yes, i do feel stupid, but at least now i have a chance.
Sorry for the drama.
BTW: YOUNG PEOPLE (and some of you with brains) - STOP USING DRUGS NOW!!!!! NOW!!! now!!! NOOOOW!!! PLEASE!!
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+1 19. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video High tech Japanese train


Now i am sure!! The Japs invented timetravel 100%!!
They stole this technology from distant future:S
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0 20. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Deal or no deal

I feel sorry for him:(
I hope he is not state before AA. AA state is ok already, but previous one...
Shame.. What is even more ridiculous is that i would probably make same mistake..
He probably felt devine intervention and he thought he has another godlike strike:(
poor man, how much was he terrorized by his wife afterwards:(
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-2 21. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Insane dog

I understand that i don't understand 99% of this comments..

For me this dog is faaar from cute.. Actually when i saw his very inteligent gaze (each eye in its own bidirectional curve) with that strange shroomlike culture at the adge of this animals hmmmmmmm?mouth?*can't remember the word*... Already this is horrible.. But when I've heared this sounds a bit better i suddently felt sick.. Its like some aliensong from hell!!!

One of the most disgusting unpleasant and anoying dog videos of my life

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+1 22. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Help Iceland!

she is sooo cute!
i'm in love:)
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-1 23. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Tom Green Owns Xzibit in Freestyle Battle

Dose 2 rox!!
man? actually he improvised and he was like beastyboys/thugsbonesanharmony with his eyes closed whilesleeping:D
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+5 24. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Inhaling hexafluoride

ow? I was logged in already?? duh:S
i just wanted to say that THIS GUY is sucha kewl NUT:D
they rock!
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+4 25. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Inhaling hexafluoride

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-5 26. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Electric shock prank


this couln't be more ghey!! cya!
4crying out loud
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-7 27. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video A 4x4 that delivers...

sry peeps!!
i shouldn't smoke that shiiit :o
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+1 28. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video A 4x4 that delivers...

ow and its not bhp any more but megawatts i think:P
im sucha yuppie!!
poor ou mekrappie isuck
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+1 29. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video A 4x4 that delivers...

Mai GOD!@!@$??

I can do that!! With Yugo Skala!
Even faster i do it?? i record myself for 5euro?? who pay ??? uga - buga?? hae:s?
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+2 30. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video A dog attacks a shark

#18 but this is relative...
shark is more deadly for dog in water and
dog is more deadly on land... so wtf?
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+3 31. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video More gymnastics by Paul Hunt

This guy is simply a legend:)
Check for more on that metoobe crappy site.. i think there is 3 other clips that can make you :D
And lets say one more time... half a year ago or maybe more, dunno - when i saw one First! comment fallowed by Damn!Second! comment - well it did make me laugh...
BUT THIS... whole universe hates those .01% of dorks and nerds that wank and wait for their chance to finally be First and say first... i cant even finish this poor little line of mine SO MUCH YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!
GO DIE YOU WHO WAS FIRST!!! I had your mother tonight!!! First on the bed and then First time on a plate!!!!
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+5 32. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 - Walk on Water

THIS IS CHEATING!!!!!! FOR SURE!!!! He can't walk on watter, i'm totally sure of it!!!!
And i am also sure that Jesus could walk on watter because he did exist and he was not just a comercial move of the church like some people say...
There is no moon in the sky, there is no planets and universe up in the sky... this what we see is a picture that God put up there so he can hide behind it and watch over us with his unconditional love:s
i hope my hands rot coz i type such a shit:(
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+3 33. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Top 20 Olympic gymnastic fails

0:41 ouch at her head!!! weep:(
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+1 34. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Dog high five

lol at #7!! for sure true!!!
rjavc, relax!! or at least chill:)

and #(removed comment)... you are just right.. shame we have to share this world with ppl like that.
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+3 35. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video Catch and chug

actually at first he was funny, but then u pointed out that they both are funny:)
didnt even notice his misstyping!
thank you quick!!!:D
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-3 36. sulyo commented 10 years ago on video 747 landing at St. Martin

#1 Yes im quite sure she did.. That i don't mention the shooting-up pure acid:(
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0 37. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video Ernie and Bert go BRUTAL

ow i thought it over one more time and i dont think this is NOT grindcore anymore. It sounds more like noisecore.. I think grind is usually a littlebit (just a littlebit) slower and it has at least some structure that can be called song. key word is "can be called".
Noise core is very rare, grind isnt that much. Check for some old records of Sore Throat or old Anal Cunt were more noise. cya
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0 38. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video Ernie and Bert go BRUTAL

hehe lollish video:)
Well its easy to make this music ofc but i think its harder to play it. Not from the technical point of view but from muscle endurance-pain.
i will not ask what is the "artist" for sure.. they all sound the same so...
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0 39. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video Ford SportKa vs cat

HAHAAHAH!!! I just love this vid!!!
I hope for the people that didnt get that it is a joke - so they get well soon, medicaments or not.. just as soon as possible.. So they start to enjoy life without this knot in their throat and fears in the head:(

I mean LOL!!! the way this cat slips down from the car after the head falls into interior of car is just amasing:) It even makes a tiny salto mortale before hitting the ground LOL!!!
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+1 40. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video French beatboxing talent

yes he is at least good. my opinion.
WHY some of you people NEED TO SPAM WITH: "Seen it already!", "its old one!", "I know this one!"....
Thats spamming for me. Making internet stuffed with unimportant quotes...
Who cares if you've seen it before. I dont for sure and many others as well i belive.
Then in the end you have 15 comments and only 10 of them have some content.
ALready I feel like spammer now:(
PLS let people breath!!!!!! Maybe you need to talk to some "special" doctor and you are still avoiding this problem... WHY do you need to be the best?? Or first?
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-2 41. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video "Pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot"

I think this few persons have smoked some strange funny cigarettes before the show:) Somehow their actions seem spliffed to the bones.
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0 42. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video Big Buck Bunny


and btw LOL you twos: first and second:D
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0 43. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video Aircraft and explosions

ow sorry m8!!
yes, nice video althou i got chicken skin when i saw those deadly accidents!! Horrible feeling.
ty and cya
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+1 44. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video Aircraft and explosions

Dear PPL!!
Are we all braindead, not just USA??
We all know that 10% people in the world own 90% of the world.

WE KNOW THAT SOLDIER is A SOLDIER. He didnt discover war. Or wish for it... He is just a poor guy or a gorl that didnt have other way to earn money (more or less all of them are a social cases).
Im talking about wrich peaople shitting on us all. It doesnt matter if its Bush we are talking about or Sadam (R.I.P. psycho dictator)...

Why argue when our world is dying from garbage.. Those 10% of people NEED US TO ARGUE so they can DICTATE OUR LIFES till we die, without friends in war with ourselves and all around us.

Lets make a deal: I bet there would be no war for gasoline, oil or whatsoever.. if we would all ride bicycles. WE ARE GUILTY FOR WAR COZ WE ARE MATERIAL GIRL!!!! FUTURE IS IN LOVE AND NOT COMPETITION WITH OUR FRIENDS FOR EGO!!!!

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+2 45. sulyo commented 11 years ago on video El Caminito del Rey

I'm quite sure that if i would survive this walk without falling i would be vomiting all the way:( ALL THE WAY!