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0 1. theWatcherAlpha commented 8 years ago on video LumiLor Electroluminescent Coating

Would love to have this to light my man cave
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0 2. theWatcherAlpha commented 8 years ago on video Village Hub: A Sweet Sustainable Solution

If there is a zombie like apocalypse ... I'm moving there O:)
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+4 3. theWatcherAlpha commented 8 years ago on video Fire Haircut

WhooaahhWUUahhooohhh HHAhahhahhHAHAHhahhaha >:)
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+13 4. theWatcherAlpha commented 9 years ago on video Scientist David Suzuki makes an analogy about our planet that's pretty terrifying

Oh ... mannn .... that's sukss. I finally got my life started and now we only have a minute to live!!?? :'( :'(
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0 5. theWatcherAlpha commented 9 years ago on video Card Appears in Panties and Bras

Dont do this at your workplace, it will be a sexual harassment case against you !!!
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0 6. theWatcherAlpha commented 9 years ago on video Mountain mirrors to bring light to the dark Norwegian town in the middle of a valley

So much for a vampire haven ... why can't you leave us in peace!!! QQ >:) >:)
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-1 7. theWatcherAlpha commented 9 years ago on video Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

Google leveled up to Qoogle where you do not need to search by keyword, simply Qoogle and your search result is 1 out of 1 and it is exactly what you are looking for >:)
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0 8. theWatcherAlpha commented 9 years ago on video Ferrite - Interactive Ferrofluid Sculptures

Why not DIY, would make one hell of a present/project for kids. Materials are simple enough:
1. Glass bottle:

2. Some ferrofluid or ironfiling (should work, would be fun to experiment):

3. Some clear liquid that iron won't rust in. This means cooking oil or rubbing alcohol should do. Oil has higher density than rubbing alcohol so the ferrofluid should move slower in it. Also oil may lacks contrast with the iron and it looks like piss. Wiki has something about increasing the water density to simulate ferrofluid in zero gravity effects; sounds cool enough for me.

4. Some magnets if you're too lazy to just salvage some from old toy motors or speakers.

Simple assembly:
Put some ferrofluid or iron filing in a glass vial. Then tops off the vial with oil or rubbing alcohol. Tightly seal the vial. Attached the magnet to the vial and watch the effects.

This seems to be around $50 at most for like several vials of this wonder. The ferrofluid is the most expensive. $250 is way overprice for the cool looking fixtures.

Just found this, not very different ... except the fixture from the way it looks.
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+2 9. theWatcherAlpha commented 10 years ago on video Lava + Ice = Stone bubbles?

Food for thought?
From the way it looks, I believe the bubbling is from the steam (from the ice) underneath the lava. Because lava viscosity increases while it is cooling, they can trap the superheated steams and form bubbles. It is quite amazing that the bubbles don't break immediately; probably have something to do with the elasticity of the cooling lava. Another thing to think about is how the ice melt. Could the lava have enough heat to change ice to steam directly? If so, the pressure should be quite high!!

PS: This really reminded me of glass making when the maker blew into the tube holding the heated glass to make different shapes. The lava should contain a lot of glass (silicon) in it.
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0 10. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Watercone

There is a major problem with the design of the cone. Considered that the condensed water from the evaporation is cleaned (probably clean of bacterias from the lake water but what about airborne one?), there is no guarantee that the collected water is cleaned. This is because the cone itself may not be cleaned!! Especially if the cone is used repeatedly to collect clean water this way. What are the chances that a single drop of water from the lake contaminated the cone? The simplest and surest means to ensure safe drinking water is to boil it for at least 5mins. Collecting the evaporation and hoping that the cone to stay clean is very risky if not misleading in the purity of the water. But if there is no means of boiling water, then this would be a great alternative.
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0 11. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Quantum Levitation

#3 Wait until we're get superconduction at room temperature. The one in the video is likely liquid nitrogen cooled which means it is around 77K (-196°C; -321°F). Also from wiki: "April 1911 - Kamerlingh Onnes discovers superconductivity...As of 2009, the highest-temperature superconductor (at ambient pressure) is mercury barium calcium copper oxide (HgBa2Ca2Cu3Ox), at 135 K and is held by a cuprate-perovskite material, which possibly reaches 164 K under high pressure." After a century, superconductivity is still very much a mystery T.T
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+8 12. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video How to chop wood without messing around

Simple solution + great results = Ingenuity
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+2 13. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Visualization of RFID tags

RFID is simply a small antenna that transmitted a short range radio signal. Therefore, it is a Electromagnetic field that we are seeing in this video. Although this is a clever way of demonstrating the emitted field, the field can be calculate using Maxwell equations and generated computer wise. This would be an useful tool in reverse engineering the device though.
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+2 14. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Plane to Plane Skydive

#1 that would have been an epic fail.
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+7 15. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Ninja jumps

Firstly, the commentary is in Chinese so this is unlikely to be ninja related.
Secondly, if this is to prove something, it is to show that you can survive a two story fall with minor to no injury. Though I wouldn't do this for a living.... more like for dying.
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+2 16. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Cobra vs. Mongoose

GI Joe should draft some Mongoose >:) >:)
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+4 17. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video The Door to Hell

Freaking put a powerplant over it. What a waste of energy.
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+1 18. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Synchronized Gymnastics

This should be added to the Olympic Gymnastic :(|)
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+2 19. theWatcherAlpha commented 11 years ago on video Amazing Juggling Finale

He got a big heart for Juggling and all that cardios from Juggling gives him a stronger heart :D
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+3 20. theWatcherAlpha commented 12 years ago on video Hermes Fingerskate

Put some GLOVES on!!! We don't want to see your @!!@!@4$%$## !!! You HAND EXHIBITIONIST.
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+5 21. theWatcherAlpha commented 12 years ago on video What happens when we try to walk in a straight line blindfolded.

For the case of walking, noticed that most of them go right or in clockwise. This implies that right-handedness is a possible factor. Lets say the person is not blindfolded how can he/she move in a straight line? Normally, I believe, people use visual coordination or other form of reference to maintain a straight heading. But without some form of reference it is not possible to maintain a straight route, after all walking is a constant forward falling motion. Another way to explain this phenomenon: Lets say the person travels in a straight line for the first 30m, at the 30.01m he changes direction by 0.01 degree from his straight heading and continues walking forward perfectly. It is easy to see that eventually he will miss his destination by a few kilometers if the destination is a few hundred kilometers away. For human, when we walk, it is very easy to change our heading, with every steps, by a few degrees. Without reference to correct our heading, it is not strange for the mind to perform the basic heuristic to begin identify a possible reference. Noticed that the basic method to identify one's heading is by turning in one direction. In the case of a right-handed person, it is possible that turning right is more preferable than left. This is a simple explanation based on instinct and haven't consider much in term of physical aspect.
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+2 22. theWatcherAlpha commented 12 years ago on video British Police Get Flooded Out

The cops probably knows that would happened but go through it anyway bc they know that someone needs their help. Those who laugh, get caught on tape, and posted on the internet are complete idiots, ignorants, and, likely are spoiled rotten brats.
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+1 23. theWatcherAlpha commented 12 years ago on video Iron Mountain

So much for secret.. now all snotrians and internet user know >:) . I bet if it is truly needed to be a secret, then the public will never know.