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+1 1. trendthrill commented 12 years ago on video Bullying Cat Fail

if you've never seen a bird bully a cat before, then you've obviously never seen a magpie before.
i've seen many magpies follow a resident stray cat all over the back alleys, all day long. this never stops.
like this.
and magpies don't tend to stop with cats. all sorts of animals and even people.
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+1 2. trendthrill commented 13 years ago on video bus driver fights with child

i'm a little surprised that virtually no one noticed that the bus driver was intending at first to attack the young girl and the young man who stood up and used "inappropriate, disrespectful language" was attempting to draw his attention from her onto himself. i'm glad his upbringing and personal morals have brought him as far as to believe that men shouldn't hit women.

kids are kids, and always will be kids. they're known to push limits and test buttons. if you have rage issues, perhaps it's best to know your limits and acknowledge when it's the most professional decision to back out of a job that you cannot emotionally handle.