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+6 1. wallie commented 12 years ago on video The Most Amazing Invention

Amazing what nonsense is commented here.
This can simply not be energy positive. You have to input more energy into the RF transmitter than you get from the flame.
#17: The mentioned temperature of 1500 degrees is not so special: A hydrogen flame in air has a temperature of over 2000 degrees. This is indeed a little higher than a methane flame, but it still produces less energy than a methane flame.
#(removed comment): in an atomic bomb mass is converted into energy releasing large amounts of energy. This is not the case here, and nothing strange happens: A large enough amount of energy is put into the water by the RF waves to break the hydrogen-oxygen bond in water. The reason why it works in salt water and not in pure water is that the impurities in salt water react to the RF waves by generating heat and this heat breaks the H20 molecules into hydrogen and water. Water itself does not do this.
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+5 2. wallie commented 11 years ago on video using a 2 litre bottle as a 50 watt light bulb

More people have come up with this idea (or were inspired by this story).
Here you can find another movie on the bottle light. This video also explains the reason for the bleach and the cover over the bottlecap: