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+1 1. xmvx commented 3 years ago on video Fingersurfing

kickstarter never ceases to amaze me. this thing got successfully funded!? 21k$+.... just let that sink in, for a piece of plastic on a string. while something similar had been out a year earlier (just google fingerairboard), and i doubt that even that was an original idea.
and now you can buy one for 20$...
kudos to the guys that pulled this off though....
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+1 2. xmvx commented 3 years ago on video Paraglider crashes to Earth...and lives

thats a skydiving parachute, and not a paraglidier, theres no reserve out at any point in the video, theres not trees but grass where he crashes, and i highly doubt that he walked away uninjured...
why write a description in the first place if pretty much every information is just plain wrong?
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+4 3. xmvx commented 3 years ago on video Killing a wheelbarrow

#2 #4 #6 #8 its austrians .... after the video showed up on youtube last summer the company fired them.
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+12 4. xmvx commented 3 years ago on video How a sewing machine works?

#1 im a guy. i know how to sew. actually i really like sewing. what makes you think its a womens thing?

on a side note, theres better animations, the needle actually goes further down, hence the red thread doesnt magically bend down to be picked up by the hook. a littl better one here: although hook is oversimplified in both versions.
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-2 5. xmvx commented 5 years ago on video Wingsuit Jumper Defies Death And Logic

meh, video is pitched up in speed massively from around 00:13 on....
this is not how fast they really fly, and not how sharp the turns really are...
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+1 6. xmvx commented 7 years ago on video Electric fence...

#14, what you say is only correct for low voltages (like the one in the mythbusters episode), electric fences have way higher voltage (few thousand volts). and as a rule of thumb a charge can jump approximately 1cm per 1000V. so if theres 9000V on that fence, and the gaps between your pee droplets sum up somewhere at 4cm you will get shocked.
although nicely done, the mythbusters episodes only applies to NY subways, some railways use 15000V and beyond (although mostly overhead wired), so peeing on there would seriously get you fried...
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+2 7. xmvx commented 8 years ago on video X-Ray Kinder Surprise

high voltage transformator 90$
control unit 50$
x-ray tube 100$
battery 10$
geiger counter 250$

led underpants ... priceless
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+5 8. xmvx commented 9 years ago on video The Need 4 Speed: The Art of Flight

#11, take a look here:
#13, they have a parachute
#14, back to the physics classroom with you...
#16, well, glide ratio is about 3:1, so its at least gliding, and its the closest we get to human flight at the moment. wingsuits are out there for only a bit more than a decade, im pretty shure theres quit a lot more to come in the next few years...
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+18 9. xmvx commented 9 years ago on video How to really erase a CD..

#(removed comment) just made my day....
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0 10. xmvx commented 10 years ago on video Skydiving in a car

nob, #17, still not applying here, within an atmosphere, like on our nice planet here, this does not work:
because of this a feather isnt falling as fast as a rock, and
because of this, as a (skilled) skydiver you can vary his speed with your body position (from ~150km/h to over 300km/h).
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+4 11. xmvx commented 10 years ago on video Skydiving in a car

nob, what #14 stated is only true in a vacuum. this just proves that they spent some time dialing in the weight of the car adding covers, etc.
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-5 12. xmvx commented 11 years ago on video This is one lucky BASE jumper

everything except canopyride and rescue is fake, its not even a base rig on the back of that random girl they took for this video.
the girl that had this accident was heavily injured and was in hospital and reha for a long time.
so actually not lucky!
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0 13. xmvx commented 12 years ago on video Wingsuit BASE jumping in Baffin Island

the speed of the video was pitched upwards (from the point where they jump till they open parachutes) ... (why?)