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Thumbnail of Simple method to make fire

Simple method to make fire

Published 12 years ago in Other. Submitted by sux2bu

Make fire using only fine steel wool and a battery.

Thumbnail of Wassup!


Published 13 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by neadloc

It's been 8 long years... :D

Thumbnail of Eggs candid camera

Eggs candid camera

Published 13 years ago in Pranks. Submitted by Rob

Great candid camera prank :D

Thumbnail of Cups and steel balls

Cups and steel balls

Published 13 years ago in Awesome

An awesome magic trick by Paul Gertner in The World's Greatest Magic.

Thumbnail of Halo team-kill

Halo team-kill

Published 14 years ago in Technology. Submitted by Niek

A funny clip showing a team-kill (also called a betrayal) in Halo 3. This one almost beats the other lucky …
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