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Thumbnail of Close call !

Close call !

Published 12 years ago in Sports. Submitted by pignmar41

Thumbnail of Nobody canna' cross it

Nobody canna' cross it

Published 12 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by Geekster

The bus can't swim :D

Thumbnail of Rugby Answer Interview Fail

Rugby Answer Interview Fail

Published 13 years ago in Weird. Submitted by PortugaL26

After a few hard hits to the head, it's difficult to answer questions like this guy is getting after a tough loss.

Thumbnail of Kung Fu Bear

Kung Fu Bear

Published 14 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Crash0

This bear is named "Claude" and can be seen at the Hiroshima Zoo

Thumbnail of Fat kid squeezed in amusement ride

Fat kid squeezed in amusement ride

Published 15 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by USAnumber1

A good mother's love :)