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Thumbnail of Men in Coats show

Men in Coats show

Published 15 years ago in Other. Submitted by Niek

The two guys from Men in Coats did more shows than the Skilled Midget. Here is another great performance Read more…

Thumbnail of New olympic sport

New olympic sport

Published 11 years ago in Commercials. Submitted by pignmar41


Thumbnail of Talking Husky dog

Talking Husky dog

Published 13 years ago in Animals. Submitted by Niek


Thumbnail of Batman - Getting rid of the bomb

Batman - Getting rid of the bomb

Published 11 years ago in Short films. Submitted by rubi

The classic 'bomb' scene from the original 1966 Batman Movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward, the real dynamic duo. :)

Thumbnail of September Fail Compilation

September Fail Compilation

Published 11 years ago in Compilations. Submitted by Randyio

Another fail compilation