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Thumbnail of Quadcopter shot of bride

Quadcopter shot of bride

Published 11 years ago in Accidents

And groom doesn't quite go as planned :x

Thumbnail of Afterlife


Published 12 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by aravind7

Can you have a meaningful life without an afterlife? I asked several friends to join me in exploring the merits of human existence and the concepts of posthumous reward and punishment. It is my hope that this video will answer religious claims that a secular life is meaningless a…
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Thumbnail of 100 Years in 10 Minutes

100 Years in 10 Minutes

Published 13 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by rubi

1911 - 2011

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Thumbnail of Ricky Gervais - The Bible

Ricky Gervais - The Bible

Published 14 years ago in Awesome

He did some research and found out that Darwin was wrong..

Thumbnail of Neil Tyson about UFOs

Neil Tyson about UFOs

Published 14 years ago in Awesome