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Thumbnail of Baby's reaction

Baby's reaction

Published 9 years ago in Other. Submitted by trancetunes

Hearing impaired baby's reaction to cochlear implant being activated. Amazing :)

Thumbnail of Fishing tv show bloopers

Fishing tv show bloopers

Published 9 years ago in Compilations. Submitted by Randyio

Thumbnail of Little Dog robot

Little Dog robot

Published 9 years ago in Documentary. Submitted by laughingscorpion

Spectacular little terrain climbing robot.

Thumbnail of Funny football moments

Funny football moments

Published 10 years ago in Sports. Submitted by LightAng3l

Warning : This video contains footage of man boobs :D

Thumbnail of Yoga


Published 10 years ago in Awesome. Submitted by the_puiu

The new rage in breast-feeding :)
*warning* partial nudity :PRead more…