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Thumbnail of Carlsberg and Mentos

Carlsberg and Mentos

Published 16 years ago in Commercials. Submitted by Kenny68

We all know what happens when you put Mentos in Diet Coke, but what about Carlsberg beer? An interesting experiment...

Thumbnail of Superconductivity


Published 16 years ago in Documentary

This weird looking physics trick shows the concept of the Meissner effect.

Thumbnail of Human Tetris

Human Tetris

Published 16 years ago in Sports

A new Japanese invention: the good old Tetris game, but in a slightly different form.

Thumbnail of Matrix ping pong

Matrix ping pong

Published 16 years ago in Sports

Two skilled players fighting each other in an exciting ping pong match.

Thumbnail of Lethal street fighting

Lethal street fighting

Published 16 years ago in Other

Some great tips on how to win a street/bar fight by former martial arts champion Bas Rutten ;)Read more…