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Thumbnail of Will it Fit?

Will it Fit?

Published 10 years ago in Animals

Getting in is step 1, getting out? guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Thumbnail of Supercell Caught on Film near Booker, Texas

Supercell Caught on Film near Booker, Texas

Published 11 years ago in Nature. Submitted by z810707

A supercell is a thunderstorm that is characterized by the presence of a mesocyclone: a deep, persistently rotating updraft. For this reason, these storms are sometimes referred to as rotating thunderstorms.

Thumbnail of Space Oddity

Space Oddity

Published 11 years ago in Awesome

Chris Hadfield last video from the ISS before he comes back to earth. Thanks for all the interessting videos.
Original song by David Bowie - Space Oddity

Thumbnail of O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics

O Fortuna Misheard Lyrics

Published 12 years ago in Parodies. Submitted by pyr0