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Thumbnail of Brazilian rally highlights

Brazilian rally highlights

Published 14 years ago in Awesome

The highlights of the Brazilian Rally Internacional dos Sertões in 2004.

Thumbnail of The Simpsons 300 trailer

The Simpsons 300 trailer

Published 14 years ago in Cartoons

Yet another parody of the well-known 300 trailer. With The Simpsons this time.

Thumbnail of Police chasing Porsche GT3

Police chasing Porsche GT3

Published 14 years ago in Accidents

Someone tries to outrun the Dutch police with a Porsche GT3. The speed (200 KM/h) is equivalent to about 125 mph.

Thumbnail of Croatian car drivers

Croatian car drivers

Published 14 years ago in Ownage. Submitted by Niek

I hope they're not all that aggressive in Croatia...

Thumbnail of Crushing a truck

Crushing a truck

Published 14 years ago in Other

Australian style!