Thanks for over 5 years of fun!

Dear SnotR Community..we all ( Sizzlik , Nooitaf , Xionbox , Tareim , Wluce0 , Geekster , Excellence ) would like to thank you for over 5 years of fun and entertainment. We hope you had just as much fun watching vids as we had reviewing them. Here is a thumbnail vid of all 10.000(!!) videos we published yet. Guess you dont realize how much it is unless you watch a 7 minute video of 10.000 video thumbnails.

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Picture of Smokey44 achievements

+73 1. Smokey commented 10 years ago

My eyes hurt! But keep on going guys, SnotR is great with amazing and interesting videos. Thanx! and as long as you upload videos, we (the viwers)will be here. Bye, for now. <3
Picture of Premtm36 achievements

+59 2. Premtm commented 10 years ago

Wish you all the best...keep it going guys.... :)
Picture of Taineract35 achievements

+64 3. Taineract commented 10 years ago

Thanks, Snotr staff for supplying all these great videos! Even after 5 years, Snotr is still the first place I go to for the best video picks. Its awesome to not have to sort through hours of garbage just to find one good video like everywhere else on the internet.
Picture of avolyte34 achievements

+37 4. avolyte commented 10 years ago

wow didnt even realised that its been that much..all of us are jus being busy submitting vids and watching them...Thank You Snotr Team for having us
Picture of Bot-fly29 achievements

+39 5. Bot-fly commented 10 years ago

No, Thank you!!
Thanks for keeping this amazing site running!
Also thanks for the seizure... XD
Picture of Platonic66 achievements

+33 6. Platonic commented 10 years ago

i must thank you too..
i feel also gratefull for the snotr community (and the commenters of course)
keep walking..
Picture of JohnnyBeGood1721 achievements

+36 7. JohnnyBeGood17 commented 10 years ago

Agh!!!! For my first comment ever i feel honored to have it be this one!!!! Keep it up guys your site is my daily religious act! :D
Picture of mmmendal46 achievements

+41 8. mmmendal commented 10 years ago

Thank you for making us look good by posting only good videos we submit.
Thank you for letting us watch only the best picks of the web.
Thank you for creating a friendly environment: good moderating.
Thank you for making Snotr my favorite site on the web.

Thank you Snotr: its admins, mods, uploaders, and commenters.
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

+24 9. Zebulun commented 10 years ago

My brain just asploded.
Picture of iwinu20 achievements

+27 10. iwinu commented 10 years ago

I found Snotr by one of my friends showing me the red paper clip video idk if any of you remember that video but after that i have been here ever since :D
Picture of Steveiwonder38 achievements

+17 11. Steveiwonder commented 10 years ago

Soo much family guy in there :p
Picture of Illuminati31 achievements

+15 12. Illuminati commented 10 years ago

Give me thumbs up if u like snotr! :)
Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements

+32 13. PortugaL26 commented 10 years ago

Long live Snotr! <3 you guys :*
Picture of nearen27 achievements

+22 14. nearen commented 10 years ago

Thank you for existing!
Picture of mohdb16 achievements

+20 15. mohdb commented 10 years ago

Thanks guys i cant see anymore :D
Picture of jhvh127 achievements

+19 16. jhvh1 commented 10 years ago

holy hell, time escapes me. I've been here almost 4 years.
Picture of irishgek50 achievements

+32 17. irishgek commented 10 years ago

First video ever on snotr made my day and hooked me for life !

Thanks To all the staff for a great site , Long live snotr.

Ps Family guy is the most recognisable thumb there !

Any chance you could tell us how much data 10k vidoes is ? My guess 2 Tera ?
Picture of Kulgash52 achievements

+19 18. Kulgash commented 10 years ago

Amazing to see just how many great vids have been posted here in the first five years!
I've been here for over 4 years now and still come here everyday for my dose :D
Let's wish the next five years will see this community grow even bigger and better, long live SnotR! <3
PS On another note, please make sure you're not subject to epilepsy before watching this >:)
Picture of kaleemyork38 achievements

+21 19. kaleemyork commented 10 years ago

when i come to the home and i start my laptop first i am watching all latest video of snotr then i do some another job.thank you snotr and all of them them who's doing hard job for this web site. i hope snotr will continuous more 1000000000 years :)
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+21 20. ughlah commented 10 years ago

The concept of this page is incredibly easy, but all excellent ideas are easy. It's the execution that makes it perfect.

Keep up the awesome work!
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+11 21. LightAng3l commented 10 years ago

Subliminal messages ! :S
Picture of BasmanT52 achievements

+12 22. BasmanT commented 10 years ago

Not without a reason I've been spending 137 hours of my life on your page!

Thanks to the admins and the community: You are great!
Picture of bella131 achievements

+12 23. bella1 commented 10 years ago

Thanks Snotr you guys are way better than that you tubee site keep up the good work :)
Picture of thoruus38 achievements

+12 24. thoruus commented 10 years ago

Live long and prosper!
Picture of BasmanT52 achievements

+17 25. BasmanT commented 10 years ago

Since a long time now i've been wandering if you could give us some statisitcs?
Like which video is viewed the most or has the most comments. Which are the most up- and downrated ones? Which comment got the most green thumbs etc..
Picture of wongraven37 achievements

+10 26. wongraven commented 10 years ago

Youre welcome Snotr !! All Hail Our Snotr Family >:)
Picture of sartre32 achievements

+10 27. sartre commented 10 years ago

A quality site thanks to the hard work put in by the staff here, who make it a friendly fun place to visit. Thanks Snotr. :)
Picture of Dieter_Detroit26 achievements

+9 28. Dieter_Detroit commented 10 years ago

PARTY ON! staring at it > I NEED MORE :D
Picture of Niek36 achievements

+24 29. Niek (admin) commented 10 years ago

#25: here you go: :)

Most viewed video: - 11,577,850 views so far
Most commented video: also - 279 comments
Most upvoted video: - 565 only positive upvotes
Most downvoted video: - the worst rated video that is still online
Most upvoted comment: by JohnMichael
Most downvoted comment: by TechnoKING, there are worse rated comments on Snotr but those are deleted/hidden
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+7 30. fjwjr commented 10 years ago

I saw my video. (That's singular because for some reason you refuse to post any videos I send or suggest)
Picture of BasmanT52 achievements

+11 31. BasmanT commented 10 years ago

cool, that was fast ;)
11577850 is quite a lote ;)

but for upvoted comment i think it´s Paul1968 with 295 Votes: (3rd comment)
Picture of Koletzkii32 achievements

+9 32. Koletzkii commented 10 years ago

This is the plaace to get alot of thumbs up now :D ontopic: Thx snotr for providing us with all those vids!
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+20 33. Sizzlik (admin) commented 10 years ago

Thanks to all you guys for the kind words. Its all of you that keep this place fun to visit. The SnotR Community is the best of all..almost troll free..and even when a wild troll guys tell them they are not wanted here =) Im looking forward to many more years of fun and entertainment with all of you! Thanks again!

BTW. #7 currently about 430gb of 2tb are in use on the sever. Less then you thought, huh? :)
Picture of BarraMacAnna29 achievements

+8 34. BarraMacAnna commented 10 years ago

Happy 10,000 Snotr! (#29, I got a +124 rating, was I 2nd highest? :) So close!)
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+8 35. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

Awesome :D. And thank you.
Picture of challenger45149 achievements

+9 36. challenger451 commented 10 years ago

You are the!! Thanks for keeping the board up.
Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements

+9 37. CorpseGrinder commented 10 years ago

Yay Us !!! <3
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+6 38. ughlah commented 10 years ago

#34, +125 ;)

I think there are a few higher ones. My top rated comment is +116, so I think there is quite a few between 100 and 130
Picture of MajorIdea45 achievements

+10 39. MajorIdea commented 10 years ago

Great. Now I have this music stuck in my head.
Congrats and many more to come!
Picture of EMVanatta11 achievements

+9 40. EMVanatta commented 10 years ago

Wow Can't believe it's been that many. I remember I just happen to find this site 5 years ago on the day ya'll went live and watched the christmas house vid. Everyday since then first thing I do at work is watch the new vids on here before typing my day away. Great Job Snotr! Can't believe I've watched 10000 vids on here LOL
Picture of MakeTnotWar38 achievements

+11 41. MakeTnotWar commented 10 years ago

Congrats. I couldn't watch the video to it's end. Still recovering from that epileptic shock it triggered.
Picture of Cutlass18 achievements

+10 42. Cutlass commented 10 years ago

Awesome snotr! Love this site! <3
Maybe we can celebrate by upgrading to HD? :D
Picture of gusza4 achievements

+13 43. gusza commented 10 years ago

After about 4 years of visiting I finally created an account just to say thanks for providing me with my daily dose of shock, surprise and laughs.

Keep it coming
Picture of HellsVacancy40 achievements

+9 44. HellsVacancy commented 10 years ago

Heres to another 5 years
Picture of archis51 achievements

+8 45. archis commented 10 years ago

My first video here was
So I am 4 years with Snotr, damn.
Picture of mwak48 achievements

+10 46. mwak commented 10 years ago

I discovered snotr with mininova ... it brings me back some time ago :)
Thanks for making every day fun with interresting videos.
You are in my top 5 list of website to go on the web :)

Long life to snotr :)
Picture of martintanevski36 achievements

+9 47. martintanevski commented 10 years ago

Congratulations Snotr ! <3
Picture of nokster57 achievements

+10 48. nokster commented 10 years ago

Keep going fellas!! :D

Thanks for your work!!!
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+14 49. Geekster (admin) commented 10 years ago

Thanks to all of you for all the fun we've had on SnotR ! It's nice to see that you all enjoy your time so much here !

We, the staff members, have tried, trying and will try everyday to keep "SnotR: The ultimate place for great videos "

With the help of you all, SnotR is what it is today !

Happy 10K everyone !!! <3
Picture of millybert6924 achievements

+7 50. millybert69 commented 10 years ago

hurray to snotr and hurray to Sizzlik , Nooitaf , Xionbox , Wluce0 , Geekster , Excellence your rock stars to me snotr is the don
Picture of Geekster80 achievements

+5 51. Geekster (admin) commented 10 years ago

#50 Thanks a bunch ! it's nice to have fans :snowman:
Picture of Eddie8747 achievements

+5 52. Eddie87 commented 10 years ago

Picture of Guss44 achievements

+4 53. Guss commented 10 years ago

Oh that's good, snotr summary into 7 minutes
Picture of y3lom40 achievements

+9 54. y3lom commented 10 years ago

wait... wait... wait...
the first vid was posted 43 years ago >:)

anyway... gratz on 5yrs and 10k vids : :D
Picture of IICallumxx5 achievements

+6 55. IICallumxx commented 10 years ago

Warining contains flashing images!

Lucky im not epileptic! >:)
Picture of ol1v33r22 achievements

+4 56. ol1v33r commented 10 years ago

Actually you are at the center of the universe, search on snotr for a video called "Travel INSIDE a Black Hole" created by "vsuace"
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 57. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

This is boss and friend ,USAnumber1 ,has the most viewed AND the most commented on video on snotr. It looks like he should also have the most up-voted too because 95% of 568 votes is 539 up votes while only has 171 total votes. What's up with that? Am I missing something?

#54 Would you like to borrow my time machine?
Picture of Eddie8747 achievements

+6 58. Eddie87 commented 10 years ago

#55 i´m epileptic but im glad that i don´t got problem with flashing images
Picture of 01nvr50 achievements

+7 59. 01nvr commented 10 years ago

So who has the most medals, is it PortugaL26 with 59??!
Picture of SamPsychedelic32 achievements

+6 60. SamPsychedelic commented 10 years ago

Picture of corampublico18 achievements

+9 61. corampublico commented 10 years ago

Many thanks from Germany!
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+9 62. Sizzlik (admin) commented 10 years ago

#61 Auch ein dickes danke zurück
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+5 63. Tareim (admin) commented 10 years ago

#50 I'm here too :P they just missed me off the list originally :(
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+5 64. ringmaster commented 10 years ago

Thanks, but I'm afraid only The Fifth Element can obtain information that fast!
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+7 65. Sizzlik (admin) commented 10 years ago

Just an additional fun fact:
Snotr publishes 1/3 of submitted videos. On the 10k video we had a little over 30k submitted vids.
And most of the 2/3 are duplicates or double submits (Still some slip throu from time to time)
Picture of Kiwichico4 achievements

+4 66. Kiwichico commented 10 years ago

Did anyone feel like they were in the Matrix?
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+2 67. thundersnow commented 9 years ago

Happy 5th year birthday ( I guess it's 6 years now) snotr site. My son introduced me to your site when I was confined to a couch for a couple of days after minor knee surgery. I've been watching since. To the administrators, you guys do a wonderful job selecting quality videos and keeping this site a friendly place to hang out. To Sizzlik: Herzlichen Glueckwunsch von einer Landsmaennin aus dem Schwabenland!!! :) :) :) <3 <3 <3
Good luck to all of you and many more years of snotr! Thank you very much!
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+3 68. Sizzlik (admin) commented 9 years ago

#67 hehe..liebe grüße zurück aus NRW =)
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

+1 69. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#68 <3 <3 <3
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 70. buckleg08 commented 4 years ago

did we have a 10 year homage? Maybe I missed that...:D Glad that snotr is still alive...:)