100-Year-Old Man Shares the Secret to Happiness

Its a coke commercial but still a true story.

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Picture of Dudtotally25 achievements

+23 1. Dudtotally commented 8 years ago

coca cola can go fuck themselves
Picture of Xylocaine21 achievements

+38 2. Xylocaine commented 8 years ago

+McDonalds, and he could reach 150 years.
Picture of Urihep40 achievements

+22 3. Urihep commented 8 years ago

I don't know but I think the commercials was better when they weren't pretending to be something else, when they were characterized by shallow commercialism:
"Thirsty?" [Hot chick holding a coke.] "Drink Coca Cola!"
Picture of dogfish37 achievements

+27 4. dogfish commented 8 years ago

#1 true. i find it disgusting how they try to attach their brad to these kind of human stories... and this time a story about long life time, while... they are selling a unhealthy drink.
Picture of Oddi50 achievements

+12 5. Oddi commented 8 years ago

Actually fuck those commercials.. all it says is just 'follow whatever makes you happy' in a touching package from a huge company's marketing division .. most know this moto and act accordingly ..dont want a fuckin comm to tell me that.
Yeah @1 they totally can go ;)
Picture of Steveiwonder38 achievements

+10 6. Steveiwonder commented 8 years ago

That was really good to watch until I realised that it was just an advert. Although the story may be true, it was ruined. Why couldn't someone just, let it be. It was all done for advertisement, which takes something away from it.

"Its a coke commercial but still a true story." - Such a shame :(
Picture of Illuminati31 achievements

+7 7. Illuminati commented 8 years ago

Ok this is pure shit... Making commercial about someone who is 100 years old, and drinking coca cola, like that is the reason he reached 100 years..
Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+1 8. samxgx commented 8 years ago

Happyness like so many others are not Rights, they are Privileges we gain and lose and it's awefully wrong to mix up your "Rights" and "Privileges".
Dont get your hopes up, but do try your hardest... that's all you can / should do.
Picture of sartre32 achievements

+12 9. sartre commented 8 years ago

When a centenarian is interviewed and asked how they managed to reach such a ripe old age, they usually assume that their longevity is down to something they have done.

But there's a logical fallacy involved here called "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" which means if someone does something (X) and then something happens afterwards (Y) then X must have caused Y.

In the case of old people, one will say that they reached 100 by drinking a small glass of wine a day. Another will claim that they never drank or smoked and that's the reason they lived to 100. One will credit their vegetarianism, another their love of a juicy steak. Given that the advice is often contradictory there doesn't seem to be any infallible "method" of prolonging your life. And although it *might* be possible, I think Coca-Cola is best avoided irrespective of this guy's story.
Picture of millybert6924 achievements

-1 10. millybert69 commented 8 years ago

lol at number 9s comment borring , youve looked into this video far to much . there is no wrong or right way to life just enjoy
Picture of sartre32 achievements

+6 11. sartre commented 8 years ago

#10 You're welcome to your opinion. :)

Forgot to add this classic from Bill Hicks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDW_Hj2K0wo
Picture of BiMezo36 achievements

+2 12. BiMezo commented 8 years ago

#10 I think you contradict to yourself.
First you say, that there is no wrong or right way to live.
Then you say, that we should just live for enjoyment... which is a right way in your opinion.

And the commercial is... eh. Just... eh.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+3 13. ughlah commented 8 years ago

#9 no matter how you live there is a slim chance you get to be 100, even with drinking coke and eating french fries from McD. So even if you find someone 100 years old who smokes and eats crap all day that is not the reason he got old.

If you happen to find that 80+ % off all that age past 100 have been vegetarians, well, that's another story...
Picture of Dubsteppah35 achievements

0 14. Dubsteppah commented 8 years ago

I cannot believe this was a coke advert, EVIL company, absolute nonsense, all it means is that all what the man said was a lie and a script. STUPID.
Picture of bella131 achievements

+3 15. bella1 commented 8 years ago

Commercial is about happiness and living life ,oh and cocacola
Picture of thoruus38 achievements

0 16. thoruus commented 8 years ago

There's great speech about marketing, search for "Bill Hicks on marketing." Let me quote: "By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing...kill yourself...you're the ruiner of all things good...you are Satan's spawn, filling the world with bile and garbage...kill yourself."
Picture of asdfas39 achievements

+3 17. asdfas commented 8 years ago

How does Coca-Cola have the nerve to make a commercial that's about love, friendship and family. Makes me sick to my stomach that such a multi-national monster of a corporation, epitomy of evil and oppression would dare to do something different for a commercial.

*takes a sip of coke*

The nerve!
Picture of barrett42013 achievements

+2 18. barrett420 commented 8 years ago

Right from the start I thought this better not be an advert for life insurance.

Fuck Off Coca Cola
Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements

+2 19. c0mmanderKeen commented 8 years ago

Fuck this bullshit.

Find what makes you happy... dont waste time on nonsense..
Great advice granpa, thanks ^^

Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 20. thundersnow commented 7 years ago

#9, well said! I agree with you.