Teacher Ends Fight Like a Boss

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Picture of Darkic33 achievements

+21 1. Darkic commented 10 years ago

Life is 2 short 4 sure to do some stupid things.. i jsut ignore that kind of stuff and go my way chilling out ;)
Picture of nearen27 achievements

+18 2. nearen commented 10 years ago

True hero... my bows sir.
Picture of chachajamie27 achievements

+44 3. chachajamie commented 10 years ago

I'm from Detroit and this fight reminds me of a few I saw in High school. I once saw two girls scrap it out over and man and the other girl yanked her weave off ran down the hall and tried to start another fight when two female teachers pulled her by the shirt and basically handed her her butt in a lecture and a three day suspension. Oh and just to let everyone know the Blood and Cripts are a huge problem in Detroit. They recruit young guys and yes even girls at the age of 12. When I was in middle school we had three bomb threats. When you get to some of the high schools there are metal detectors. They had drug and bomb sniffing dogs search the school frequently even at lunch time.

I just wish young people would understand that they are wasting their time joining these gangs. They are nothing but lawless wanna be gangsters. If you snitch you get a hit put out for you. If they catch ya talking to the "other side" and both sides find out that you're feeding information, they put out what's called a mark. My suggestion is to stay in school. Get good grades. Go into Co-op or trade school your senior year like I did. I moved out of my parents house at 18 and by 19 I moved to Texas. By 24 I moved to Florida to be with my boyfriend now Fiance and now we live in east side of Tennessee. No gangs, not much crime, a simple life. A new beginning. A better chance at life. I still have family in the Detroit area. We have a baby on the way. And you can be DAMN sure that if we have to move back it will be somewhere far from Detroit.

Detroit, Flint, and Pontiac are places to avoid living in Michigan.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

+1 4. loadme commented 10 years ago

thats so sad. violence at school, gangs.. the USA needs a better poor / rich ratio in order to prevent so much crime and poorness :(
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+10 5. Sizzlik (admin) commented 10 years ago

#4 not only US needs a better poor/rich ratio..i think the whole globe needs. But easier said then done sadly =(
Maybe you know the kids physics experiment where you connect a full blown ballon to a half blown and see what happens..the full one sucks up the small. Guess that pictures good whats currently happens..
Picture of darkmas46 achievements

+5 6. darkmas commented 10 years ago

you are too young, life is too short.. if you can't squash it, take it outside.. you have to love that teacher.
Picture of fixento232 achievements

+4 7. fixento2 commented 10 years ago

BS, both punks need to be tossed out of school, if they are not there to learn the hell with them let the damn attorneys and the bleeding hearts adopt them. Don't need a bunch of undisciplined gang thugs disrupting the kids who want to learn.
Picture of SeanzBeanz28 achievements

+8 8. SeanzBeanz commented 10 years ago

When did Samuel L Jackson start teaching? Awesome!
Picture of Dan58838 achievements

-4 9. Dan5883 commented 10 years ago

What in the hell does poor:rich ratio have to do with two punk kids getting into an arguement in a classroom? I swear to God these jealous of others success, I want what you have I just don't want to go out and earn it like you did, Socialists look for any reason to whine, cry, and shove their idiotic beliefs down other peoples throats.
Picture of sartre32 achievements

+4 10. sartre commented 10 years ago

Well #9, from the perspective of a European looking in on American society, it appears terminally broken. The top 5% of Americans own 63.5% of the country's wealth. The bottom 80% of Americans own just 12% of the wealth. See http://www.golemxiv.co.uk/2012/10/why-are-we-bailing-out-the-banks-part-one-the-simple-answer/ for the source of the figures. Most Americans are unaware of this disparity between the rich and poor.

That sort of inequality has to have an effect. The gulf between the aspirational American Dream and the reality that the vast majority of people will live their lives as modern-day serfs must find an outlet in violence or internalised aggression (drug-taking, alcoholism, eating disorders etc).
Picture of majais28 achievements

+4 11. majais commented 10 years ago

...and i thought i understand english...
Picture of Dan58838 achievements

+3 12. Dan5883 commented 10 years ago

Well #10 you are clearly influenced by media bias. However your reply still does not answer the question regarding what rich/poor ratio has to do with these two morons arguing in class. My point, which clearly upset a few people (the truth can do that) still stands. This video has as much to do with rich/poor ratio as who will win the World Series does.

I will address your answer though....the poor in this country remain poor because they have been turned into a government dependent society with no ambition to get ahead in life. They spend most of their time whining and crying about how life is just sooooooooo unfair. Boo-freakin-hoo. I'm not rich. I would probably be classified as a hair above the middle/lower class line. I am not jealous of those that have more then me, nor am I sympathetic to those that have less then me that do nothing to move themselves ahead. I struggle everyday, but I work hard to improve myself, and I don't blame anyone else for the fact I am not some rich dude. If I ever achieve that then great. If I never move beyond where I am now then I can live with that as well. We are not all destined to be rich. But one thing is for certain, in the end I will take pride in knowing everything I got, I got it honest and I EARNED IT!!!

Besides, we here in America (who don't have our heads up our asses) see where European style Socialism has taken you all. You have no room to be casting judgement on ANYONE. In fact, it will be the U.S. that saves your asses when the Euro fails and Greece, Spain, Ireland, and the others that are bankrupt completely fall apart.
Picture of sartre32 achievements

+7 13. sartre commented 10 years ago

I try to make up my own mind about things, Dan5883. I bear in mind, when accessing media sources, that they are ALL biased in one way or another.

It's easy to pass judgement on others less fortunate than ourselves and to pat ourselves on the back for what, in many cases, is merely a case of being in the right place at the right time. Yes, there are people who have lost all ambition to work and who have decided to live on government handouts, but my understanding is that welfare is not very generous in the US compared to here in Europe. In normal circumstances people prefer to work and earn their living here just as much as Americans do. The safety net of the state is reassuring but it doesn't make for a fulfilling life and people know this.

As far as your opinion of socialism goes, I can only say that the red meat, winner-takes-all society that the US appears to this outsider to be, does not appeal much to me. It's pretty much proven that societies with smaller gaps between rich and poor are safer and happier places to live in. I don't think a society where 95% of the people scrabble around for 37% of the pie is a healthy one.

As to the US bailing Europe out: I cannot see how it is possible. We are both in QE ["Quantitive Easing"] Phase 3 now - i.e. we are printing money a third time around. Each time we are told that this is a temporary measure and that the banking system will soon be on its feet, and thereafter the economy. I'll believe it when I see it. I recommend the golemxiv.co.uk site I linked to earlier to anyone trying to understand the present economic crisis.

I uprated your comment by the way: you're quite right that this discussion about US vs European perspectives on the economy has nothing to do with the video! But hey, it's interesting to exchange ideas isn't it? :)
Picture of ThiDubstepLover31 achievements

+4 14. ThiDubstepLover commented 10 years ago

Thats a real teacher, the fight even didnt started and he already stopped it
Picture of Dan58838 achievements

0 15. Dan5883 commented 10 years ago

@sartre You are entitled to think whatever you want. I certainly am not trying to change your mind or anyone else's. It still doesn't change what I originally said, two kids arguing in class has nothing to do with poor/rich ratio. THAT is what I am sick of. People looking for any reason, including ones that have nothing to do with their beliefs, to spout off their political views.

However I will tell you this. There are people here that live on welfare for years and years. The pop out kid after kid despite not being able to afford a kid to get more benefits. I have met people that get their rent, utilities, food, medical care, and other things completely paid for. They have cell phones, cable/satalitte TV, buy weed and other drugs, go out on the weekends and party...all at the expense of others. They don't even bother to look for work. Why should they? When you can skate by in life on the backs of those who do work. It will never stop until it is stopped. Like I said, you can have an "outside view of America" all you want. But that is a two way street, and as an outsider to Europe everything I see these days about Europe tells me it a Socialism disaster and only reinforces my beliefs further. America may have it's issues but I wouldn't trade here for there for anything.
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+2 16. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

We need more teacher who teach kid stuff like this, instead of reading a book.
Picture of ihateregistering26 achievements

-2 17. ihateregistering commented 10 years ago

@15 Ffs; We don't care how hard you work nor what your political views are. Seems like you still have too much time on you hand to write out all these rants.

Greetings from Europe.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+1 18. ughlah commented 10 years ago

Just like the two morons in this class I see people from America and from Europe starting to fight. The world needs this Samuel L. Jackson kind of teacher.

Guess what, none of us really earn what they have. We live on the sugarcoat of this world, every last one of us. We work a little and get massive amounts of money for it. Want to try to work and live a month in Kongo for a few dollars?

You get your petrol at a Shell station. Oh that money goes to the netherlands, you get it at BP, British Petrol? I buy a burger at McDonalds and buy a pepsi, it goes to america. Times where you could claim bullshit like anyone is paying for anyone are long gone. What would the US do if europeans stopped buying american products, what would europe do the other way around. The financial crisis is a global problem, because our money has forged us all together.

Why is it your problem. Because the rich in your county, in my country, in everyones country want to get richer and richer and we, those in the middle will always pay for everything, not because we are from europe, the US or whatever country, because it's always us who will have to pay for everything.

Stop believing in paroles and start to think.
Picture of FootballMadMan16 achievements

+2 19. FootballMadMan commented 10 years ago

Someones on there period
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 20. thundersnow commented 9 years ago

Seems like Dan is an angry person. And guess what Dan, your view on Europe couldn't be more false. To put it in a nutshell, there people work to live. Yes, they pay more taxes, but they have plenty of time off to enjoy their lives and most of their medical bills are paid for too. Here people live to work, most of them more than 40 hrs/week, very little vacation and enormous medical bills.