Can time slow down?

An interesting science experiment for the BBC.

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Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements

+6 1. cannnobaL commented 12 years ago

I remember when I used to be 8, parents would allow only 1 hour of stay at my friends. After one hour - home, and nothing else, otherwise - a call would instantly ring.

That hour used to be soooo long, we wouldn't last it all, and after 50 minutes I'd be marching home.

And nowadays, as I am 20...An hour passes like 10 minutes.

So here is the question...Does adrenaline make you numb over time ?

That would explain why old people have no reaction or fast reflexes in accident-like situations.
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+4 2. dave9191 commented 12 years ago

I think that anyone on the planet could have told them that. Our perception of time changes depending what state our mind is in, what we are doing and how old we are. Time flies when you're having fun.
Picture of moskwiz36 achievements

-1 3. moskwiz commented 12 years ago

I don't think that has to do with adreanaline but rather all the processes that growing up involves. As the brain develops firther, it has more and more things to do and calculate - a person keeps doing every task with much more concentration to it, thus time becomes seemingly shorter as you are now capable of more and more calculations per second, so to speak. When you're young you perseive world much more directly, and don't waste too much valuable time digesting all that info that you're perseiving. That's why I think younger people have 'more time'. Old people on the other hand experience the degradation of their inter-neuron connections - all the processes start to slow down and as the person is used to processing data thoroughly - processing the same amount of data takes longer.

Picture of dzzzz1 achievements

+2 4. dzzzz commented 12 years ago

i dun think time really slow down for that 1st guy in the experiment. rather i think his brain was able to work faster in that near death situation to enable to see those number. :D
Picture of zerorain26 achievements

+1 5. zerorain commented 12 years ago

LOL i bet people that works there goes someone been stealing coke and weed again >:) >:) >:)
Picture of darrylg13 achievements

-2 6. darrylg commented 12 years ago

A- this is not a near death experience
B- no way looking at numbers would help him save his life
C- most numbers look like others on a digital clock...6-8-0 are so close, 2 and 3, 4 and 9, etc.
D- why didnt they try to guess the numbers in "real" time

This is the most useless science experiment I have ever seen
Picture of croclacrimae37 achievements

+2 7. croclacrimae commented 12 years ago

this has nothing to do with time slowing down obviously, just the brain entering the more alert state when you feel endangered. adrenaline rush and all the processes that go with it cause this
Picture of bynenss6 achievements

0 8. bynenss commented 12 years ago

QUOTE: 7 Posted 4 hours ago by croclacrimae

this has nothing to do with time slowing down obviously, just the brain entering the more alert state when you feel endangered. adrenaline rush and all the processes that go with it cause this


And as daryllg mentioned, this test sucks. This is not a near death experience and the test with the numbers also suck.

Its all about what your mind is concentrating on and putting its energy in.

At first test should be done with people that are not aware of the test.
it also should be a test where one needs a very rapid reaction of what is happening in order to 'survive'.
Picture of dare-to-fail18 achievements

0 9. dare-to-fail commented 12 years ago

Yep. Post 7 is right. When you are in danger your brain takes in more detail, creating the illusion that time has slowed down.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 10. Aliquantulus commented 12 years ago

Come on.. Einstein proved that time isn't constant. It depends on speed and other variables..

Einsteins experiment in 1971 after his death.

One atomic clock on the ground.
One atomic clock in a jet around the world at 600 miles per hour. The atomic clocks showed the same time when the jet started. When the jet came back (around) with the atomic clock, that clock was behind the one on the ground by a few billionths of a second. Why such a small difference? Cause 600 miles per hour is just a tiny fraction of the speed of light.
To see any significant difference in time, you'd have to be traveling many millions of miles and hour faster.

Picture of spook2413 achievements

-1 11. spook24 commented 12 years ago

one day is really 23 hrs and 56 mins roughly(23.934 solar hours)? that could also explain the atomic clock theory(not doubting one of the greats geniuses of all time or anyone else just to make that clear). none the less the thing he strapped to his arm could of had clearer numbers to begin with.
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

-1 12. Noobeater commented 12 years ago

Time is an illusion. Remove all clocks and calenders and it seizes to exist
Picture of TeeZee12 achievements

+1 13. TeeZee commented 12 years ago

A snail is mugged by two turtles. When asked what happened, the snail replies, "I don't know, everything happened so fast."

Drag racers has been know to experience a run that seems to last for minutes. Only to look at the race clock and see it was a few seconds.

Its all perception.
Picture of Noureddin5 achievements

0 14. Noureddin commented 12 years ago

Nope... It can't go fast or slower. If your mind BELIEVES time is fast then it will FEEL faster and SEEM faster. But, In reality... it just going by as it normally does.

Like when you sleep your mind is so occupied that it doesn't notice time is going slow... and your mind just pretty much skips to morning.

Also, When you think its slow so you look at a clock(Bad idea)but it SEEMS to make time slower.

But, Time stays the same... There is fact and opinion. FACT is it is going as time does. Second by second... minute by minute butwhat your mind THINKS(But, Not really an opinion soo it just replaces opinion.)is different then FACT. The truth always wins to what some asshole THINKS.
Picture of cpuomega512 achievements

0 15. cpuomega5 commented 12 years ago

The human perception of time is the ratio between the physical environment time speed and the processing (chemical and physical interactions)speed of the brain. When these too speeds cross, you are perceiving time. Einstein showed with his theories and equations that time is flexible and that it alters according to speed. His theory is accepted by mainstream physicists. In short ,Einstein proved that the faster you move in space (approaching the limit of light), the more time slows relative to your environment. I recommend you take a look at the twin experiment in a physics book to understand this concept.

The intersection of human perception is the speed of environmental physical speed and the speed of brain reprocesses (measurement we perceive time) is something that came to my mind and I don't have any references or experiments to prove this.
Picture of jamesmelbaustral9 achievements

+3 16. jamesmelbaustral commented 12 years ago

I'll never forget a car accident I was involved in. Time perception slowed. I could see cracks crawling through the glass. It was surreal.
Picture of jayjay1017 achievements

+1 17. jayjay101 commented 12 years ago

time doesnt slow down.... you just speed up
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 18. Fergus_Thedog commented 12 years ago

I'll bet that saline rat felt ripped off.. :D
Picture of bynenss6 achievements

+1 19. bynenss commented 12 years ago

That time slows down when you're traveling at the speed of light, ok.
Like someone said, the atomic clock on a plain traveling at 600miles/hour campaired to one clock on the ground after several hours was miniscule.
You can't compair these laws with what people experience at life treathening situations.
Picture of cocainomano1 achievements

0 20. cocainomano commented 12 years ago

to slow time , the only thing you have to do is lear something new everyday..... and apply on your ordinary life. Of course...
Picture of bushako1 achievements

-1 21. bushako commented 12 years ago

@ Noobeater
Time is not an illusion but infact it exists just as space does. Its simple even if you take away clocks and calenders, you would still be aware of the past, present and future. you dont need a clock/calender to remind you what you ate yesterday or what your going to be eating tomorrow. It doesnt just exist in our minds but it exist universally. Once upon a time there was a chair, it was once a chair and is going to be a fire wood. I think that explains it..

And i believe the guy who made the experiment is so confident that he probably forgot to do his assingment. im not a genius but i do know that the only way you can slow down time is when you have reached a speed higher then that of light. Now obviously the velocity at which this guy was falling was probably about 30m/sec even if it ever reached terminal velocity it would still be slow..thats not even as close as the speed at which my grandfathers old mercedes runs. But on the other hand it always intrigued me why he always managed to arrive home early...
Picture of Patriot7 achievements

-1 22. Patriot commented 12 years ago

Noobeater are you shitting me? time will cease to exist. that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. Time is always ticking away, just because we don't know how fast doesn't change shit. you could make an argument that the way we measure time is wrong, but even that argument is stupid as the time measurements we used were just arbitrarily designated, not just made up.


also time didn't slow down, he just thought faster. its amazing, waste of money, but guess what? people watched it.
Picture of Noureddin5 achievements

0 23. Noureddin commented 12 years ago

@Patriotits: "amazing, waste of money, but guess what? people watched it."

I didn't watch it. Cause I know its bull crap to begin with.
Picture of Noureddin5 achievements

0 24. Noureddin commented 12 years ago

Ummm... I just a bit but I was skipping through it... and... WHY THE HECK are they drugging a rat? I actually know a bit why but thats a pretty stupid experiment... poor rat... I kind of like mice but not rats. Still screwed up what they do to rats.. Sorry for double post. Just had to say that.
Picture of T751 achievements

0 25. T75 commented 12 years ago


Is anyone actually thinking here??

Time slows down...brain speeds up... it is the same thing folks.

I am no genius, but I have gotten somewhat familiar with Einsteins Relativity... from what I am able to understand thus far...there is really no difference.

Talking time perception - Simultaneity: Do 2 things occur at once? We distinguish that they do if we are exactly in the center of those two occurrences and there are no perceptual distortions either way. but if we are not exactly in the middle, it seems that one occurs earlier than the other.

All of these perceptions we have our based on our size and our understanding. Time is a word that we created to define the passage of time-space events. If we were all stars the size of the sun... time would slow way down.

summary: time speed is influenced by perception speed. They are interchangeable.
Picture of d1m0n2 achievements

0 26. d1m0n commented 12 years ago

My opinnion is that there are no time slowing, its all happening in our heads, in this experiment we can see that only thing could be changed is like:
Speed up his brain, there was no slowing down a time, there was a speed up of all body, because of adrenaline, so there is like overckloking but on human..
That is my opinnion.
Sorry for my bad english.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

0 27. huldu commented 12 years ago

Well time it based on where you currently are, we use our solar system as a point of measure. A day passes when the sun sets and night comes.

Now lets say you live on a planet where these rules dont apply. Where a day would be 48 hours instead of 24. This would over time change your perception of time completly. A day that used to be 24 hours have suddently increased to 48 making the day appear to go slower than it normally would. If you would bring this person back to earth all of the sudden the day would go much faster than he would be used to.

Today we have "atomic" clocks and all that fancy stuff, but its still based on our solar system and how we say a day passes when day turns into night. If these things changes, time will automatically change. If you for some reason would run into aliens, do you believe they see the time as we do? of course not, they have their own system and ideas of how time works, like us.
Picture of Verkins3 achievements

0 28. Verkins commented 12 years ago

If there's such a thing as "time", it's in relation with space. Then we should be able to "stop" it as in "How manty FPS is there in real time life?".

The answer is pretty obvious.
Picture of valoy4 achievements

0 29. valoy commented 12 years ago

Time is a perception. Here is my reasoning.

If adrenaline allows the human mind to see more detail do to alertness, then imagine what time scale a blind man is on. Does a blind man experience more/less adrenaline then a seeing man and how much more detail does his brain log? This may be the reason why his senses sharpens.

A blind man does have a concept of time because he is able to reference things through daily routines. Eat, sleep, shower, counting, etc.

The perception that a seeing man has, he is only perceiving radioactive decay. He too has a daily routine, clocks, calenders, age, etc that gives him reference points.

This may also be the reason why men/women rock back and forth and go a little nuts in solitary confinement. The are creating a time clock for themselves to stay in tune.

Nature heals!
Picture of valoy4 achievements

0 30. valoy commented 12 years ago

One more follow up comment. Atomic clocks are not perfect and there could be a lot of variables that may have altered the clock that went around the world. Altitude, pressure, moisture, radiation, heat, sound, light, magnetism, vibration, more exposure to radiation at high altitudes, etc. The clock is made of atoms right? What happens to atoms when they are exposed to any of those elements? It was only a billionth of a second right?

I think Einstein's equation of time/space is a mathematical description of the sense of sight. If you couldn't feel or see, you wouldn't know what time/space is. In fact, if you were the senses of touch and sight, you would probably be dead or a vegetable.
Picture of valoy4 achievements

0 31. valoy commented 12 years ago

Grammar error...

"In fact, if you didn't have the sense of touch or sight, you would probably be dead or a vegetable."

Imperfection is perfection.
Picture of valoy4 achievements

0 32. valoy commented 12 years ago

LOL, one more..... Are we really getting older or younger? If we are born ignorant and we suffer constant memory loss until we die, which way of life is more intelligent?
Picture of Skeesicks38 achievements

0 33. Skeesicks commented 11 years ago

where can I enlist being one of the rats?