Musical keyboard skills

This guy may look weird, but his keyboard skills are awesome.

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Picture of Pathos3115 achievements
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-12 1. Pathos311 commented 13 years ago

I have a keyboard and cant do that but I suck.

Oh since you said that easy I am going to say FAKE!!!!
Picture of spook2413 achievements

+13 2. spook24 commented 13 years ago

nope not a 'FAKE'

his name is Ronald Jenkees - youtube channel - website (i guess blog) - profile - and lastly his myspace

my friend been telling me about him for he past 9 months or so. really talented and a lil weird. all-in-all great artist!!!

:D :D
Picture of Pathos3115 achievements

+3 3. Pathos311 commented 13 years ago

Its a joke saying that first poster was a tool and people say one of 2 things 1 I could do that or 2 Fake even if there is no reason to so busted out the random stupid ass fake.
Picture of venomkd28 achievements

+10 4. venomkd commented 13 years ago

who cares if he's a little weird, he's good at what he does, catchy tune
Picture of venomkd28 achievements

+7 5. venomkd commented 13 years ago

who cares if he's a little weird, he's good at what he does, catchy tune
Picture of MrGood30 achievements

+2 6. MrGood commented 13 years ago

Good sound, but the way he is playing the keyboard I would say he is self taught, finger placement looks a little weird.
Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements

+3 7. cannnobaL commented 13 years ago

Needs some more high pitch instrumental somewhere after middle, would be godLy.

He's weird, probably had a trauma, but who cares, he's special however you put it :O
Picture of dare-to-fail18 achievements

+4 8. dare-to-fail commented 13 years ago

At the start it sounds like some godly guitar piece...Like a fast version of Whitewash by Buckethead.
Picture of mangycur13 achievements

+5 9. mangycur commented 13 years ago

MAD SKILLS!!! No matter how you play an instrument, different strokes for different folks!! Don't like it don't look listen!!! Take your negetive posts and put them up your circular file!!
Picture of CryingClown6 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 10. CryingClown commented 13 years ago

Wow ... this is considered Keyboard skills? Repetitive patterns switching between sound modules!!?? So the kid has a decent sense of beat!!! Musical sklls and MAKING music are a different story! The world is sucking up garbage faster than it can be made! What a shame! :'(
Picture of bynenss6 achievements

+8 11. bynenss commented 13 years ago

Hey Clown, this guy probably has the syndrome of down so give this guy some credit for what he's doing instead of down talking everything thats below your Einstein level. 8-)
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+9 12. dave9191 commented 13 years ago

He does what he likes and enjoys it. He is pretty damn good at it too.
Picture of peelo202015 achievements

+8 13. peelo2020 commented 13 years ago

It's not about how difficult this tune is to play. It's about what the guy does with the sound. He has the basic melody and then messing around with that melody. It's about the feel what you get when you play, not to show off how agile fingers you have.

And no. This guy does not have a Down Syndrome although he might be a little strange :)
Picture of cpuomega512 achievements

+5 14. cpuomega5 commented 13 years ago

Music is a art. He made is own. Just like Jazz evolved from different peoples believes and skills, why should this be limited? If he wants to write and play music like this and express himself, let him be.
Picture of alien221 achievements

+4 15. alien22 commented 13 years ago

I rather enjoyed the catchy beat. I give him alot of credit for his talent and uniqueness. Interesting style, too.
Picture of Raven_Rampage2 achievements

+5 16. Raven_Rampage commented 13 years ago

he plays great i mean wow 8-)
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+8 17. BombDiggady commented 13 years ago

I liked the music. Thats all that really mattered to me.
I am a fellow keyboard/piano player, and I can safely say that this is no fake; the guy might not be a master of music or anything, but he has put a lot of time, effort, patience, and not to mention "feeling" into his music.
The odd fingering might not be the norm for a lot of pianist/keyboarders, but you are supposed to use what works the best with your own personal style--this guy did just that.
Don't say that this piece was easy to create, either, because it is quite hard to learn something like that (Mostly because of the jumpy, fast-paced fingering and octave switches).
Also, keep in mind you can play a musical piece, and then you can PLAY a music piece: this guy had mostly every not down perfectly, which is truly a difficult thing to master for us keyboardist.
Picture of oloslusarz3 achievements

+5 18. oloslusarz commented 13 years ago

He's great!!
Beat from hip hop music (meanwhile great beat!)
distortion guitar effect sounds great!!
And I also want to add that he's playing hip hop music, but this track is something like rapcore, or Nu. Sounds great for me. Sorry for my english, I'm from Poland :D

Picture of MadHatter2 achievements

+6 19. MadHatter commented 13 years ago

In my humble opinion there are not enough of these "weird" people in the world. Normal people are boring and have very little to offer to the world in terms of art. This guy is great. Wish I knew more like him personally.
Picture of chisty6 achievements

+5 20. chisty commented 13 years ago

I loved it, very freakin' cool. Would love to have skills like that. It is so nice to see someone totally get into something they love so much. Nice work!
Picture of snotrrtons3 achievements

0 21. snotrrtons commented 13 years ago

Is that Harry Carrys son?>??
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+7 22. Aliquantulus commented 13 years ago

I don't care if someone thinks he looks weird.. This is pure talent.. And I feel lucky to have seen this vid.. :)
(Would probably give my little toe to have a talent like that)
Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+6 23. lacroupade commented 13 years ago

having looked at his stuff on youtube and his website, he is a talented and decent human being.....all power to him....
Picture of emjaysea8 achievements

+4 24. emjaysea commented 13 years ago

dude's got mad skills. period.
Picture of emjaysea8 achievements

+5 25. emjaysea commented 13 years ago

Liked that music? Check out "Maps". Dude put together an album in his mom's apartment, one bit at a time. Winning wide acclaim, now, it is.
Picture of navneet2 achievements

+2 26. navneet commented 13 years ago

This work is fine but i am worrying how u have managed the slides thou i have not seen your fingers on controllers... any way i am also working as a music composer working on midi k board, i am using real guitar 2 and real strat these are ultimate connect them to guitar rig and.... what a pro sound...
watch my stuff on you tube navneet4489 and one release ibteda final on you tube.... bye best of luck.
Picture of niamul4 achievements

+4 27. niamul commented 13 years ago

this guy is really good.
where can i get this track as mp3 or anything i can listen to?
Picture of niamul4 achievements

+3 28. niamul commented 13 years ago

found the tracks on his website
Picture of yoda_moda1 achievements

+4 29. yoda_moda commented 13 years ago

I have done similar patterns with good patches and give the guy credit because it does take some skill. He was using the pitch bender properly and all his runs were spot on time.

The only thing he could have done to better the performance would have been an all out solo like Kevin Moore from Dream Theater.
Picture of shell-sam5113 achievements

+5 30. shell-sam51 commented 13 years ago

Who gives a toss what the guy looks like, he has TRUE tallent and that shoudl be respected and admired. I have ordered his CD as i think that this guy deserves all our support in what he does. You can get his CD at
Picture of Maimus1 achievements

+1 32. Maimus commented 13 years ago

Picture of shell-sam5113 achievements

+4 33. shell-sam51 commented 13 years ago

Received CD this morning and its AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go buy it :)
Picture of echza13 achievements

+4 34. echza commented 13 years ago

i think he is the tits :(|)
Picture of krepta_king_953 achievements

+4 35. krepta_king_95 commented 13 years ago

Picture of fugitivegoose36 achievements

+5 36. fugitivegoose commented 12 years ago

Freaking legend.
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

+3 37. mydixiewrecked commented 12 years ago

I WANT THAT KEYBOARD!!! Very awesome to be able to do that. I took Keyboarding class in HS but i never continued to play afterwards becuase i thought it was boring. But if i had that keyboard i would probably play alot.
Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements

+6 38. mydixiewrecked commented 12 years ago

and to all the haters that think this is stupid or lame. You just dislike it because you cant do it yourself! FREAKING AWESOME!!! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
Picture of Kaboose29 achievements

+4 39. Kaboose commented 11 years ago

I think this guy is absolutely awesome at what he does, and that he should continue to make music :D
Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

+2 40. Hellion1982 commented 10 years ago

He might seem a bit shy or weird type, but I really loved his music. Will listen to it again after posting this comment.

Edit: I just listened to it again, & I have to say, the music playing at the credits is waaaay better than the rest.

Edit: I just ended up listening to this 6 or 7 times.
Picture of GhostRider4 achievements

+2 41. GhostRider commented 8 years ago

He is Good in his job.. He will be a most famous person if he can improve his
audio and video quality..
Anyway he doin fine in his other shows..