How To Make Filthy Water Drinkable

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Picture of banzemanga46 achievements
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-20 1. banzemanga commented 10 years ago

0.5 cents a day seems to be appealing but the actual black trunk would cost:
0.5cent/day * 365day/year * 3year = 547.5dollars

Therefore, an individual would need that much capital in advance before being able to purchase the filter.

Although, i would agree that it does cost way less than bottled waters in large quantities; which comes around 0.5 cents for 16 oz.
Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements

+9 2. ZaMpTi commented 10 years ago

#1 or you just go to the website and see what the price is. It's good and I like it, will buy one bottle for hiking and camping. 99 Pounds is okay.
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+22 3. loadrunner commented 10 years ago

#1 it is 547.5 cents :)

1 bottle could give enough clean water for one person in a whole year.
Picture of whiteshiro31 achievements

+5 4. whiteshiro commented 10 years ago

Wanna know the sad part, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!
Picture of PaterSin42 achievements

+10 5. PaterSin commented 10 years ago

#1 your math is kinda off.
if its true that it would cost .5 cents a day that would be $5.47 for 3 years
Picture of curator35 achievements

+8 6. curator commented 10 years ago

There is no money in providing clean water in poor countries.
Thats why nobody does it in a large scale.
Picture of Tarc37 achievements

+4 7. Tarc commented 10 years ago

#6 Exactly... this is a money saving thing, just the opposite of corporations' interests :/
Picture of FrankTheWank16 achievements

+3 8. FrankTheWank commented 10 years ago

#1 Maths isn't your strong subject is it?

Half a cent is $ 0.005

So 0.005 * 365 * 3 = $5.47 !
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+5 9. ughlah commented 10 years ago

He never said the jug would cost 5,5 $. Only that it would cost 0,5 Cents per day to get the water through. Probable the replacement of the pores costs around 5 $.

If it were 5,5 $ per 3 years that would be less than 2 $ per year. So by investing 20 billion a year 10 billion people would get "safe" water?

Even if #1 math was way off. This sounds like this guy is pressing the wrong button for the right reason. I am all for living on a planet, where none needs to suffer from thirst, hunger or having no home, but I am not entirely sure this guy is the prophet he claims to be. Sounds more like "give me 20 billion dollars".

Additionally he claims those pores don't let anything through. Does salt get through or do you get destilled water with that bottle? And if salt gets through, does that mean that you can only filter out all bacteria and some viruses, but a lot of toxic substances still get through?
Picture of FrankTheWank16 achievements

+3 10. FrankTheWank commented 10 years ago

"Probable the replacement of the pores costs around 5 $."

No shit Sherlock. :D

Is he as philanthropic as he'd have us believe? Well, I'd be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, at least until learning more about his idea. Has he patented this device? Does he plan to licence the manufacture of it? Does he intend to appear on Dragons' Den and ask for £1m for 10%? Who knows?

As for the salt. I suspect that if it stopped salt, it would also stop the water molecules, thus rendering the device useless. The same probably goes for toxins. But he did make a point of saying that people who would use this, generally live near water sources, provided by the rain cycle. In those circumstances, water which is only contaminated by disease and viruses would be cleaned effectively.

I suspect it wouldn't be much use to anyone setting up camp next to Chernobyl. :|
Picture of lexius13 achievements

+1 11. lexius commented 10 years ago

I follow #10, considering that salt (NaCl) stands at the molecular level, the guy's filter would block the smallest organic known, while keeping nutrien molecules through. But that would also be through for radiactive molecules
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+2 12. huldu commented 10 years ago

Let's just ignore the bigger picture.
Picture of Natan_el_Tigre52 achievements

0 13. Natan_el_Tigre commented 10 years ago

Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+4 14. Thanny commented 10 years ago

It's for sterilizing fresh water. It's not magic, and won't desalinate or detoxify.

As for the guy's motivations, how many people think, "How can I get rich?", and conclude that the answer is coming up with a way for poor people to drink safe water? It's still possible that he's got a patent, and wants to be the supplier so he gets a paycheck for his trouble, but I'm not sure that should disqualify the good he's accomplishing. If the money is coming from (comparatively) wealthy donors, and not the poor people with no clean water, I have no problem with him getting a bit rich. That is, after all, why we tolerate wealth at all - encourage the development of new ideas which benefit us all in the long run.
Picture of Gondy1048 achievements

+1 15. Gondy10 commented 10 years ago
Watch here is the streaming is kinda slow with you..
Picture of herial27 achievements

0 16. herial commented 10 years ago

he has interests in earning money too.
Why do you have to register a patent if you want to get this thing for everyone.
Just tell us how to make it and chinese guy will make it for 0.000000005cent! ;)
Picture of librabooks40 achievements

+2 17. librabooks commented 10 years ago

Some people here would rather see the money go to huge corporations like Coca Cola or Nestle instead of him. They would rather send over our dwindling fresh water in billions of plastic bottles so that they will end up with the same waste problems WE have. They would also rather see the money sent for aid spent on HUGE transportation costs. They seem to also want to have people in those countries uproot their families from their homes and live in large camps like New Orleans did.'s no wonder the world has so many f-ing problems with morons like these around!
Picture of K1R21 achievements

-1 18. K1R commented 10 years ago

Do we human need to live anywhere in this planet? I mean do we need to double our population in places where earth cannot support us?
You might save lives in short term but what about next generations?
Picture of sinduda30 achievements

0 19. sinduda commented 10 years ago

He got so angry he decided to charge £99!!! for a water bottle that is essential to human life. nice idea but turn down the profit volume and gain some respect..
funny it is standard issue for the british military.
Picture of chuchesaku33 achievements

0 20. chuchesaku commented 10 years ago

#15 you da man!

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