A classic mother - daughter conversation

This guy films his sister coming home late after meeting a guy from MySpace. His comments are hilarious :D
Warning: foul language.

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Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements

+2 1. DarkiKun commented 14 years ago

LOOOOOOOOOOOL! XD you're so grounded bitch =P
Picture of yuriythebest16 achievements

+7 2. yuriythebest commented 14 years ago

ahahahaha!!! like how the mon in the end says "turn it off it's gonna be deleted anyway"!!! hehehe!!
Picture of bttox5 achievements

+5 3. bttox commented 14 years ago

ok when this where my sister i would never publish this.Why?
because this is family stuff and private ;)
poor Girl you should kick your brother in the butt for this :)
Picture of digiD18 achievements

+2 4. digiD commented 14 years ago

>:) Hilarious, crazy, but hilarious..."in the butt" Some people are just plain dumb though, met a guy from MySpace at his friends house?!?!?! Ludicrous!
Picture of Wombardo2 achievements

+2 5. Wombardo commented 14 years ago

:D Lol,to funny...Im 50 from aussie,and I found this the funniest arguement iv'e seen,and/or been in..."raped in the BUTT" lol Gotta love brothers lol
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+4 6. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

"in the butt!" >:)

Thank God this didn't get deleted! :D
Picture of bjoast6 achievements

0 7. bjoast commented 14 years ago

Posting a family argument on Youtube... What an idiot.
Picture of xertion20 achievements

0 8. xertion commented 14 years ago

I agree, what a fkin moron!
Picture of xlynx7 achievements

0 9. xlynx commented 14 years ago

this is not a healthy family.

mother grounds adult daughter. wtf?
adult feels she has to lie to her own mother about meeting a guy?
daughter dumb enough to meet someone in a non public place.
brother insensitive enough to post this.
Picture of usurper6 achievements

0 10. usurper commented 14 years ago

cant watch that shite... the whole family are dicks
Picture of s1lent34 achievements

+2 11. s1lent commented 14 years ago

In the butt in the butt on my space in the butt

Picture of vibesmaster2 achievements

0 12. vibesmaster commented 14 years ago

:( That's not funny young man! that's your family, why showing your mom and your sister to the world in that way, I am in Jamaica that's how far I am, seeing this family argument...
I hope your sister doesnt feel humiliated after seeing this clip.
Picture of deangtrst1 achievements

-1 13. deangtrst commented 14 years ago

:D Yesss, finally some serious pwnage. Haha what a stupid bitch though.
Picture of momoneyemo1 achievements

-4 14. momoneyemo commented 14 years ago

You could have been raped???
Who'd rape this fat bitch??????????????????
Picture of yuriythebest16 achievements

-2 15. yuriythebest commented 14 years ago

momoneyemo - a bunch of equally fat dudes perhaps?
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

-2 16. Deblaauwn commented 14 years ago

I would have been the first to comment she is fat!
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

-2 17. Deblaauwn commented 14 years ago

^sorry, bad english.

And the mother laughs while saying 'it's not a joke, it's not funny'...
Picture of boeing10012 achievements

+1 18. boeing100 commented 14 years ago

This is going to become a freaking Snotr CLASSIC!!!! hahaha hilarious
Picture of solofara2 achievements

+4 19. solofara commented 14 years ago

It's obvious that most of you morons here are teenage kids yourselves with arrogance that outstrips your intelligence by a 10-to-1 margin.

Yes, this is funny in a very serious/morbid kind of way. You can rest assured that there are arguments such as this occurring every day across much of the developed world (I know of a very similar situation myself). If I had been the mom, I would have told the brother (the one filming) that this was non of his business and to leave the room immediately, then waited until he did so. It's disrespectful for one sibling to be castigating another with the mother there.

Yes, the daughter is an "adult", but she's still living at home and therefore still the responsibility of the parents.
However, the mother obviously thinks this is a serious issue, and the fact that she laughs has more to do with a conditioned response to being on camera than the issue at hand. I do feel bad that the daughter has this private issue put on display for the world to see, but this is very typical of new 18yr olds-she shouldn't be ashamed.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 20. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

#19. solofara
Chill out. I'm fuckin 29 years old, and I found this incredible funny. And I'm a "stupid" Mensa member.
In the video you see the mom (old as shit) laugh as well. So If you didn't find this funny I feel sorry for you, cause this video will go down in history as a classic!
Even the mother says "in the butt" at the end for fucks sake! >:)
Picture of solofara2 achievements

0 21. solofara commented 14 years ago

Aliquantulus - I don't believe you for a second. And if you listen to the video - you can tell the mother says "in the butt" with disgust that her kids are talking with such language. It's not in the context of an affirmation of humor.

And the mom is not "old as shit". She looks pretty good for a suburban mother of multiple teenage children. Of course with brood like yourself and your siblings, you're unable to contribute anything other than amusement at the expense of others and are blind to the degeneracy you are advocating.

Picture of bochenghu1 achievements

-2 22. bochenghu commented 14 years ago

I'm not gonna preach. If I needed an ass, heck, who cares if she's fat.

I'm no saint and I'd take her down in an instant if given the chance. What have I to fear? She's dumb enough to come out alone. It's an ugly jungle out here baby, and she's prime roast.

As for Aliquantulus, if he/she thinks this shits funny, heck let it be and I'd date rape his/her ass or at the very least my dog can blow off some steam.

The frustration of a mother.... if that shit's funny to you, heck who am I to object. Laugh it up cause I'm sure your mom will be thrilled when you get ASS raped or better still gang-ass-raped. Who knows, your mom might even partake in the festivities. Hmmm... seeing as how things are going, I think i'll start a "I've been date raped by MySpace guy. Have you?" T-shirts... I'd make a fortune. Muahahahahaha........

To risk one's life to give one life and to see said life taken or injured.... Such sorrow is no laughing matter. You all are young and have yet to treasure life. Some still have yet to learn the word "dignity" it seems. Be wary of your thoughts and stands, it mirrors your values and is a windows to who you will be ultimately. 29 is just a number, wisdom is practically lacking.
Picture of ColdStoneJack1 achievements

-1 23. ColdStoneJack commented 14 years ago

i'd give a shit, this junk is friggin hilarious . . lol... "on my space", . . . i"in da butt"...aahhahahah .. . and to these other fools on here who say this shouldn't be posted . . .geez... get outta here then .. . 'couse i'm hoping for the "bro" to actually put on some more vids of his sister . .. lol . . . now that's good snotr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture of MaxXL20 achievements

+1 24. MaxXL commented 14 years ago

Haha, retarded brother... !

,,On myspace, in the butt, in the butt!"

Picture of lonewolf742 achievements

+1 25. lonewolf74 commented 14 years ago


absolute gold !!

raped in the butt !!

Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

0 26. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

solofara and bochenghu:

What you guys write just makes me laugh even harder. >:)

BTW, I don't have any siblings, but yes, wisdom is practically lacking on my part. Good to see someone finally know everything about me from a post on Snotr. :D

Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

-1 27. SixaxisDualshock commented 14 years ago

"in the butt.." XD

how can anyone not find this funny? She crying because she's embarrased that she was stupid enough to meet someone in rl that she meet on MySpace ffs!
If you don't find this funny I'm sure you were abused as a kid or something. Or maybe you got raped by MySpace-Tom yourself yourself? >:)

I would absolutely buy a "I got raped by a dude I meet on MySpace." t-shirt. Get them out on eBay today! :)
Picture of nela042 achievements

0 28. nela04 commented 14 years ago

that's dangerouse, in the BUTT . HAHAHAHAHAH >:)
Picture of icekepal2 achievements

0 29. icekepal commented 14 years ago

she's desperate
Picture of DJKovu21 achievements

0 30. DJKovu commented 14 years ago

jesss, comon, i meet 3 grils on the net and whent to thire place in Finland, and diden't gave a shit if my cam wnated me to or not when i wos 18.

and laying it oute at yourube. jess get a life!.
Picture of andiw1232 achievements

-1 31. andiw123 commented 14 years ago

i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT when a dork wins!!! coz i'm a dork too lol....

if any sad little viewer here doesnt find this video funny, you're the biggest jerk in teh world you should plunge your face....in the butt, in the butt, in the butt...

sing with me nowww...
in the butt, in the butt ,in hte butt...
Picture of bochenghu1 achievements

0 32. bochenghu commented 14 years ago

Of course it's meant to make you laugh harder.... duh... this ere's SnotR kid. we aim to entertain.

Aliquantulus is definitely an only child, heck if I was the mother, I'd rip my uterus out when out he/she popped out.

I'm waiting for more dumb crap like this to be posted. It makes mah day baby. >:)

I'm waiting for some dumb ass white folk to film more. Thank GOD for the home corder~ woohooo....

singing with ya all,
in da butt, in da butt, in da butt, raped in da butttt...
Picture of poobaire4 achievements

0 33. poobaire commented 14 years ago

I don't boast, and I dont brag. It's not my style (I would call it being modest, but saying that just cancels that out straight away). To give it the benefit of the doubt, the content of the video was *very* funny. The video itself, was evil and mean spirited and this asshole doesn't have a care in the world for his sisters feelings. Anyone who thought this was funny for her putting this video on the internet is equally evil and mean spirited. People like that make America what it is: The Land of Opportunity (to exploit everyone at every possible chance).

@ Aliquantulus - how dare you come in here using Mensa to give yourself credit. By saying something like that, you're simply saying that you don't deserve it, because the Institution is for people who can do *GOOD* for society. A mind like yours can only do harm to contribute to the harm that America inflicts on the rest of the world. Fuck you.

@ solofara - right on, there. This girl needs to understand that her mother was SCARED SHITLESS that in her mind, her daughter (eighteen years old, a new "adult";) went out feeling chuffed about her new self appointed individuality and maturity, and as most teenagers do, maybe got drunk, or high, and could have gotten killed. It's terrible that her son was raised like this, where he comes in with this camera and bursts into a conversation (immaturely adding some important facts, about myspace, the "in the butt" thing, etc.) and dominates it. Then she sends him downstairs, where within minutes, it's on Y*u Tube.

Shamefull that this is an average American family, and I am ashamed to say that I came from there (I'm out now, though)

Thank you
Picture of timppi20 achievements

0 34. timppi commented 14 years ago

18 and grounded. life's a bitch.
Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

0 35. SixaxisDualshock commented 14 years ago

poobaire said:
@ Aliquantulus - how dare you come in here using Mensa to give yourself credit. By saying something like that, you're simply saying that you don't deserve it, because the Institution is for people who can do *GOOD* for society. A mind like yours can only do harm to contribute to the harm that America inflicts on the rest of the world. Fuck you.

Where the fuck did you came up with me being from America? Ever seen a Mensa-member from America? They don't exist!
Picture of nodog2 achievements

0 36. nodog commented 14 years ago

put the bitch out the house along with the sicko brother
Picture of Verkins3 achievements

0 37. Verkins commented 14 years ago

#33: Yeah, and Jesus is with us I suppose?

This, was, fucking, funny.

And it's not a big deal to meet someone you've meet on the internet. You can get raped walking the street, going to the grocery store or eating an Ice Cream in Central Park - you don't have to fucking go paranoid about that. Actually I found that mother pretty cool, not cool as in "LOL MY MOTHER IS SO COOL SHE LET ME SMOKE CIGARETTES! AND SEE WHAT SHE BOUGHT ME! NEW POKEMON CARDS FOR MY 11th BIRTHDAY!!!1" but cool as in "There's a little fucktard in my kitchen making stupid satirical, sarcastic and cynical comments about my stupid daughter being a fucking TEENAGER and doing TEENAGE things, I've done my pieces of stupid things and blah makes you stronger. - NOW YOU WON'T FUCKING USE THE CAR FOR THE NEXT TWO MONTH AND I'LL SELL YOUR NOW-FULLY-CELEB RAPED-UNDERWEAR ON EBAY AND MAKE A LITTLE FORTUNE."
Picture of KristofferAG18 achievements

0 38. KristofferAG commented 14 years ago

You coulda be raped in the ASS.

*lotsa bullshit*

In the butt
Picture of lejink2 achievements

0 39. lejink commented 14 years ago

"im 18!! im not young and stupid now! god im not 16 mom"
lol.. shes ripe for the porn pickins
Picture of TheIronToker1 achievements

0 40. TheIronToker commented 14 years ago

ok i stumbled onto this video by pure chance.....i know this girl i know "jimmy" lol i was the friend in whose house they where at >< i have never seen this but its fucking funny...i thought she already knew "jimmy" but guess this video proves otherwise hahahaha

Picture of Izverg27 achievements

-1 41. Izverg commented 14 years ago

Stupid phat bitch! :D :D Really nice vid! :D
Picture of stevenkmiller1 achievements

+1 42. stevenkmiller commented 14 years ago

"WHY, I'm 18 years old! 18! I'm not 16! I'm not, like, young and, like, stupid"

Picture of ArmlessSoldier31 achievements

0 43. ArmlessSoldier commented 13 years ago

in the butt LOL that guys funy as hell
Picture of authoritaaah16 achievements

0 44. authoritaaah commented 13 years ago

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

0 45. Hellion1982 commented 12 years ago

Well, everything I've wanted to say has already been covered in the comments above mine, except one. The guy who took this video, wotta dick.
Picture of vivasteven8 achievements

0 46. vivasteven commented 12 years ago

IN THE BUTT 18 yo listen to that guy trying to get his sister in trouble