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Picture of curator35 achievements

+24 1. curator commented 11 years ago

someone once said, that humanity is like a virus.
consuming everything in it's path.
sad thing is, we are a smart virus....
Picture of MajorIdea45 achievements

+46 2. MajorIdea commented 11 years ago

Meanwhile in Africa ...
Picture of Mrdka19 achievements

+4 3. Mrdka commented 11 years ago

god bless america :S
Picture of kragus27 achievements

+18 4. kragus commented 11 years ago

The thing is...i actualy don't see much difference between the workers and the birds......or us...That's the realy sad part
Picture of Chrythes26 achievements

+9 5. Chrythes commented 11 years ago

It certainly just a short excerpt - what is the source? It seems rather interesting.
Picture of drienuldrie36 achievements

+9 6. drienuldrie commented 11 years ago

Somehow we know this stuff is happening but we tend to forget for the sake of consuming what we want, when we want it and preferrably for cheap, too.
At least WE know, right? Remember this when you go shopping, and, like me, go for the cheaper "machined meat" from the bio-industry instead of the biological (and over all more logical) stuff. RRRRRRRealize.
Picture of kragus27 achievements

+12 7. kragus commented 11 years ago

If you're not buying anything, you're the product being sold!
Picture of krillemaster46 achievements

+2 8. krillemaster commented 11 years ago

who the hell buys that amount of food?! I don't eat that in a month...
Picture of Jim77736 achievements

+6 9. Jim777 commented 11 years ago

The saddest part is not what we consume, but the things we don't and trow away.
I bet a very large percentage ends up in our garbage cans.
#6 I'm trying to buy the organic stuff, but many times they only call it organic to ask higher price for it. It's a jungle out there, and humanity is less and less humane. :(
Picture of gabbyjohnson16 achievements

-4 10. gabbyjohnson commented 11 years ago

the girl on the line at 1:45, she looks at the others and says "i fuckin hate you more than this job".
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements
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-5 11. fjwjr commented 11 years ago

I'm hungry.....
Picture of thedreamer23 achievements

+4 12. thedreamer commented 11 years ago

we are what we eat :/
Picture of sidewinder26 achievements

0 13. sidewinder commented 11 years ago

The pigs are geneticaly more similar to us then chimps.
Picture of peacinu34 achievements

+6 14. peacinu commented 11 years ago

5:31 they're not fat, they're beautiful... inside. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Picture of schlafanzyk35 achievements

-1 15. schlafanzyk commented 11 years ago

Now I'm hungry.. off to McDonalds!
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

+3 16. LightAng3l commented 11 years ago

Well... yes, but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, Do you want to eat or not?
Also I don't approve of eating like a damn hippo, like the 3 blobs at the end are doing!...
I gained some extra Kg for eating to much pizza and drinking soda, but I exercise 4 days a week and run whenever I can. I'll never eat that much junk...
Live healthy and don't be a fu**ing glutton!
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

-1 17. Zebulun commented 11 years ago

MMMMM... Time for dinner everyone!!
Picture of Greatus43 achievements

+5 18. Greatus commented 11 years ago

Well... this is a manipulative clip.
Lot of hungry people, you have to feed them. Fat peaople eating fastfood? So what, slim people do too.
Buyin lots of beer? Good host buys beer for his guests! So would you too.
Btw, people sell, people buy. This is economy.
Don't like it? Go and do something about it!
Picture of ol1v33r22 achievements

-1 19. ol1v33r commented 11 years ago

Purple Chicken Ninja. Wtf was that pink/red stuff on the fat mummy pig at her hind quarter laying down. Great video really captivating nicely edited and put together footage.
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+1 20. loadrunner commented 11 years ago

Imagine there are a lot of those factories, doing the same with supermarket meat. in almost every country.

But there is still hope, at least there are people who can use the food we throw away because it does not look perfect, and spotless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4fu8a9JBvI
Picture of aquilon123424 achievements

+1 21. aquilon1234 commented 11 years ago

#13 we even share some genetic traits with the common fly
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

-2 22. ughlah commented 11 years ago

There is a thesis (not sure if it's true) that there is that much CO2 coming out of Meat Production, that if only America consisted out of vegetarians, we would have no climate change.

Same show had another interesting fact. Modern eggs have an egg yolk of an rich orange color, but free living chicken (as in 10-12 per farm, not 100-120k) have a eggyolk that is of a very light yellow color.
Picture of dutchive1 achievements

+1 23. dutchive commented 11 years ago

"eat shit and die"
Picture of ErGo_40422 achievements

+2 24. ErGo_404 commented 11 years ago

#18 :
A lot of hungry people won't ever see the color of that meat.
The problem is not that we eat a lot, the problem is that we produce twice as much as we need and we end up throwing away a lot of it. Maybe we could produce less and/or share more with the ones who really need it.
Picture of Kevin3720033 achievements

+1 25. Kevin37200 commented 11 years ago

Realy gore :'(
Picture of BluesLee26 achievements

0 26. BluesLee commented 11 years ago

It made me sick and scared me.
Picture of deragent19 achievements

+1 27. deragent commented 11 years ago

Does anybody have the source of this? There seems to be at least a bit missing at the end.
Picture of darkmas46 achievements

0 28. darkmas commented 11 years ago

legally speaking, birds are usually asphyxiated, whilst pigs electrocuted, then sent out to being processed. cows loose their head, but only after sedation, using drugs. movie itself makes you feel like Predator, in a way.
Picture of goo37 achievements

+3 29. goo commented 11 years ago

Source is a documentary named SAMSARA.
You should also watch BARAKA from the same people.
Picture of bigdisnotr37 achievements

0 30. bigdisnotr commented 11 years ago

this is your fault!
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

0 31. captain_obvious commented 11 years ago

@9 yes your right. it is not what we use but what we trow away. entire crops. loads and loads of food goes to wate.millions of animals slaughtert, just because it does not have the standart requirements we demand from food. it is shamefull. think of this at a industrial scale. this kind of consumption will come back later and bites us in the A.
Picture of djacy34 achievements

-3 32. djacy commented 11 years ago

Stop wining daam vegetarian idiots and eat plums all life if you want, we still gonna keep eat chickens :))).......this chickens are cultivated with this purpose to be consume >:) >:) >:) >:)
Picture of Unknown37 achievements

+1 33. Unknown commented 11 years ago

That is a "MATRIX" for animals.
Picture of JPLS30 achievements

0 34. JPLS commented 11 years ago

5:45 Meanwhile in USA
One day thay replace animals :)
Picture of tastytim39 achievements

+1 35. tastytim commented 11 years ago

Isn't that a part of the documentary Manufactured Landscape? :)