Guy rolls his car 7 times and walks away

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Picture of mikeyboyzee21 achievements

+35 1. mikeyboyzee commented 8 years ago

i can tell you from experience... that moment when the car is out of your control feels TERRIBLE.
Picture of Randyio50 achievements

+17 2. Randyio commented 8 years ago

Dont tap the brake in the rain
Picture of dogfish37 achievements

+5 3. dogfish commented 8 years ago

did he make any mistake? why has this happened? just bad luck?
Picture of mwak48 achievements

+5 4. mwak commented 8 years ago

#3 anyway, I think we can say it's real luck here. They definitely are lucky for being alive :)
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+8 5. Tareim (admin) commented 8 years ago

#2 from the original clip there was a comment that said this was lift off oversteer not tapping the brakes
Picture of enuffsanuff31 achievements

+17 6. enuffsanuff commented 8 years ago

I re-watched this vid multiple times....I don't believe he did anything wrong.
He did however seem to hydroplane however which just took his abilitiy to manuvere the car right out of his hands and into the barrel roll.
Scary for sure, so glad he walked away unscathed.
Picture of Malakyte47 achievements

+10 7. Malakyte commented 8 years ago

Japanese technology helps to survive earthquakes AND rolling with your car...
Picture of Shelfen21 achievements

+5 8. Shelfen commented 8 years ago

#6 You nailed it, you can see the water coming from the left vehicle at 0:30 when he hits the waterflow on the highway. exact same place the Car slides off to the right.
I would guess that the slight turn he did (since the road curves to the right) when he got his car Hydroplaned it accelerated him to the right.

Worn down tires + a bit (un)luck = Slide + (Roll*7)

Next time kids, remember to check your tires before entering wet and rainy roads.
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

+12 9. banzemanga commented 8 years ago

The irony is that the radio was talking about accidents.
Picture of WildMonkey32 achievements

+2 10. WildMonkey commented 8 years ago

That's why you always have to keep an eye on treads of your tire. You could hydroplane if they are too worn out.
Picture of ProfessionalGeek26 achievements

+2 11. ProfessionalGeek commented 8 years ago

Exact same thing happened to me a few years back: Hydroplaned, rolled several times, landed upside down and walked away. Nothing like a little brush with mortality to make you think about what really matters in life.
Picture of Dmitry33 achievements

-1 12. Dmitry commented 8 years ago

He most definitely hit the brakes, and hit them hard, right at the moment he lost control of the car. You can see the cars in front slow down,(@ 0:31 ) but he is doesn't pay attention, then he finally "wakes up" sees the gap rapidly closing between himself and the cars in front, panics, hits the brakes and that's all she wrote. Hope he learned something here, 'cause next time may be his last.
Picture of ataneg20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 13. ataneg commented 8 years ago

That's scary.

He definitely was sleeping on the wheel. Clearly in 23, 27 and 30 the car in front was on the brakes, he did nothing. It is visible that there is a recovery vehicle (or a police car) in the turn again nothing from the driver.

He definitely was hard on the brakes when he lost control. There was no puddle there, just a wet road, he should not have hydroplaned if he was with good tyres. Not sure about the electronics of this car, but both ABS and traction control should have prevented this from happening.

And finally there is no such thing as small sports car. If you want to rush in the rain you need a car with low center of gravity and wide tyres..
Picture of JesperA8624 achievements

+7 14. JesperA86 commented 8 years ago

#13 Wide tires in the rain is an accident waiting to happen, they aquaplane like crazy, wide tires makes your car into a freaking boat. Narrower tires is superior in water, especially standing water, narrow tires doesn't float ontop, they penetrate the water later and therefor more easily comming in contact with the road. The same goes for snow, wide tires will just float ontop of the snow, narrow tires will sink into the snow and get more friction, look at WRC snow tires, crazy narrow.

Also ABS and traction control is just a safety measure, no guaranty that it will prevent you from spinning out of control, especially not on slippery conditions.
Picture of Vaypay29 achievements

-4 15. Vaypay commented 8 years ago

#14 I never liked ABS 'cause it makes the stopping distance longer. As to the avoid-obstacle-while-U-brake argument, an experienced and mindful driver will normally not do that.
Picture of Rufis199613 achievements

+1 16. Rufis1996 commented 8 years ago

They see me rollin' they hatin' :x
Picture of erzug12 achievements

+2 17. erzug commented 8 years ago

I guess that Honda's no longer Fit. :S
Picture of Sakzzz24 achievements

+1 18. Sakzzz commented 8 years ago

Picture of PeTTs0n23 achievements

+2 19. PeTTs0n commented 8 years ago

Tires might just as well have been brand new, hydroplaning in those weather conditions may occur even with specified rain tires with 0 mileage - even though the risk is smaller.

The driver did nothing wrong worth of note, I would personally not recommend keeping that pace in conditions like that though, as that also increases the risk of hydroplaning and losing control of the vehicle.

Always adapt the speed to the conditions, and, as very visible from every vehicle on that road, no one does these days. It's most likely about risk calculation as well - the risk is small enough for drivers to virtually ignore it, but it's still large enough to cause accidents such as this one.

It's a great clip to show the dangers of driving in rainy and wet conditions, not only snow and ice make for a lethal road.
Picture of ol1v33r22 achievements

0 20. ol1v33r commented 8 years ago

They took yer jerb!
Picture of bella131 achievements

0 21. bella1 commented 8 years ago

SUVs 4our wheel drives are notorious for aquaplaning being so high of the ground going around a bend at speed and applying the brakes is a big no no in these cars
Picture of schlafanzyk35 achievements

+1 22. schlafanzyk commented 8 years ago

People who say this was caused by braking don't know anything about traction, steering and motorized vehicle dynamics in general. You should not own a license and drive a car if you think this was brake related. Or at the very least you should not drive faster than 30 unless the streets are dry. Your car can kill people, so just like gun safety, you need to know how to handle it right.

Braking would have caused relatively harmless understeer, which is why the cars in front of him did not spin out despite braking (they probably had better tires as well). Almost all non-racing vehicles have stronger front brakes or an ESP/ESC system with a front brake bias and ABS in order to prevent this from happening everytime you brake in a corner.

This is a textbook example of lift-off oversteer, going too fast in the rain and hydroplaning. The idiot was lucky he walked away from it.