How not to drift

These guys try to pull a cool drifting stunt... and crash their Peugeot :'(

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Picture of poobaire4 achievements

+3 1. poobaire commented 14 years ago

Wow, that wasn't just crashing that was flipping!!! xlnt!! I wonder if they kept the camera on you'd see the car blow up like in the GTA game series. >:) >:) Tee Hee!!!
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+6 2. Noobeater commented 14 years ago

Peugeots are front-wheel drive you fucking morons! You can't drift them.
Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements

+4 3. AL7AIR commented 14 years ago

You can drift in a front wheel drive car, like the Honda Integra, but you have to compensate a lot of under steer while doing so ... which those two guys clearly didn't when they literally hit the apex of the curve (on the wrong side of the street) >:)
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+3 4. BombDiggady commented 14 years ago

Wow, drifting in a front wheel drive is pretty stupid, escpecially if you can't drift at all in ANY type of car.
Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements

+5 5. Deblaauwn commented 14 years ago

"It was so easy in Need for Speed"
Picture of h3k2 achievements

+2 6. h3k commented 14 years ago

That's what happens when you are an idiot trying to shown non-existing skills to friends and people around : you end up showing what you really are, a moron.
Picture of jamesmelbaustral9 achievements

-1 7. jamesmelbaustral commented 14 years ago

Stupid Arabs.
Picture of JerryD14 achievements

+1 8. JerryD commented 14 years ago

Just wonder if it was his own car or daddy's. If so - then they missed the real good part of this vid... what happend afterwards! That could be lots of rofl, lmao and pmsl! ! >:) >:) >:)
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+2 9. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

At least he was using his turnsignal.. >:)
Picture of MarekX28 achievements

+3 10. MarekX commented 14 years ago

Lol he probably played NFS and think its same easy think in real world.. :D idiot :D
Picture of hagard4208 achievements

+2 11. hagard420 commented 14 years ago

wtf learn how to drive he dud have his turn signal on too that was great dumb azzzzzzzz :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O :O
Picture of hagard4208 achievements

+2 12. hagard420 commented 14 years ago

he did not dud srry :'(
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+3 13. Tareim (admin) commented 14 years ago

hahaha i find it really funny when people think that FWD cars can drift cus they can't the only thing they can do is powerslide which is different.
Picture of happyidiot102 achievements

+2 14. happyidiot10 commented 14 years ago

hahaha i'm stupid!!!! :D :D
Picture of laroutcha1 achievements

+2 15. laroutcha commented 14 years ago

damn!!!! :| crazy people
Picture of mike0lino1 achievements

+2 16. mike0lino commented 14 years ago

ARWHA ARWHA!!! You see them running away after the crash not helping the driver... is the ride stolen?
Picture of nEthing4Her1 achievements

+2 17. nEthing4Her commented 14 years ago

Since that in fact does sound like a pile of Pull-Starts, it doesn't really matter about wrecking that Peugeot, because...

(Please Choose Response:)

a.) ...after the next TWO fill-ups from any TEN of us AMERICANS, the little wad-dollop will be able to afford A BRAND-FUC*ING-NEW ONE.

b.) was his sister's car. See, his was in the shop, (any wonder??), and so, in order to have it for THEIR little joyride, he and a falsely-accused her of letting them "see her uncovered hair". This, of course, got her dragged from her home, beaten senseless, gang-raped by the males of her household, then finally summarily-executed by her , the village mullah).

c.) ...that's what happens to dirty little sand-fleas - BECAUSE GOD DON'T LIKE 'EM. (Seriously - why else would He keep 'em thinking that blowing themselves into Kibbles-n-Bits is somehow a GOOD thing??)

d.) ...that car was packed with C-4, & little raghead-bastards were ACTUALLY on their way to detonate in front of a civilian Day-Care. Heh - gonna' have some TALL 'splainin' to do to the Ol' 'bin Hidin', there, 'Achbar' (See the way they scrambled out of it like a bunch of cockroaches?)

e.) All of the Above.


P.S. Anyone who hasn't seen Jeff Dunham's act with "Achmed, the Dead Terrorist' don't know what they're missing - it's a hoot.


(Check out all you can find on this guy - he's REALLY good at what he does).

Picture of DrPing41 achievements

+2 18. DrPing commented 14 years ago

Picture of lacroupade17 achievements

+2 19. lacroupade commented 14 years ago

defo a bunch of racists fucks on here....get a life you sad bastards
Picture of Siruss21 achievements

+1 20. Siruss commented 14 years ago

:O :O :O >>>>WATCH OUT<<<< :O :O :O


Post 14: Posted 10 days ago by Vallline

DO NOT GO to that posted Link!!

A 122KB TROJAN HORSE DOWNLOADER Zlob.WQH is embedded into the website!
Picture of KittenFan3 achievements

+2 21. KittenFan commented 14 years ago

Are you crazy?!?!?
They did just record it, and they are inside trapped, and what they could do if car would blow up.

to 1st comment:Do next: place bomb on your car and say do you feel good.

1.if you answer yes, you will lie or you are crazy.

2.if you answer no, never send comment like that.
Picture of lil_peewee5 achievements

+2 22. lil_peewee commented 14 years ago

drifting is when the car is sideways and the back wheels ate spinning... a hard thing to do if it is FWD, and from the looks of it they suck at it, i can drift better in my '80 series landcruser
Picture of Jabafara56 achievements

+1 23. Jabafara commented 12 years ago

And someone just got stoned to death >:)