Inside a 1st Class Flight

What to expect on a 1st Class Lufthansa flight from Munich to San Francisco.

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Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+46 1. gouranga4ever commented 11 years ago

If I ever travel first class, I promise not to make a snobby video about it. For those curious the flight costs 9k euros.
Picture of z81070736 achievements

+46 2. z810707 commented 11 years ago

Why is this video even on here??
Picture of majais28 achievements

+10 3. majais commented 11 years ago

Is this a 'hidden' advertisement or what? Makes me feel sick.
Picture of zoidberg-returns44 achievements

+17 4. zoidberg-returns commented 11 years ago

LuftHansa paid his ticket if he made this video :P
Picture of cyberWHIZZaaron3 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-15 5. cyberWHIZZaaron commented 11 years ago

holly moses!!! 9k euros??
i make 1200 try a month that makes 5.7 k eur a year lol

fyi lufthansa worked for the nazis in ww2
so "at least part of" that is blood money
Picture of MOONRAKER18 achievements

+4 6. MOONRAKER commented 11 years ago

Wow, there is a window in the shitter,brilliant if you have eyes in the back of your head, what a complete twat
Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements

+17 7. CorpseGrinder commented 11 years ago

#5 so just making an account to rant at some german company which HAD to work for the nazi regiment in ww2?
and I don´t know how many months your year has, but your "math" is wrong.

and blood money? of course yea...typing that on your mac, while using your iphone which is totally not build by people which co-workers jump off roofs and stuff.
get your facts straight dude

also how long does germany has to take this sh*t?
ww2 has ended over 50 years now, and still we have to deal with turds like you thinking that every german is some sort of nazi....since 2006 Germany has the third highest number of immigrants worldwide, almost 20 percent of the people living in germany has some migrating background...

oh and yes, I am from germany, so please tell me how bad of a person I am
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+19 8. Sizzlik (admin) commented 11 years ago

The guy didnt made the video to brag about it..he just wanted to show what you get when flying 1st class. I liked the inside view pretty much..never seen 1st class before. And he didnt paid cash for the ticket..he used miles he saved over the years.
Picture of cyberWHIZZaaron3 achievements

+2 9. cyberWHIZZaaron commented 11 years ago

#7 the math is correct 12*1200=14400
google "14400 try in eur" the site gets the exchange rate automatically

and you seriously don't need to get all defensive i'm not accusing you of anything i'm not saying you killed anyone or making any kind of generalization about the german people (i am part german myself and i'm not a nazi) and i do resent stereotyping but what is done can not be undone and know this we will never forget and we will never forgive.

btw this happens to be a debian machine although i am pretty sure some 9 yr old chinese kid worked his fingers bloodied for a dollar a month in a dell manufacturing plant somewhere to make it too
Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements

+4 10. CorpseGrinder commented 11 years ago

#9 oh so "try" was a currency^^

alrighty, well I´ve read many germany=evil posts and this morning I kinda snapped, must be the heat ;)
and I can´t be mad at a person who uses Linux 8-)
Sorry for ranting and please have a nice day :)
Picture of boom22 achievements

+4 11. boom commented 11 years ago

#7 FYI almost every company in ww2 worked for the nazis. So what, you won't buy a volkswagen golf because of that?
Picture of Cynabal41 achievements

+1 12. Cynabal commented 11 years ago

While the video is thoroughly stupid, there's no need to slap the guy about it, he was clearly overwhelmed by the whole thing and at no point did he gave the impression of feeling entitled to this. And that's where the problem arises in my view, vast amounts of assholes that think they're better than everyone else, and have no other way of proving/enforcing it than by approaching such products/services which, honestly, seem to be perfectly tailored for them. They constitute both the means and foundations of their pathological self delusions.
Picture of Paul276522 achievements

0 13. Paul2765 commented 11 years ago

#6 What always amuses me is that the cabin staff close the blind in the toilet. FFS who's going to be looking in at 39,000 feet?
Picture of snotrer9 achievements

+2 14. snotrer commented 11 years ago

#6 "FFS who's going to be looking in at 39,000 feet?"
You know nothing Paul Snow! :D
Picture of Saxxoo39 achievements

+4 15. Saxxoo commented 11 years ago

#13 you never know when the man of steel do a flyby ;)
Picture of Acorn25 achievements

+2 16. Acorn commented 11 years ago

I´m hungry
Picture of Gatecrasher25713 achievements

-1 17. Gatecrasher257 commented 11 years ago

is everyone missing that this man is clearly an alcoholic? and anyway as expensive as the first class is chances are theyre the first to go if the plane nose dives. its like sitting on the bonnet in a car crash
Picture of r12323 achievements

+1 18. r123 commented 11 years ago

1st class is good. But that irritating turbine noise is still there... :(
Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+1 19. Scotsman50 commented 11 years ago

I would rather fly pauper class save a few thousand have a nice chat with people and get away from that background noise AND still arrive at the same place at the same time as those who paid Thousands...
Picture of BluesLee26 achievements

0 20. BluesLee commented 11 years ago

I have a bike and I like pizza.
Picture of Unknown37 achievements

-1 21. Unknown commented 11 years ago

When the plane crashes everyone dies no matter what class they are in.
Picture of bytebuster27 achievements

+1 22. bytebuster commented 11 years ago

Come on guys! What a fuss about a first class flight. What do you know about the facts of this guy and begin with being snob. As Sizzlik says; it is paid by his miles. I have never flown in First Class and I have just seen advertisements photos and short films. This is for me the first time to know something about the first class flight. The company where I work had a policy and if you have to go some where by plain then you would fly first class. This video could also be recorded by such a person. Calling him snob is just a prejudice.