Bullied kid's dream comes true

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Picture of samxgx54 achievements

+11 1. samxgx commented 6 years ago

OK breathe breathe breathe take an astma spray and press play
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+10 2. MindTrick commented 6 years ago

I'm almost 34 years old, i come from a sort of rough past, i have tattoo's and i don't look like a pussy. But i started crying watching this one... fucking people, someo of them should be happy i don't know them. And some of you, i wish i knew, refering to all the good guys out there. Kudos!
Picture of ozmasood33 achievements

+17 3. ozmasood commented 6 years ago

Really great gesture!! :)
...I just wish the language was cleaner considering they're dealing with a 10yr old.
Picture of IDK39937 achievements

+5 4. IDK399 commented 6 years ago

That was sweet of them. I wish there was more of the video.
Picture of mikeyboyzee21 achievements

+53 5. mikeyboyzee commented 6 years ago

Is anyone else concerned that this 10yr old is play Call Of Duty?
Picture of j000z1132 achievements

+5 6. j000z11 commented 6 years ago

Some people failed to see the Online community affect us more than we expect. You are basically a tiny fish swimming in a sea of dicks and ass holes... be careful guys.
Picture of lvlann16 achievements

+7 7. lvlann commented 6 years ago

#5 I was thinking the same thing.. I don't think this game is suitable for kids that age.. people swear, it is extremely violent..if he were my kid..i would never expose him to all this at this age..

I mean i understand from a humanity point of view that what this guy in the video did it to make the little kid happy.. he did a very nice thing.. but then he is a 10 year old who shouldn't play this game at all.

but oh well.. I hope the kid doesn't turn out to be a big douche as almost every other little squirt is on this game.. God Speed Little One.
Picture of zaltysss39 achievements

+39 8. zaltysss commented 6 years ago

-how old are u
-that shit is fucked up
... yeah that's how u speak with 10 year old.
Picture of UofMichFan16 achievements

+7 9. UofMichFan commented 6 years ago

So many things to say about this video, don't know where to begin. As a father of a 10 year old son I find it disturbing that a 10 yr old kid would want to kill himself over a video game. These guys were trying to do a nice thing and I will give them that, but they have no common sense to know how not to talk to a 10 yr old. Also this game seems to be a tad to violent for a kid that age.
Picture of SquidCap18 achievements

+4 10. SquidCap commented 6 years ago

#9 They talk to the kid like they talk to everyone else. For a kid, that' really important. Few less f bomb would be nice but that's just life.

This video brought tears in to my eyes. I'm clan server admin and we are firmly against any bullying: don't be a dick is our motto. I sometimes forget that some of these stupid games matter to kids so much.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

0 11. huldu commented 6 years ago

Trying to "protect" some random kid from swearing is like trying to walk on water. My point is, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We've all been kids, bullied, the bully or just a spectator. Kids are mean by nature, it's just that simple. Anything that is different is a target.

The worst part is that schools, teachers and so forth they don't really care and try avoid confrontations at all costs. Why should they care, they don't get paid to care. Of course there are random cases of people who actually do care but they're always in the minority.

Growing up I saw it all, teacher being abusive towards students, the school swept it under the carpet. Bullied kids - ignored. One big problem with bullied kids in general is that they rarely tell their parents about it. That's why teachers ignoring it is so effective because it'll be contained. It's just disturbing how it really works. The thing is I didn't grow up in a fancy home, going to a fancy school or anything like that. I grew up in one of the worst areas where I live, in the worst school until I reached the age of 19. I made it through but it still pisses me off how often teachers just ignored the obvious that went on around them.
Picture of SIN197830 achievements

+3 12. SIN1978 commented 6 years ago

Yeah, I'm sorry but I remember the stuff we watched when we were kids, and everyone is gonna get uptight about a FPS ? When we were kids we played with REPLICAS and pretended to Kill each other, Cops & Robber, Cowboys and Indians, etc. These kids just push a controller when we used to ACT as if we were killing each other, Pointing these replicas, with replica bullets in them, and Pretending to Die, and yet 20 yrs later everyone wants to get hypersensitive about a console which is a much more peaceful way of what we did as kids ? Really ? And we worry about cussing in this day and age ? When we were children we cussed because we thought we were cool, just out of ear shot....normally. I have a idea, lets let the kids be kids and have there freedom rather then trying to confine them to a safe "box" to shelter them, which is no shelter at all really, your kids just learn about it from the other kids instead, Not a ideal situation, by any means. Lets be real with our kids about the truths of the world around them, and let them see how life really works, so they can enjoy being Kids, rather then Sheep.
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

-2 13. captain_obvious commented 6 years ago

call of duty. facepalm! try a real game like battlefield. btw 10 years old kid? what does PEGI says about that? isnt that game for 16 years and older?
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+3 14. nomaddaf commented 6 years ago

The fact that he is playing COD is not as bad as the fact that he is playing with adults. Massive parenting fail !!!! This kid would meet a perv in an ally if they told him he would level up. Just wrong on sp many levels. Just WOW !
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+4 15. ughlah commented 6 years ago

I never play(ed) any FPS game, but last year I had the chance to hear what was "chatted" in a normal game and asked if that was normal. The amount of bullying and swearing happening in every other game is really no place for a 10 year old. Kids in puberty are morons, I was too, and I guess some of you all out there, too.

I really liked what the creator of the video did, but the kid will be bullied again...
Still, great guy.
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

0 16. MindTrick commented 6 years ago

For those who didnt catch the entire context:
The first guys were not actuall memeber of FaZe, but pretended to be. They lured the kid to spend money, which is in my eyes, fraud. Saying that a 10 year old isn't supposed to play Cod, is like saying a 16 year old is to young to drink. Yes, they are, but didnt you when you were that age? I think you did... do you blame your parents for what happened to you then? I didn't think so...
Picture of MrG31 achievements

+2 17. MrG commented 6 years ago

What does it cost to change nickname?

The real FaZe did a good thing there.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

0 18. ughlah commented 6 years ago

Does it matter MrG?
For a kid even the tiniest amount can be huge, if his allowance is really small.
Picture of leoneas2320 achievements

+3 19. leoneas23 commented 6 years ago

#2, You have a tattoo and u DON'T look like a pussy, then u cried?> that's impossible.
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+1 20. MindTrick commented 6 years ago

i think he's just asking cause he wonders, not to start an argument whether its an important amount or not, no need to get defensive already...
sorry, i don't know, but its 800 MS points, dunno how much it's in dollar...
Picture of loadme33 achievements

+1 21. loadme commented 6 years ago


you say: why not play CoD with 10 when others also drink with 16?
well. sorry to correct you, but..

drinking is often allowed with 16+
however there are CoD versions that are 18+

also.. drinking is about losing control about yourself.
but he plays a visually highly realistic game where he is supposed to shoot people - as a 10 year old. reminds me of the fact that, in the US, you can buy fully automatic weapons in supermarkets while toys surrounded by chocolate are forbidden by law because they put kids in danger. LOL

and.. of course you dont blame your parents when they mess you up. but thats not because it was ok. its because you are already messed up and wont get that its not cool. ;)
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+3 22. Sizzlik (admin) commented 6 years ago

Somehow i dont get this debate about a 10y old playing COD..just like #12 said..as kid we played the same games in real life...did this make us serial killers? Its a game and not very violent (manhunt is way more violent)..even in super mario you got to kill enemys by jumping on them...or in zelda games and so on.
Kids know that its a game..and play it like catch each other. Give a kid a rifle and tell them to shoot someone..do you really think they will do it because they played a game? I played Duke Nukem 3D at the age of 12 and still didnt killed someone..furthermore im disgusted by war. But that wont keep me from playing a GAME. There is something wrong in the familys and surroundings..not in the games itself.
Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements

-2 23. captain_obvious commented 6 years ago

so mr admin your saying there is nothing wrong with a 10 year old kid, showing him in great detail how to shoot someone in the face?
even it is virtual reality?
or to slith someone's troath from the back with a knive? or to shoot someone's legg off.
showing him in virtual reality, how to shoot as many pedestrians on a airport with a full automatic rifle, before the cops can shoot you down?
a kid. a person that still need to learn the difference between right and wrong?
duke nukem is a huge difference between the high resolution and reality detailed games we playing today.
when we played, all these games were just games.
now they arent like that.
they are complete community's, profile's gamers society's, clans, almost a lifestyle. like you see in this movie.
if you seriously think there is nothing wrong with little kids playing those games. please think again.
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+5 24. MindTrick commented 6 years ago

When we were 10 we were playing stuff like Wolfenstein, Rise of the Triads, not to mention Berra. Most of us came out alright, without being scarred, or becoming a massmurderers, so don't pull that card, we all were watching that kinda stuff, with legal limits or not, adults allowing or not, all generations. Look at who started all the wars through history. Can you mention anyone from the computer gaming generation that has created a war?
Of course, i would not allow my 10 year old to watch or play games like this, but im pretty damn sure he will find a way no matter, it's in the nature of us to do so.