So this is what we eat at all the major US pizza places...

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Picture of kekke200037 achievements

+23 1. kekke2000 commented 8 years ago

Disturbing world. This is sadly just one small example of things us people do wrong on purpose to get a little heavier wallet.
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+6 2. Noobeater commented 8 years ago

I believe this is also what got the Mcrib sandwich banned in Europe.
Picture of Sustagen35 achievements

+1 3. Sustagen commented 8 years ago

Glad that i didn't live in US. And hope my country still ban those things for next 30-40 years.
Picture of BangkokJarek26 achievements

+8 4. BangkokJarek commented 8 years ago

Good Ol' USA, land of the free. Unless you question the corporations, gov't or the jewish lobby.
Picture of zxoxz42 achievements

+5 5. zxoxz commented 8 years ago

I wonder what a pizza tastes like with the good flour doe???
Picture of Tehrasha28 achievements

+15 6. Tehrasha commented 8 years ago

Potassium Bromate and 7 other food chemicals NOT banned in the US.

Chemistry.... its not rocket surgery.
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+3 7. cameramaster commented 8 years ago

#6.... Thanks for the link...interesting reading.
Picture of cmmd30 achievements

+2 8. cmmd commented 8 years ago


Like the pizza tastes everyday at home or fast food.
Picture of Thanny37 achievements
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-7 9. Thanny commented 8 years ago

I get really tired of people using the word "chemical" as if it were synonymous with "toxin". It's abject ignorance.

Some actual facts:

1) Potassium bromate is classified as possibly causing cancer, not actually causing it. Which you can say of any oxidizing agent whatsoever. Because they oxidize. Like oxygen. That stuff we suffocate without.

2) There is no potassium bromate in the finished product. It is all consumed in the leavening, unless you add way too much. But it's already mixed in the flour in the right proportions.

Do I want it used in the making of my pizza? No, and since I don't eat at Domino's or Pizza Hut, it won't be.

But let's skip the "chemical" hysteria. And the ridiculous elitism while we're at it. Using bread flour for a more substantial crust is reducing the required skill level? Please.

And the thing eaten by people all over the world called "pizza"? Invented in the United States in the 1950's.
Picture of Watchman21 achievements

+7 10. Watchman commented 8 years ago

"Invented in US 1950" ¬_¬

I would not state that as an actual fact
Picture of krillemaster46 achievements

+2 11. krillemaster commented 8 years ago

#9 Invented by Italians - "perfected" by Americans
Picture of spynode40 achievements

+2 12. spynode commented 8 years ago

#9 so You don't want to consume it, but it is OK for it to be in food?
Picture of Acorn25 achievements

0 13. Acorn commented 8 years ago

This is insignificant compared to the artificial sweetener Aspartame.
Who the hell was that bright human who came up with the idea to put an biochemical warfare agent in our food.
For the love of all that is fair and holy, do NOT eat or drink anything with Aspartame in it or anything called "Light"
Check the ingredient list of what ever you buy and save yourself a slow death and protect your children, because you pass it on to them too!
Picture of krillemaster46 achievements

+1 14. krillemaster commented 8 years ago

#13 use google translate and scroll down to "aspartame, cancer, headache..."
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+3 15. gouranga4ever commented 8 years ago

Come on guys, we're supposed to be the Internet generation and be able to see through BS like this. There's a very strong fallacy that "Natural=Healthy" and "Artificial=Harmfull". But the evidence just doesn't bare it out.

#13 Aspartame is a good example, it's an extract from tar and it causes cancers in rats so it must be harmful right? Except it doesn't cause cancer in humans there's no evidence and no mechanism for it to be harmful. Whereas the natural sweetner ACK/Stevia is shown to interact with DNA and therefore increases the risk of cancer.

For more info see C0nc0rdance on YouTube his video on Artificial Sweetners is very interesting (he's a bio-chemist).

Finally anyone who takes medical advice from a guy who sells pizza for a living deserves everything they get.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

-3 16. loadme commented 8 years ago

#9 maybe we could use you for several long time studies for this and that chemical. because its only a chemical.
Picture of Skeesicks38 achievements

0 17. Skeesicks commented 8 years ago

Happy brainwashing #15

The study about the risks of Stevia was paid by Montsanto (the producer of aspartam)

Stevia was used for ca. 5000 years whereas aspartam is aroun since 1965ish

So tell me, why aspartam is safer even when we don't know the long term effects.
Picture of huldu34 achievements

+5 18. huldu commented 8 years ago

Well, you have some people who can smoke all their life up to they reach their 90's and then die a natural death. Then you have people who die "because" of smoking in their 40-50's. In the end it all comes down to how bad your DNA is. You can be born with flaws and issues you're not aware of and they sneak up as you get older and eventually kills you. Or you could walk down the street, perfectly healthy and get run over by a car and die from that.

We all can agree that some things you eat aren't good, but for some reason people still do it. Even if it had a skull and death warning written all over it, people still do it(*cough* cigarette packages). Doesn't really matter until they BAN *proven* bad products. In the end it all comes down to greed, money and all that juicy stuff.
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

-1 19. gouranga4ever commented 8 years ago

#17 please back up your bullshit with facts.

Here's the papers of Stevia:
Horm Metab Res. 1987 Jun;19(6):233-8. The effect of artificial sweetener on insulin secretion. 1. The effect of acesulfame K on insulin secretion in the rat (studies in vivo).
Food Chem Toxicol. 1997 Dec;35(12):1177-9. In vivo cytogenetic studies on mice exposed to acesulfame-K--a non-nutritive sweetener.

Please show where Monsanto wrote these papers. Where the scandal was exposed and where the papers were withdrawn or otherwise debunked.

Until then, STFU.
Picture of cispi27 achievements

-3 20. cispi commented 8 years ago

#9 .... and America was discovered by U.S. in 1492 !!!
Picture of woschman39 achievements

0 21. woschman commented 8 years ago

Oh... I did'nt know Raymond from "Everybody Loves Raymond" was dubbed, thought he had that voice. But now I know, this guy in this clip is the real Raymond! :D
Picture of Tehrasha28 achievements

+4 22. Tehrasha commented 8 years ago

#12 Since the chemical composition changes in the baking process... why not?

Sodium (Na) is a reactive metal which explodes violently in water.
Chlorine (Cl) gas is very toxic and was used as a chemical warfare agent in WWII.

.... Enjoy your table salt much?
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+3 23. Sizzlik (admin) commented 8 years ago

#22 I think there is a slight difference in sodium chloride as chemical compund and sodium chloride as mineral.
Imho its obvious that flour made from pure cereal grains or other seeds is better/healthier then a mixture of bleached flour with chemical ingredients just to make it cheaper or the working process faster.
Chemicals in food dont have to be bad..but no doubt a bread made just from cereal grains is better then this squishy white bread you get in the US.
Maybe thats just my taste since we got lots of good bread in germany and i dont like that sponge alike toast you mostly get in the US.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 24. sux2bu commented 8 years ago

This pizza guy is just trying to boost his own pizzeria by making false and mis-leading claims about his competitors and the ingredients they use.Most of the large pizza chains (and many small ones) have quit using bromated flour even though the baking process renders the chemical safe for consumption. Just another scare tactic to add to all the rest. Hell,poison ivy is all natural, so I guess it is safe?
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

+3 25. Thanny commented 8 years ago

#23 Every substance in the universe composed of atoms is a chemical. Those involving multiple types of atoms joined by a bond are chemical compounds.

The word "chemical" is not a synonym for "bad stuff". And the word "natural" is not a synonym for "good stuff".
The worst toxins we know of are all natural. Everything that's good for us is a chemical, regardless of how it was made.

To address your actual statement, the mineral salt *IS* the chemical compound called sodium chloride. It's an identity.

As for the bread, try looking at the whole bread aisle in the store, and at the myriad bakeries that produce more varieties fresh every day. Not everyone buys the bleached white stuff.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

-2 26. Sizzlik (admin) commented 8 years ago

#25 Im no chemist..that was just my opinion/thoughts. But i know for a fact that in the US you wont get good bread (and sure you can get that sponge bread here too) But i dont wanted to start a fight.
And for sodium chloride..dont go swimming in the ocean..there is lots of it in the water too..
With chemical compound i ment #22 comparing it to chemical warfare weapon. Even with grain flour you can make explosions (even with sawmill dust)..with pure oxigen you can the right amount everything is deadly.
My point was..if its not needed in something simple like flour (like bleaching it)..why have it in there?
Picture of Tehrasha28 achievements

+2 27. Tehrasha commented 8 years ago

#26, I was simply using #12s poor logic, and taking it to an extreme as an example.

Potassium Bromate causes cancer in rats? Yes.
Bread made with flour containing Potassium Bromate causes cancer? No.
Because the end product no longer contains Potassium Bromate.

Being around pure Sodium and pure Chlorine, dangerous? Yes.
Being around table salt, dangerous? No.

I agree, with the bleaching though. Mostly cosmetic.
Picture of Skeesicks38 achievements

+2 28. Skeesicks commented 8 years ago

#19 here are your facts:

Sorry, It wasn`t written by Montsanto, just sponsored!

And why do you pull out some studies about 'effin acesulfam K ?!?!

Aspartam (E 951) is not Acesulfam K (E 950) !!

And I DID NOT say artificial sweeteners are toxic/dangereous/whatsoever I just said Stevia is around longer than E 95X so chances are that we know more about it than about E 95X.

And, #19 before you mock people, get the right facts...Stevia IS NOT acesulfam K, it a total different substance....AND SO ARE THE STUDIES!

So long, you are welcome to STFU and play with children of your age instead of insulting people on the internets.

You're welcome!
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+1 29. gouranga4ever commented 8 years ago

#28 So where's your proof that the paper was sponsored by Monsanto? Or were you off the day the taught evidence at Bullshit school?

Where did I say Aspartame was AceK?? I used them as opposite examples. I think you need to take more time when you read, sound the words out or ask an adult to help.

The Stevia mention in comment #19 was a typo. ACK/AceK is a mutagen as the papers say. Stevia can be converted to Steviol in the gut which can be bad in high doses.
Picture of thundersnow58 achievements

0 30. thundersnow commented 6 years ago

Sodium is a mineral, reacting violently with H2O, because it has open valences it is looking to fill l. NaCl is a salt, the Na bonded with Cl, valences are full and there is no reaction occurring.