Geiger counter going off the charts in an antique shop

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Picture of rufinus35 achievements

+6 1. rufinus commented 9 years ago

talk about save working environment :D
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+2 2. MindTrick commented 9 years ago

Taken from

Earliest onset of radiation sickness
75,000 milliRem (mRem)
750 milliSievert (mSv)

Is it just me, or does this thing go above that limit?
Picture of spynode40 achievements

+9 3. spynode commented 9 years ago

#2 This counter shows on microSievert scale, which is order of magnitude below milli.
Picture of MrJaKoSe31 achievements

+4 4. MrJaKoSe commented 9 years ago

Well some items might emit a huge amount of radiation but as u see they r mostly short ranged. Wouldnt be good to wear thos things on your body so ;)
Picture of LaoMa28 achievements

+4 5. LaoMa commented 9 years ago

That's enough to cause serious radiation poisoning or even cancer in the long run :S
Picture of MindTrick43 achievements

+11 6. MindTrick commented 9 years ago

Yea, i was editing my post as you were posting yours, i mixed micro and milli, wasn't paying attention to close i guess :P
Picture of 5ubZer035 achievements

+5 7. 5ubZer0 commented 9 years ago

its mostly alpha radiation from the radium paintet letterse. Alpha radiation doesn't even penetrate your skin, so it's not harmful unless you get it into your body.
Picture of RetroGrade7731 achievements

+4 8. RetroGrade77 commented 9 years ago

I don't think that was in a shop. That looked like somebody's house. However I think that whether that was in a shop or it was in a house it is likely that that the occupants could accumulate the equivalent of 10 hours of exposure to the maximum radiation indicated by the meter or 1250 micro Sieverts. Ten hours per year times 1250 micro0 would be 12.5 milliSieverts per year.

Taken from

Radiation dose for increase cancer risk of 1 in a 1,000
1,250 milliRem (mRem)
12.5 milliSievert (mSv)

Radiation poisoning or sickness doesn't seem likely since those conditions are caused by high dose, short term exposures. However, the effects of radiation are cumulative especially for cancer risk. Based on some rough math I figure that anybody that lived or worked near that cabinet for 10 years would have a 1 in 100 risk for cancer. Probably not worth it. If you are determined to keep those disks I would suggest keeping them inside a lead box.
Picture of Tehrasha28 achievements

+8 9. Tehrasha commented 9 years ago

Looks like someones private collection of radioactive oddities rather than an antique shop. Old watches and displays with radium dials. Not that uncommon.
And some uranium ore samples..

None of it really dangerous unless you swallow it.

#3 micro is 3 orders of magnitude below milli.

Picture of RetroGrade7731 achievements

+4 10. RetroGrade77 commented 9 years ago

#9 Danger is a relative thing. The increase to your cancer risk from living in that house would be significant. Not huge mind you, but significant. It depends of course on how close you get and/or if you touch them but it is very reasonable to believe that total annual radiation exposure would be above the EPA limit of 1 milli Seivert.

You would probably exceed that just by removing all the items and dusting the cabinet and then putting everything back.
Picture of Zeusisgreat31 achievements

+2 11. Zeusisgreat commented 9 years ago

had to google Geiger Counter to understand what im watching :P
Picture of hellrazer19 achievements

+1 12. hellrazer commented 9 years ago

That is a lot of radiation as I would say!!! >:)
Picture of SIN197830 achievements

+4 13. SIN1978 commented 9 years ago

I work in the industry, what you were seeing from that chair was the gamma count, the when he got about 3-5 feet away that was gamma and beta, when he opened the case you were seeing alpha, beta, gamma in combination. The yearly dose count per yer permitted by the feds is 2.5 Rads, these were pretty low count compared to your smoke detector, or perhaps some old china in your house that is orange. You would be surprised how many things around your house right now would make this pale in comparison. The air filter was for the alpha particles since alpha is such a slow moving particle, it usually accumulates on dust, and can be cleaned off with enough water and elbow grease.
Picture of drunkmonk42 achievements

+1 15. drunkmonk commented 9 years ago that guy did it by using the flourescent ends of those old clocks.
Picture of buckleg0858 achievements

0 16. buckleg08 commented 5 years ago