Climate Change 101

An interesting and engaging look at the current state of climate change.

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Picture of Cloe41 achievements

+12 1. Cloe commented 10 years ago

so simple even morons will understeand it ! good job, i studied "natural resources and enviorment protection" and i must say, this is so well explained,better then all my teachers did.
Picture of Tehnol36 achievements

+4 2. Tehnol commented 10 years ago

Incredible that some people still deny this. I mean, it was understandable in the 90's maybe but this is the 21st century for god sake it's time to wake up and actually do something constructive.
Picture of zardef45 achievements

0 3. zardef commented 10 years ago

We listen to experts. So when 97% of climate scientist agree man-made climate change is real, IT'S TIME TO LISTEN !!!!!!
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

-4 4. fjwjr commented 10 years ago

Funny, I just wrote a paper on the man made climate change and the falsehoods of it. First of all, there is no real evidence that climate change is man made (how arrogant). That isn't to say that things aren't warmer. That's nothing new in earth's history.
Here is a quote from Paul Nurse, president of The Royal Society, Britain's academy of science, “This planet is warming up, the climate is changing. Just over the last 50 years it’s been about three quarters of a degree centigrade, which doesn’t sound like a lot…..There have been times when the earth has been warmer than it is today – less ice, higher sea level and colder than today, with much more ice and lower sea level. But an important thing to remember is that back in those times, climate changed very gradually and now it’s changing really fast and that’s an important characteristic of climate change we’re living through right now. The pace of the change.”
However, there's evidence from research into blue holes that there has been instances in the last 80,000 years of rapid climate change occurring in as little as 50 years. If all that has Nurse concerned is the pace of change, that's not enough to make a case for it being man made.
Another problem is that they can't even create a global record of the past 1,000 years, let alone the last 4 billion.
Phil Jones from the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University says,"We need more reconstructions from different parts of the world to reproduce a better history of the past thousand years".
The point is that people get hit by a storm or are sweating today and look for a reason why. There is no real evidence of man made climate change. It doesn't mean we shouldn't do anything about pollution, however, changing global economics and national sovereignty in an effort to let a few powerful people commoditize the air is going a bit far.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+10 5. ughlah commented 10 years ago

Does it really matter, whether it's man-made or not? From what I understood is that the less methane and CO2 we pump into the air, the better it is for stabilizing the climate.
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+10 6. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

#4 Guessing you downvoted the first 3 comments? I like how you quote a highly respected scientist then totally disregard what he said. I like how quote mine Phil Jones. I like how you agree with experts that's there is warming, but then dismiss their conclusions without any evidence of your own.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you also reject Evolution for the same reasons.
Picture of LaoMa28 achievements

+7 7. LaoMa commented 10 years ago

Comparing million year old rough estimations on modern time accurate temperature readings is as far fetched as it sounds... It's like saying 2(+/- 2) is less than 3. Not to mention how we are still far below the average temperature of last few million years. Equally as unproven is implying that man made CO2 has a major role in climate change. After all, our emissions are about 0.1% of the total and there's a limit how much CO2 can block of the Sun's spectrum.

I'm not saying the climate change isn't happening. I'm just annoyed by the media mumbo-jumbo explanations that hardly make sense, but are presented as THE truth.

Picture of CharlieChaplin9 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-11 8. CharlieChaplin commented 10 years ago

How often have you all heard the phrase: "delicate balance of nature"?

I'll bet that phrases such as that have been drilled into most people since childhood. But guess what? It's a complete myth, a total fallacy.

There is no balance to nature whatsoever. The world conditions fluctuate dramatically. They always have and they always will. You just have to step back far enough and take a wide enough view of this to see how obvious it really is. Don't just look at a few hundred or a few thousand years. You have to examine millions of years of planetary history.

Ice ages, global cooling, global warming. It's been going on ever since the Earth came into existence, and it will continue until it dies, when the Sun dies.

It has nothing to do with mankind, and mankind can do nothing about it. It is ludicrous to suggest that controlling such an insignificant output of CO2 could have any significant effect on this planet.

AGW is a planet-sized con. Wake up and see the truth.
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+3 9. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

#7 & #8 No Climatologist claims there's a delicate balance of nature and no one denies that the Earth has been both Warmer and Cooler in the past. You're just strawman arguing.

The difference with the current warming trend is that it's a lot more dramatic than previous change rates. The only time it's changed faster than this is due to massive meteorite impacts that have been followed by mass extinction events. Ecosystems will break down if the rate of change is maintained and Cities will flood. Check out the NCSE page on climate change.
Picture of CharlieChaplin9 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-10 10. CharlieChaplin commented 10 years ago

Hopeless conjecture:

"The only time it's changed faster than this is due to massive meteorite impacts that have been followed by mass extinction events."

Followed by groundless scaremongering:

"Ecosystems will break down if the rate of change is maintained and Cities will flood."

The current obsession with CO2 reduction by mindless Eco-zealots is crippling industry, exacerbating the present dismal global economic situation, and is destined to have no significant effect whatsoever on the Earth's climate.

Take a look here and open your mind:
Picture of avtar4 achievements

-2 11. avtar commented 10 years ago

in atmosphere is 0.039 % CO2
almost nothing
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+3 12. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

It's called being succinct, but thanks for the opportunity to make you look like a douche.
Here's the IPCC list of papers on Climate Change:

Please present your list of papers debunking these and presenting the better explanation for global warming. Thanks.
Picture of CharlieChaplin9 achievements

-4 13. CharlieChaplin commented 10 years ago

#12 One can be succinct whilst providing nothing of value, a skill you appear to have mastered admirably. Your constant reference to the IPCC as the ultimate source of authority on this subject is amusing, especially since the IPCC is an organisation which continues to publish false claims regarding AGW, and has been largely discredited, so that now only witless Eco-zealots such as yourself continue to take it pronouncements seriously.
Picture of Dmitry33 achievements

+4 14. Dmitry commented 10 years ago

Climate Change? What happened to the Global Warming? This collective amnesia reminds me of Orwell's 1984.
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

0 15. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

#13 I referred to IPCC once.

Thank you for proving my point by not coming back with any rebuke except an Ad-homine against me. For the record I don't take anyone's pronouncements seriously. I look at the science and decide accordingly.

You should look into why anyone would think the UN chartered IPCC is discredited.
Picture of CharlieChaplin9 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 16. CharlieChaplin commented 10 years ago

"You should look into why anyone would think the UN chartered IPCC is discredited."

I already have. Now it's your turn.

Incidentally, the 'ad homine' accusation seems pretty lame in the face of your initial childish 'douche' comment.

..... Oh dear. I just realised, I'm dealing with a child.
Picture of Killerado29 achievements

-1 17. Killerado commented 10 years ago

Of course the earth gets warmer, with the sun burning quicker, man taking down huge amount of trees, packing way to many peoples in one place (big cities. And as he said in the video we use 85% fossil fuels at that... it all adds up! I personally believe that most of the heat is down to evolution, doubtless human kind has made this planet worse. So i say lets do what we can to make it a little bit better :)
Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements

+3 18. gouranga4ever commented 10 years ago

#16 You're dealing with a 38 year BioChemist. I'm still waiting for you to provide any evidence for your claims.

Check out Lord Monkton's CV, the most vocal Climate Change Denier who also believes people with AIDS should be segregated from the rest of society.
Picture of nomaddaf22 achievements

+4 19. nomaddaf commented 10 years ago

I have seen 8th grade science projects with better science and facts. Total bull! P.S. CO2 is heavier than air.It doesn't float in mass. What happened to the big ozone scare? When I was young they said we were headed into an ice age.Then we were all going to die from inselfilitis,then legionnaires disease, then aids,then bird flu,then H1N1. Stop listening to the scare crap and letting your freedoms slip away with each wave of lies!!!
Picture of huldu34 achievements

0 20. huldu commented 10 years ago

It's a question about greed and money...

For example, the warning signs on cigarette packages, that don't stop people from smoking. They still smoke and don't care if they'll die from it - it's in the future.

So... my point is, in the end it all comes down to greed and money. You just don't stop something that is "good" for you, ie making a lot of money. That's not in your nature. It's easier for the "little" people that hopefully have not been corrupted too badly to see the difference between good and bad. But it's just a matter of perspective in the end.

By the time something does actually happen it'll be too late or something far worse has happened already. We live in a fantasy world, a bubble, anything can burst it at any time and everything would fall apart like a house of cards. Our society that we live in is so fragile.
Picture of LaoMa28 achievements

+4 21. LaoMa commented 10 years ago

#9: "The difference with the current warming trend is that it's a lot more dramatic than previous change rates."

My point kinda was, that you can't make assumptions like that with the data we have. We can only say for certain, that within a period of couple hundred years, the temperature has been rising pretty fast. At larger time scale we have to compare mean averages, so the current spike doesn't even show. Mixing the two time scales is where this video, and many others, go wrong.
Picture of snotraddict45 achievements

+5 22. snotraddict commented 10 years ago

Al Gore has done a great job convincing the masses that mankind is polluting the earth and measures need to be taken to reduce or eliminate it. Where I have a problem is the conflict of interest due to the fact that Gore is heavily invested (or used to be heavily invested!) in those so-called "green" companies. Many of these green companies do nothing more than sell "carbon credits" and that isn't much more than a gratuitous tax. Many believe that Gore's primary motivation is driven by financial gain, and not what is really best for the environment. I absolutely agree that human pollution is a serious problem and the highest priority should be the "cleaning" up of our oceans. Even if the scientific community could agree that "climate change" was caused by mankind and not a natural cycle like is has for millions of years, there is still the fact that carbon dioxide is a key element for every living thing on the plant. The reality is, most carbon dioxide occurs naturally from decomposing life forms, volcanoes, and forest fires. Without carbon dioxide, there would be no photosynthesis of green plants, and without photosynthesis, we would have no oxygen to breathe and no food to eat. That idea that carbon dioxide is a pollutant that needs to be taxed is a farce, an economy growth killer, and one the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the American, or for that matter, the World's people.
Picture of roady24 achievements

+3 23. roady commented 10 years ago

Every day tons of toxic chemicals are produced that are reducing our environment. Plastics that don't break down, radioactives that don't go away, heavy metals that poison forever, by-products that build up. About the only industrial thing we do that helps plants is CO2.
So which one do they want to reduce?
I have been a green for 40 years. The current greens say we should use highly toxic long lasting mercury, without any recycling method, to reduce the plant friendly CO2. What a joke this is.