One Decision

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Picture of joeman74 achievements

+9 1. joeman commented 9 years ago

One WRONG decision...
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+31 2. cameramaster commented 9 years ago

You should never EVER leave a little one in car matter what the damn weather!
Picture of IDK39937 achievements

-1 3. IDK399 commented 9 years ago

I blame the mobile phone. It takes away so much of our attention to a point that we revert to an autopilot mode, yet we believe that we are still in full control. It lulls us in a zombie like state. Personally I switch it off before I sit in the car, I know my self, I will forget something simple that might develop into a tragedy.

If the mother wasn't talking on the phone when she reached the parking lot and paying attention to whomever she was talking to, this might not have happened.
Picture of lalafafak32 achievements

+23 4. lalafafak commented 9 years ago

How any mother can ever leave a child in a car alone like that confounds me. There is NO excuse.
Picture of IDK39937 achievements

+8 5. IDK399 commented 9 years ago

#4 She simply forgot that the kid was with her. She didn't interact with the kid at all when she pulled into the parking lot.

Just like the father who was supposed to drop off the kid at school (usually the mother did that). But as soon as he got in the car, he fell into his usual routine, drove straight to work while the kid was sleeping flat on the back seat, parked, did his full shift with the kid baking in the car.
Picture of SunshineEddy42 achievements

+8 6. SunshineEddy commented 9 years ago

#5 It's not a forgotten lunch, it is a child. "No excuse" is right. I have never been so preoccupied I forgot my dog in the car, and he's a DOG. A dog I love like a child, but still. If I couldn't imagine forgetting him, there's no way I'd forget a child.
Picture of IDK39937 achievements

+12 7. IDK399 commented 9 years ago

#6 I guess that all depends on how much pressure one gets from work/life/home. Many of us have two or more jobs, a boss that calls 24/7, a drowning marriage, terminal parent to take care of, insurance companies shafting you left n right. Kids to feed/clothe/teach. Sadly not even enough time or money to take on a dog or a cat. That's me!
Picture of Pana39 achievements

+7 8. Pana (reviewer) commented 9 years ago

Imagine living with that ...
Picture of Raksi36 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 9. Raksi commented 9 years ago

Only in 'murica.
Picture of CiF31 achievements
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-6 10. CiF commented 9 years ago

this is a message for the fat dumb lazy north american ass.
Picture of Skeesicks38 achievements

+4 11. Skeesicks commented 9 years ago

Damn, some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

You need permission for everything, even fishing and having a dog...why not for conceiving children?!!
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+7 12. imagic commented 9 years ago

#9 end #10... i defenately are not american minded, but unfortunately this happens everywhere in the world, children are left in cars everywhere, in one country they die from the heat, in an other other due to the cold.

I myself can not imagine that you forget your kid anywhere, as said before there is NO EXCUSE to leave your kid alone in a car ,alone at home or anywhere else !
Picture of elghinnfaer33 achievements

+5 13. elghinnfaer commented 9 years ago

We have a grandson and I would much prefer to bring him in the store with me and make race car sounds with him in the cart and make abrupt direction changes in the store and in general attract as much attention to the laughing little boy then to do what these horrid self absorbed people do.

And to some point I agree with poster #3 These fancy do all cell phones we have today are just not right for some people, the ones with lack of self control.
Picture of Liberty55510 achievements

+4 14. Liberty555 commented 9 years ago

If you see a child left in a car by someone, you must act.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 15. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

#9 and #10 Chill out....(no pun intended) this is just a public service vid to make people aware of the dangers of leaving your kids alone in a car.They are all actors. Europe has a big problem with the same thing and they too have an organization to make people aware of the dangers.

Canada too has the same.....
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+3 16. imagic commented 9 years ago

hey sux2busa,,, for a change i am admitting you are very right here ! :)
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+3 17. sux2bu commented 9 years ago

#16 Thanks, but I won't let it go to my head since I am used to it. :D
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

+1 18. Judge-Jake commented 9 years ago

All (mostly all anyway) reasonable comments. No one in their right mind would or should leave a child (or a pet) in a car. Apart from the risk of over heating or extreme cold there is of course abduction which can happen in a second. As for forgetting things, (which includes everything) the human condition is such that we do forget things. We forget that we have left the iron on, the cooker on. We forget our wallets, keys, birthdays, anniversary's, we even forget where we left our car.
It's knowing that we forget things that should prevent us from doing stupid things in the first place and when things happen as illustrated in this video its knowing that we would never be able to forget what we did (i)
Picture of khataroo21 achievements

+1 19. khataroo commented 9 years ago

:'( :'( :'( Stupid people should not breed. :'( :'( :'(