42 Consecutive Handsprings

Ohio Cheerleader Sets New Guiness Record 42 Consecutive Handsprings

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Picture of ChainTexter10 achievements

+17 1. ChainTexter commented 7 years ago

I'm dizzy...
Picture of Dmitry33 achievements

+7 2. Dmitry commented 7 years ago

#1 No kidding!
Apparently muscle conditioning and agility is not enough, you need to train your brain and your stomach too. :P
Picture of schlafanzyk35 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 3. schlafanzyk commented 7 years ago

And people wonder why North Americans don't give a shit about soccer when this is just what the cheerleaders can do.

Wait until you can appreciate what quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, etc. have to be able to do both physically and mentally and how much more complex the strategies behind the plays are.

But I have to admit, the fat guy running along is just too perfect for the "Ugly American" stereotype.
Picture of TaxCollector20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 4. TaxCollector commented 7 years ago

#3 North Americans don't have the time to follow a game of real skill, because they're too busy watching blokes in sissy padding run into each other. :|
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

+23 5. Zebulun commented 7 years ago

They try to find the fattest dude possible to run next to her??? :S
Picture of schlafanzyk35 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-5 6. schlafanzyk commented 7 years ago

#4 You obviously have no understanding of how the game actually works or you would know how ignorant your comment was. Everyone on the planet knows how soccer works and we all know why - for the same reason little kids and play it all over the world.
Picture of TaxCollector20 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-8 7. TaxCollector commented 7 years ago

#6 Your comment is incomprehensible. I'll assume you're either foreign or just not too bright.
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

+1 8. ughlah commented 7 years ago


That's actually all I can say about this. Besides the thing it has nothing to do with this video. Concentrate on the pretty girls for gods sake...
Picture of Pizzaface195127 achievements

+6 9. Pizzaface1951 commented 7 years ago

Apples and oranges. I like apples better but that doesn't mean they are better than oranges. Its personal preference. Same goes for football.
And why is it do you think that you may like the one over the other. I would imagine it is most likely to do how and where you were raised. (complete chance)
Most likely if your nationalities were reversed you would be having an inverse argument. Similar situation when people fight over what team they like when really the reason they support that team is because (a) they liked the colour when they were 5 years old or (b) its who your daddy supports. Something to think about the next time you feel patriotic too.
Picture of crispychicken18 achievements

-2 10. crispychicken commented 7 years ago

what #8 said...
Picture of TaxCollector20 achievements

-2 11. TaxCollector commented 7 years ago

#9. Nicely put.
I don't follow either American football or English football. To me, 'supporting' a team has always seemed rather an odd thing to do. How many football supporters (English or American) actually know any of the team? I'm not sure how it works in the USA, but due to the incredibly volatile transfer market in English football, the squad one year can look entirely different to the squad a year or two later. So you're not even really supporting the players. Maybe supporters feel an affinity for the area where 'their' team play, but how many Manchester United Fans for example, have ever lived in Manchester? What could possibly be the motivation for cheering one team instead of another?

The answer is clear. It's called indoctrination. Your dad supported a particular team, and this results in you doing likewise. It's very similar to religion, if your parents are Christian, the chances are that you will be too. If they're Muslim, then you will probably also be Muslim. If your parents are Muslims and you happen to be an atheist, congratulations! You have a brain and aren't afraid to use it. :)
Picture of SIZ13 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-7 12. SIZ commented 7 years ago

#11 Thank you for insulting me an more than a billion more muslims. In fact you insulted everyone who believes in god. My parents are muslims, yes. But when I was a teenager until the end of the teens I tried ask myself if Islam is the right way for me. And its me who has chosen this path.
You are not different from the people your are critcizing.
I noticed your bad behaivour in many previous comments...
I hope u will be nice in future ;)
Picture of TaxCollector20 achievements

+1 13. TaxCollector commented 7 years ago

#12. I haven't insulted you or the billion other muslims. I've just explained the way things are. Your indoctrination is so strong, it makes you believe you're the one who's made the choice. Take offense if you want, or not, it's up to you. It's a pity you've chosen not to use your intelligence... if you have any.
I haven't looked at any of your other comments, because I don't find you that interesting.
I hope you might become more well-informed in the future. ;)
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-2 14. LightAng3l commented 7 years ago

#12 I agree with you that individual opinion and choices are important and are being made in life, but as much as I don't like agreeing with #11 I find myself having to.. religion is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind... EVER!

On a different note... why are we talking about these issues on a video where a girl flips 42 times?

Oh and #3... please stop embarrassing yourself. There is no skill in American sport. Just take a look at NASCAR... the only skill you need is pushing the gas pedal and slightly keeping your hands to the left... true talent right there...
Picture of SIZ13 achievements

-2 15. SIZ commented 7 years ago

#14 I also just watched a video of a world record. But suddenly all religions were being insulted. I usually dont discuss things here but I noticed TaxCollector being rude in many videos so I wanted to share some words.
It seems everyone in this time has the right to do what they want but religions should be forbidden?
I think TaxCollecors's attitude is exactly the one why you dont like religions. Its not the religions fault you see. Its how stubborn and inttolerate someone is.
Live and love your life, prepare for the after life and be happy and nice
Thats how Islam works from my POV.
Peace and out
Picture of TaxCollector20 achievements

+1 16. TaxCollector commented 7 years ago

#15. My point was that indoctrinated Muslims who use their intelligence to escape the dogmatic principles of their forefathers are to be congratulated. You clearly are not one of them.

Labelling me a fanatic is a bit rich coming from someone who belongs to a group who see their mission in life as converting or killing Infidels. FYI I've never hacked off anyone's head because they didn't follow my belief system. I wonder how many of your own buddies would be so restrained?

If your hope that I should 'be nicer in future' means that you hope I cease my cynical view of life the universe and everything, then my advice to you is this: Don't hold your breath. :D
Picture of SIZ13 achievements

-3 17. SIZ commented 7 years ago

#16 this is the mistake most people do. you think Islam is the reason for all the bad examples your giving. But part of the human being is making mistakes. Nothing of the terrorism is backed by Islam. Look at what Islam is saying and not always what they are doing. Of course in this time all the media spreads just bad news no matter what topic.
Next Point:
You think I belong to a group and u equalize me with all of them. and you on the other hand are alone. thats not true, how many atheists committed crimes. But I dont blame their faith or non-faith. Its just ridicoulus to blame religion for that. In fact it is the religion which tries to guide people in a good way. What they make of it is their own will.
I can interpretate your view of everything as a sort of religion too, in which case you are a fanatic who doesnt accept another view of life.
I have many friends that are atheists. I tell them what I think the right way is and invite them politly. when they said "no thank you" I said "ok" and we continued being friends as usuall.
Thats it for today and be nice :D
Picture of TaxCollector20 achievements

+1 18. TaxCollector commented 7 years ago

#17. The Islamic fundamentalists who plant bombs, blow themselves up and kill other people would, I am certain, most emphatically insist that they are true followers of Islam. You say they are not. Who is correct?

I would guess here are just as many atheists in prison for: burglary/rape/armed robbery/fraud/etc.etc.etc. as there are Christians, Jews or Muslims. But I wonder how many atheists blow people up because of they don't follow our non-belief in God?

You seem like a very affable, though extremely naive person Siz. Life is a lot more serious and complex than you realise.
Picture of LightAng3l49 achievements

-1 19. LightAng3l commented 7 years ago

#17 I don't like any religion because it's holding us back as a species... They burned scientists for saying the earth was round and they are the biggest mafia in the world! They profit off people's fear of death.

"Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness" is what I hear, but killing of "infidels" and violence is what I see... If you come to my country and say you don't believe in God I'll buy you a beer, but if I go to an Arab state and say I don't believe in Allah I get stoned to death... so much for "peace, mercy, and forgiveness"...

Also the priests drive their Audi A6 cars while telling others to give the church money and support it, because God will help them.

I swear if I had a button that will kill all priests, destroy all churches and wipe ALL religion from the face of the Earth I would press the shit out of it!

PS: I am not an atheist. I am an agnostic. I really don't care if there is a god or not.
PPS: You seem like a very nice person though. I like you :)
PPPS: I know TaxCollector is never happy... live with it. it's easier.
Picture of ihateregistering26 achievements

+5 20. ihateregistering commented 7 years ago

This is an odd comment section under a video of a girl in a short skirt..
Picture of bendb20 achievements

+3 21. bendb commented 7 years ago

She did 40 handsprings... amazed that entire audience can't count!
Picture of ughlah41 achievements

-3 22. ughlah commented 7 years ago

If the whole universe is longing for entropy, why is there so much order in our world?
If every action has a cause, what is first thing that happened, even before the big bang?
If there is no god, how is it possible that americans still cannot count, despite being the bestest nation in the world?
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+1 23. Noobeater commented 7 years ago

On behalf of the voyeur community? So its established now that cheerleaders only exist for ogling at?
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+2 24. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#21 & #22 The crowd only counted 40 handsprings,and @ 1:08 the announcer shouts "40 back springs" which is actually called a back handspring. For some reason the school called it 42 and I can't believe Guiness verified it. Turn your volume up to avoid seeming so dumb.
Picture of msavio00830 achievements

0 25. msavio008 commented 7 years ago

how about those handsprings... I like how there's so many haters and idiots on snotr makes it that much better
Picture of Zebulun47 achievements

0 26. Zebulun commented 7 years ago

Football (EU)
Football (US)


Hockey baby!!
Picture of ihateregistering26 achievements

0 27. ihateregistering commented 7 years ago

#23 I have no idea what your view of a cheerleader is. And that is only half a joke.
Picture of Pepperoni3960 achievements

0 28. Pepperoni39 commented 2 years ago

I count 40, not 42, but still very impressive!