Having fun with mattresses

No worries... Safe for work :D

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Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 1. Fergus_Thedog commented 15 years ago

Coool. Back when I was a teen working at KFC we used to do pretty much the same thing with empty chicken crates on the greasy floor.... :D
Picture of SpikedSilver26 achievements

+3 2. SpikedSilver commented 15 years ago

sure it wasnt their tasty chicken pads?
Picture of spook2413 achievements

+1 3. spook24 commented 15 years ago

we did that with the shopping carts at the grocery store i worked at. fun times!!! >:) >:) >:)
Picture of 13ip0lar3 achievements

+3 4. 13ip0lar commented 15 years ago

I know this isn't the place to really be posting this but I wanted to post it somewhere it would get your attention Aliquantulus. I read in a post of yours you said "I never thought approving an innocent clip..." something something, so I thought you would be the person with who to bring this to their attention and since there is no PM system I resorted to this. I know sorry -_-
Point was I watched the Hiroshima clip and I watched another clip on F-22's, and I even think one on a "Fake" interview of American citizens. Anyways the point I wanted to bring to your attention was something I have noticed in many other comments and strongly agree with, which is this site is very anti-American or at least the sentiments of the users. I'm a big boy and I know ppl might raise the sticks and stones argument but I just find it ridiculous and at this point and overbearing that every time I try to enjoy a clip or read ppl's feedback/thoughts/comments/respond (etc.) It seems to turn into an America sucks/rules debate. I mean it's gotten to the point that if anywhere you name or your name itself contains the nation in which you residence as being American it turns into a flame fest on this site. I would like to stress the point that by no means am I trying to encourage censorship or that repercussions should be taken, I'm just letting you know as a result I think I might stop visiting this site/ viewing vids here, I thought that by recommendation on Mininova or somehow being associated with it everyone here would have common ground or at least be able to relate and conversate in an intelligent manner, and was mistaken. Once again I did not make this post to whine/complain/ or ask for action to be taken; Just as reflection on the attitudes of many of this sites users.

P.S. For you of those that will ask are you American, I simply would respond does it matter? Would you to not get sick of seeing everytime a comment is posted pro American or just from an American; "Stfu you piece of capitalist trash." I mean I'm sure many of you would have and issue if you seen "I'm so sick of you Euro trash acting all high and mighty."

(Finally I just wanted to say that I do acknowledge that not everyone on this site is like this and appreciate everyone who can debate, raise a point, or take a stand without taking offense to it. That said Thanks to all who read this and indulged my ranting.)
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+2 5. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Wow.. Never seen anyone go back and forth like that in one singlular post.
You obviously want something to be done, but then again, you won't encourage censorship or repercussions.
You're a 'big boy', but still manages to post something like that.

Sidenote: Don't say that the Hiroshima video was posted by me. That's bullshit. I (and obviously other mods) approved that video, that I'll admit. Of course not knowing that someone (again, not me..) would even get into a debate between the Germans being sorry for the Holocaust while Americans being proud of Hiroshima/Nagasaki.. And by the way, why are you even mentioning the F-22 video? Those comments doesn't say anything about America being a 'good' country or not. The comments (at least my comments) evolve around what plane would be most fun, a F-22 or a F-35 (BOTH MADE BY AMERICA FFS!).

What should we, in you opinion, do when a debate around 'America vs Rest of the world' begins?
Picture of glog2 achievements

+2 6. glog commented 15 years ago

Everyone run!!!! The PC police are here!!!!
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

+3 7. NucleoVega commented 15 years ago

to number 4... HOLY CRAP NO ONE CARES! welcome to the internet..
Picture of gregf17 achievements

+2 8. gregf commented 15 years ago

I had no idea the mattress was anti American....
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+2 9. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago


I somewhat do agree with you, but I also disagree;
some of the "mean" comments are in fact, posted by people claiming to be American.
furthermore, this site (I think) is based out of the UK---they can pretty much say whatever the crap they want.
Since lots of people that live in Europe do not live in the USA at this present time, their point of view is obviously limited to their country's peep hole (media).
Same goes for Americans, too.
People from the US don't know the full details about the UK, and people from the UK don't know the full details about the US.
We grew up in our countries, and we feel a connection to our home, thus we tend to defend things/people that fly our country's flag (even if we are not correct, we like to defend our country).

Put very, very simply: Americans are Americans, Russians are Russians, Chinese are Chinese, etc...
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 10. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

"this site (I think) is based out of the UK---they can pretty much say whatever the crap they want"

Why do you think Snotr is based out of the UK?
If you had done a lookup you would have seen that the IP originates from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nuff' said.. 8-)

But one thing I wanna know, isn't America supposed to have freedom of speech? Or do you have to move to Europe to say whatever the crap you want? :O
Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements

+1 11. Fergus_Thedog commented 15 years ago

Lol. Why does the schoolyard bully have such a hard time understanding why no-one likes them? Bipolar, simply tell yourself we're all just jealous of the wonderful ol' US of A and you'll be able to sleep nights again.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+2 12. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

USAnumber1: Do you really wanna even mention natural disasters? *cough*KATRINA!*cough*

Besides, the number of macho Americans is decreasing every day because of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan..
Some day it will be like invading a country full of illegal aliens, old widows and underage girls (gone wild).. >:)
Picture of SixaxisDualshock20 achievements

+2 13. SixaxisDualshock commented 15 years ago

"With a population of over 300,000,000 there are plenty of new births to sustain our supply of Patriotic men well into the future."
So you're ok with the fact that America looses good men every single day because of a war that the general population now wants out of? :O

Just because Tony Blair sucked long and hard on Bush in the oval office, doens't mean Europe is a 'friend'.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+2 14. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Where I get my idea that America is getting "invaded" by illegal aliens? Could it be.. Uhm.. American media? BBC, SkyNews, CNN, different late night shows (Craig Ferguson, Dave Letterman, Conan etc), other American stand up comedians and such? Everywhere I look there's someone talking about America and all your "terrible" illegal aliens.. Not to mention all the American sitcoms and movies originating from Hollywood that goes on and on about people jumping your prescious border..

Do you really think it's ok that so many soldiers dies as long as you can breed more than you lose in what seems to be an endless war? :O
Even I feel it's fucked up that so many soldiers have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.. Just because of WMD or whatever your excuse is nowadays..
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+2 15. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

"With a population of over 300,000,000". More or less, because there's no exact number, due to the millions of illegal immigrants (muslims, jews, blacks, mexicans or any other kind). They build up the american society, not the proud, white protestants, the patriotic men, you're so proud of.
"Everyone sure likes us when they have commies or nazis pouring over their borders ; or famine , floods , tsunamis , or other natural disasters". Who the f*ck ever asked for your help? You sure like to play the police of the world, trying to press your own will on other countries (making a nice profit from it). That's why people hate Americans all over the world, however I'm sure, there are a lot of great people as well, not just dumbasses.
"Freedom of speech is something this country holds dear", yeah, you can say anything Uncle Sam allows you. Or you have the right ot remain silent.
Anyway, I hope my words did not offend you. All I'm trying to say, is that the same shit is happening all over the world, so don't be too cocky.
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+1 16. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago

Guess I could've traced the ip, but at least I got the continent right! :(|)
I wish that I could say whatever the crap I wanted; American free speech can be not so free sometimes (still better than a communist country, I guess).

Since I'm an American that doesn't have my head stuck in a hole, I don't blindly accept everything I hear from news sources---American media or foreign media.
I sure as heck don't take a comedian seriously, either.
Listening to what Hollywood has to say....Hollywood is in lala land; two thirds of the "truths" that come from Hollywood are lies.
I could go on and on about the corrupt American media.....
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 17. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

I don't blindly trust the media either, but when every single channel and almost every single comedian complains about it, there has to be something to it right? If it weren't true at all the audience wouldn't be laughing as hard as they do. And the show probably wouldn't be as popular if they only made fun of something that doesn't exist. If everyone talks about it, I think there probably something to it. Probably exaggerated, but still..

But I'm getting tired of discussing this shit.. None of us is gonna change opinion, so why even bother?

You got problems over there, please, do something about it so you don't end up falling as hard as the Soviet Union did.

And next time, when a country doesn't want your help, don't invade it.. Period.
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 18. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

Why did the USA get involved in WW2? Was it just to protect their loans to Britain of $4336million? Did we also forget about something happening over in the pacific, oh what was it? ah yes Pearl Harbour.
I would like to point out that Britain has repaid it debt to the USA as of 31st December 2006, including the interest, before anyone can whine on that it was a free loan.
As for Americans and their world view it is widely reported both in Europe and the US that your nationals are highly unlikely to have left the stste they were born in let alone own a passport to visiit some of these foreign places you claim to have such interest in when it comes to invade, oops sorry send aide and support with substantial strings/conditions attached.
As for your concerns, USAnumber1, regarding muslims and there 'extreme ' believes about all other religions, ie they must be destroyed, you will find this is true of many other religions including the RC church. That is how religion works, your chosen religion is number 1 and all others are bad and should be detroyed/ignored/overcome. And writting that I see parallels between the USAs national policies and religion. Your way is the only way and must be believed and to question it is unpatriotic/dangerously terrorist/communist/(insert something Amerivcans dont like)ist etc.
So really USAnumber1 what is your point? Why is your world view so perfect and without reproach?

"Love and kisses the Corinthians" to quote Eddie Izzard
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 19. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

Why did the USA get involved in WW2? Was it just to protect their loans to Britain of $4336million? Did we also forget about something happening over in the pacific, oh what was it? ah yes Pearl Harbour.
I would like to point out that Britain has repaid it debt to the USA as of 31st December 2006, including the interest, before anyone can whine on that it was a free loan.
As for Americans and their world view it is widely reported both in Europe and the US that your nationals are highly unlikely to have left the stste they were born in let alone own a passport to visiit some of these foreign places you claim to have such interest in when it comes to invade, oops sorry send aide and support with substantial strings/conditions attached.
As for your concerns, USAnumber1, regarding muslims and there 'extreme ' believes about all other religions, ie they must be destroyed, you will find this is true of many other religions including the RC church. That is how religion works, your chosen religion is number 1 and all others are bad and should be detroyed/ignored/overcome. And writting that I see parallels between the USAs national policies and religion. Your way is the only way and must be believed and to question it is unpatriotic/dangerously terrorist/communist/(insert something Amerivcans dont like)ist etc.
So really USAnumber1 what is your point? Why is your world view so perfect and without reproach?

"Love and kisses the Corinthians" to quote Eddie Izzard
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 20. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

I personally don't care what your religion is or how often/well you practice that was not my point. It was that you will find religion as being a key issue in a large percentage of wars and dissagreements on the international stage.

As for repaying our monetary debt to the USA, would you be in the strong (economonic) position you are now in (barring enron, bank failures, credit crisis, slowing of the property market etc) now since world war 2 had it not been in itself WW2. Can you please explain what made the prosperous 50s 60s onwards possible given the great depression of the 30s other than WW2. Where did all the money that you lent to Britain go except back into your economy?

Also your knowledge of the world is shown in your response there. Would you care for them to be shown to your errors or continue in the good old American way?

Now I dont claim to be knowledgable on the whole world but I have dealt with all six continents both in business and socially, Yes including Antarctica, and feel that I have some understanding of what people are like globally. Can you claim such a posistion?
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 21. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

WOOT he can spell. Ah glad to see you not beyond critising any fair discussion when you meet a dyslexic.

Okay so it looks like I will have to spell (probably badly) out my observations about your world view:

-I am glad if Britain has paid back their monetary war-debt even though they could never pay back the families of the Americans who died saving England from certain destruction. We were helping England long before Pearl was attacked because no one else would and they asked for our help.

Now when did Britain and England become one place?
I am by birth British and by geography European but I can appreaciate the difference between USA and North America. I don't know who would be more offended to include Canada as part of the USA.

-I sure don't see the world as perfect but the US is still the best country in the world even with our problems.

On what basis do you make this judgement? Have you been abroad or even left your state?

-What other country has so many foreigners trying to enter it by any means possible? This country gives too many hand-outs to people who give nothing back to society....they are leeches sucking the blood out of tax paying citizens. It would be nice if more skilled and talented Europeans showed up here instead of the lazy crowd we have been receiving.

Now you obviously haven't heard about Britain or Europe in general. Since the end of the cold war and the changes brought about in Europe (Some could say by the USA 'winning', last player still standing) since the end of the cold war the has been a massive movement in population towards the west. And guess what Britain is the end of the line literally with the EuroTunnel. Guess what not all of Britain like this.

Now as to the USA having too many hand outs? Free medical care anyone?
And anyway isn't the USA made up of foreigners? Or did I miss something. Oh yes and how many good old americans would be prepared to do the low paid crappy jobs that foreign works are prepared to do?
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 22. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

So does this mean you have a dictionary but not a passport?
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+2 23. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Best desperate argument 2008:
'As far as being a world traveler I am not , but I can spell the words 'position' and 'economic' as you can not.'
When you're out of arguments you turn to criticism of a few misspell words? Come on, that's low..

'The fact that everyone is trying to get INTO America pretty much indicates my basis for believing this is the best country...duh'
Do you really decide what country is best based on the flow of immigrants?
Yeah, cause Norway (or Scandinavia for that matter) doesn't have half of Eastern Europe knockin on our doors..

How about reading some Human Development Reports by the UN? :(|)
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 24. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

Ah the joys of being called a snob as i questioned an american as to his first hand experience of the topic he was discussing. Is it unreasonable to question a country for having a wide reaching foreign policy that endangers other humans when its own population the same people that in theory create that the policy have little or no understanding of the world outside the own state let alone their borders?

To reply to your question regarding the WW1 debt it seems to me having looked this up as suggested some bloke called Hoover put repayments on hold. Now can anyone tell me who he was and if he had authority to do such a thing?

Or we could take this debt to be a re-inburstment towards to families or all non-USA soldiers killed in those incidents, that have become so common they had to give them a name, of friendly fire.

As to imigration I beleive it has a place in any society othewise it will stagnate and die from inbreeding (be that social, economic or biological). Why do you have such a fear of it?

A question to an american is it still possible to enter the United States through Ellis Island?

As to moderator on this site I beleive they are here to ensure comments don't become racist, anti reglious (towards any religion) or flaming, please correct me if I am wrong as I read the rules earlier today when I joined felling compelled to respond to the comments made earlier.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 25. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

'You say not many are knocking on your doors? How come,what is your take on that?'
The point being that for example Norway (and other countries that ranks high as hell on the list of Human Development Index) also has a shitload of people trying to get in. America isn't that desirable anymore, so get over yourself. Seriously..
I read over and over that the US gives so fucking much to every other country, but have you ever even considered that you probably doesn't hear what other countries also give away?
And watching Americans brag about their goodwill kinda falls on the ass when you consider how much debt the US actually has..


If you want to be a moderator, apply, but at least stop insinuating that we abuse our status as moderators.
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+1 26. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

Wake up Neo! USAnumber1, you've been successfully brainwashed. How can you say, that war is good on any level? That's what your government tells you, and you believe it. Most Americans believe anything they're told. But that's not bad. You can be controlled more easily. To be honest, I envy you a bit. I might have a clearer view, but I'm still flat broke in the end of the month, and I'm not fully happy and satisfied with my life. But I can imagine you, gathering your own little existence, with pulling up the stars and stripes in front of your suburban home, riding the hog on route 66, and live the american dream. And that's a good dream. Shallow, but good, because it makes you satisfied. About war: it's not good, but sometimes it's inevitable. Because whole industries are built on weaponry, so sometimes they need to use up the superfluous war material in made up wars. It's part of the economy (and looting comes in handy as well sometimes). Anyway, I can understand that you love your country, and I respect that. Just please don't try to make me love your country as well. Oh, one more thing: what was the nationality of your great grandfather? I'm really don't want to make any fun of it, I'm just curious.
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+1 27. supra11000 commented 15 years ago

I know i joined this debate a bit late, but i wanted to add a bit. People are complaining that this site is anti american, Who cares if it is?? America may be "the land of the free" but its also a shit hole, a completely corrupt government (even more so than many african nations). How good could a country be that elected both Clinton and Bush? Huh? Two morons running the country for the last decade or more. America is just a war hungry hick country, with internal problems matching that of africa in terms of unemployment and poverty.
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 28. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

Okay now I'm confused. Is the USA a strong country full of Patriotic men or a weak country being invaded by unskilled, free emergency medical care using, whining immigrants?
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 29. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

'The standard of living here is excellent as are our freedoms.' >:)

12. PLACE FFS! :(|)
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+1 30. supra11000 commented 15 years ago

well your freedoms suck, and thus your standard of living, its all propaganda, and you have been royally brainwashed. Have you not been to chicago, detroit, flint or new orleans? They are worse than most african countries in terms of crime, unemployment and poverty. I dont come from a paradise, i come from the UK, and it is a shithole as well. As soon as i finish uni, im moving to new zealand, which is a paradise. the USA is not the most powerful nation on earth, look how many people they lost in iraq. It took them ages to take it, and afganistan they actually did nothing but annoy the locals. The USA may have supreme military hardware, and a handful of skilled personell, but the generals, and main troops, even their so called "elite" rangers, are nothing in comparison to the british armed forces. They are cannon fodder. The USA is full of partriotic hicks.

The media in america must be terribly censored. Did you even know there was a train crash yesterday? The funny thing is, that michael moore is right, all of his documentaries may be hyped by him, but the american government are corrupt, the worlds biggest arms dealers, they embezzle more money than 3rd world countries dream of making. America may be "the land of the free", and with your "second amendment" you feel safe, but that is why there is more gun crime in american than MANY other places. There are only 2 really good things that are american; Vehicles (I.E. some cars, but not many, the Boeing company make good planes and the defense contracts make some formiddable weponary) and the scenery. America is a beautiful place, shame its inhabited by retards.
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 31. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

My confusion was caused by two Americans (13ip0lar & USAnumber1) having both those views I mentioned. Surely, that in itself, says something about this American ideal you're advocating. And at what point does the American ideal that is being pursued in Iraq etc become empire building? Something that America historically at least is against.

This I would love to see "stand on any street corner and voice my opinion on the government,the war,or the economy without fear of being censored by anyone." wouldn't they move you on and then most likely do you for jaywalking?
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 32. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

'I can (and do ) own as many firearms as I want , own as many vehicles as I can afford (4)and stand on any street corner and voice my opinion on the government,the war,or the economy without fear of being censored by anyone.'

And you can't to that in other countries?
I can do exactly what you can do, and should I be hit by a bus, I can actualy get help without worrying about insurance.

'If you derive your happiness and self worth
by celebrating your country's placement on a UN list then I
feel sorry for you.'

I don't, but wouldn't even that be better than blindly feel happy because your own goverment tells you that you're fortunate?
You're own goverment ows money to a metrich shitload of other countries, your own President cant pronounce the word 'nuclear' and America in all it's glory can't even find Osama Bin Laden who you originally trained and supplied weapons and money to!

'If we do not like our President well hell....we change them every four or eight years.'
I almost hope that Hillary wins, maybe that's gonna make you see the truth (Reagan -> Bush -> Clinton -> Bush -> Clinton).
I bet if George had a son you would probably end up voting for him as well. Or maybe Jenna or Barbara wants to be president?
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+1 33. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

From Italy? Cool. I was there once, and that place is beautiful, full with a shitload of crappy traffic signs and loud but nice people. I was on a business trip there, with a colleague, who's a retard, who could never shut his mouth (that's why it's so smelly). I'm just telling this, because on the way back home, I was sleeping for four hours in the car, while he was constantly speaking. Seriously. At the end of the trip I was so mad, I threw the roadmap in his face. We almost died. He was driving. Anyway, I think the ever actual American President is just a puppet, destined to take your attention away from the handlers of true power. He's just a clown with colorful ties (Douglas Adams rest in peace). Oh and I think (I truly hope), that Arnold Schwarzenegger will win the presidental elections next time. When he became the governor of California, I had a bet with my friends, that he will be prez in ten years. And I wanna win. Alright, I think it's time for another good beer.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 34. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

'but US Seal Team and Delta Force are the deadliest humans on any terrain'

Yeah, cause neither British or Norwegian Special Forces have kicked Navy Seal ass in competitons before.
Even American experts have a acknowledged that both British SAS and Norwegian FSK are far superior than the Deltas or Seals.. When you consider how many Seals and Delta there actually is, this actually isn't that surprising. The more people you include, the less elite you become..
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 35. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

And if you don't believe it, please make you goverment stop nagging my country about sending more Special Forces to Iraq..
If you hate the UN so much, why did Bush beg like a little bitch so the UN would join him in his 'fight agains terrorism'?
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+1 36. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

From Italy? Cool. I was there once, and that place is beautiful, full with a shitload of crappy traffic signs and loud but nice people. I was on a business trip there, with a colleague, who's a retard, who could never shut his mouth (that's why it's so smelly). I'm just telling this, because on the way back home, I was sleeping for four hours in the car, while he was constantly speaking. Seriously. At the end of the trip I was so mad, I threw the roadmap in his face. We almost died. He was driving. Anyway, I think the ever actual American President is just a puppet, destined to take your attention away from the handlers of true power. He's just a clown with colorful ties (Douglas Adams rest in peace). Oh and I think (I truly hope), that Arnold Schwarzenegger will win the presidental elections next time. When he became the governor of California, I had a bet with my friends, that he will be prez in ten years. And I wanna win. Alright, I think it's time for another good beer.
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+1 37. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

Shit, I've just hit refresh.
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+2 38. supra11000 commented 15 years ago

USA, global armed forces (for the most part) have all advanced alot from 1775, and as for the WW2, the americans only helped by swarming normandy, far more people died than would have been saved otherwise.

'I can (and do ) own as many firearms as I want , own as many vehicles as I can afford (4)and stand on any street corner and voice my opinion on the government,the war,or the economy without fear of being censored by anyone.'

This quote also proves my point that you think you are free. The part about many vehicles and guns is a very redneck statement. In actual fact if you voice your opinions to the government and they dont like what you are saying, you will be abducted and probably end up in guantanamo. Why dont you try it to prove me wrong. There is less knife crime in the US because they use guns.

I would also like to see your proof on the figures you have claimed about drink driving as well. And that quote ("your country loses more people to drunk drivers every year than we have in Iraq";) is also like ctrying to find a correlation between the number of butterflies in oregon and the number of plane crashes attributed to running out of fuel. They have no relation to each other. Drink driving is not so much of a problem in the UK as you think, but with a nation of 25 million+ drivers, there is bound to be some reckless ones.

I cant see that im gonna get into your brainwashed mind, so ill just chuckle to myself at how bad your country is. I know you wont find that disconcerting, but you will find it slightly irritating :P

P.S. please go to the whitehouse and ask for information on Operation Northwoods and 9/11 in the same sentence, then see how long you are "free"!! XD
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 39. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Or run into a US Airport and shout: "I have a bomb, I really have a bomb! Jihad!"
And see how far you would come..

Fact is USAnumber1, that you would take the blue pill any day of the week.
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+1 40. supra11000 commented 15 years ago

thats not actually what i was talking about, bombs and fires are not what the government are overly concerned about, they are more concerned about keeping their secrets from the masses.

I have never spoken about the french or UN, so i dont know where you get that from. Seals are not the best, SAS are the best, and i think you will find that they are renowned for their brutality and efficiency. Ahem, the British army went into afganistan and iraq did they not, they went to iraq the 1st time as well. And if i remember correctly, the Brits are still there in afganistan when the americans got scared/bored/both and went home. The americans actually sold alot of weapons to saddam, that was the first President bush that did that. I am not concerned about my freedom, even though the militants seem to think that the UK is meant to be an islamic republic. All this politically correct bullshit in the UK may affect some people, but i think its a load of bollocks and i speak my mind not caring what other people think. So if people arent aloud to call troublemaking youths "Yobs" or "chavs" then screw the system, i will. And if it gets too bad, then ill just move. And I believe i know more about anything than you do, for a start, im not from the USA which already gives me an IQ advantage. I speak 3 languages, am an A grade student studying maths, physics and computing, among many other things, which is probably more than you can do. So in response to your snide comment about my intelligence i give you a proper british salute, the Vs.

FYI, this has, and always was an argument about this website being anti-usa and everyone else has put forward arguments for and against your allegations, but you had to go below the belt and insult me, probably because you were scared, how old even are you, just out of interest, 14 or something?
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 41. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

'If you run into ANY airport in the world yelling that you have a bomb you will probably get shot,as well you should !'
Sure as hell wouldn't be shot in Norway. Norwegian police doesn't even carry guns on their body (they keep handguns locked in the back of squad cars).

'We are truly a free country but your jealousy of the US causes you to seek out extremes here and portray them as the norm.'
Have you even read the USA PATRIOT Act?

'It was required of him to ask but knew they would drag their feet to give Saddam months to move all French made weapons to Syria to avoid embarrassment to the French who had been illegally selling weapons to that murderer.'
Do you even do know that the US gave Bin Laden, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Taliban money/weapons to fight against each other and/or Soviet?

'Seals are the best trained,best equipped special forces in the world and the rest of the world(except you)realize that.'
If it's just me, why do your sad ass President ask and beg (through NATO) Norway to send more of our Special Forces to Iraq and Afghanistan?
Remember, a soldier doesn't become 'Special' just because you call him Special. Neither the amount of weapons you strap to him.
Do you even know that those eksplosive bullets (multipurpose) they use in Iraq is manufactured in Norway? (Not that I'm proud of that, but you sure as hell shouldn't be proud of US equipment when it's not even made, or patented in the US).

'Blue pill????viagra? don't need it!!'
The blue pill is a metaphor you ignorant pissant.

Maybe Wikipedia will help you:
Borrowing from the movie (The Matrix), the terms blue pill and red pill have become a popular metaphor for the choice between blissful ignorance (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth (red).
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 42. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

well, this is some interesting discussion on a "Having fun with mattresses" video ... rotfl

i just want to squeeze some of my opinion in here as a german that emigrated to the netherlands and is able to write quite understandable english (i hope). what ever.
a lot of stuff is mentioned here, like religion, weapons, dept, loan... but there is NOT ONE WORD OF OIL !!!
Oil is what america needs more then it needed slaves in the past to keep up there growth. peak oil in america was in 1970, so now they go to iraq to keep there petrol prices low. america is based on oil. nothing would work without oil. so what would you do if you sit there and you know where to find oil.. as a good american .. you grab your weapon and defend your oilprices. 911=inside job!

i am very proud to live in europe. i have been to america. but i have been to france, itali, britan, belgium, switserland and germany of cause too. every country has its own "Country Dream" .. based on there culture and there land. Every country dream is fantastic. there is no perfect dream. but how could americans see those dreams if they've never been there? thats so ignorant and a slap in the face for anyone living outside the US.

and another thing (off topic).... i think fahrenheit is the most stupid system there is. i wonder how many people know that 96º is the average temperature of a human and 0º is the coldest winter 1708/1709 in Danzig (germany) .. [WTF?].. inch and feet are just as ridiculos... but thats a british thing .. like driving on the left side .. thats so wicked :D .. i love it..

well enough of that .. i will just use my freedom here to roll up some weed in front of a cop because i can can can.

there are more balls and brain needed to make peace then to make war.
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+2 43. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago

Aliquantulus, I have to say, before anything else, you are a fun moderator :D

Anyway, we are all going at each other's throats, saying which country is the best (inevitably our own), stating our opinion as fact and truth, and just plainly insulting others.
Please hear--with more than just your ears--when I say this; everyones opinion is biased.
Whether you will admit it or not, we are giving biased opinions, biased truths, and biased insults.
Aliquantulus, you are obviously going to have a favored word toward your country (Netherlands).
USAnumber1, it is plain to see that you will be in favor of the USA.
Supra11000, You favor Great Britain/UK and whatever constituent country you reside in.
I myself, being an American citizen that lives in northwest Georgia on the Tennessee-Alabama state lines, favor my country when I speak.

What point am I trying to make?
I'm not making any point, really.
I just wanted to state that I will favor my home when I talk, and you will favor your home.
If anybody makes cracks at where I live--my home, my country--I will defend with words.

Since I mentioned that I live in Georgia, let me also say this long (not brief) message: the USA consist of a union of states, hence the title "United States of America".
These states have their own governments, which are not totally separate from the federal government, but still are NOT one and the same.
Each state government has a group of elected officials that have at least a slightly (if not totally) different viewpoint that varies from state-to-state.
Going from state to state can almost be like entering another country in and of itself *cough*California*cough*.
Georgia's Senate and House of Representatives is currently dominated by Republicans, as is the position of governor.
The majority of citizens in Georgia support pro-life, opposite sex marriage only, getting out of Iraq, and freedom.
The majority of citizens in California support abortion, same sex marriage, getting out of Iraq, and selected freedoms.
The majority of citizens in New England support abortion, same sex marriage, getting out of Iraq, and freedom.

The people of each state have different ideas and opinions; clumping all of these people together and judging them is not right. Ex: Americans are all rich, spoiled people! *cough*California*cough*.

I am guilty of judging other countries in this manner also.

I could tell you what I think of Great Britain, but my opinion is definitely biased!
And you could tell me how badly you dislike the USA, but I'm going to be skeptical! (sorry)
I know what my country is like more than you do, and you know yours better than I do; lets keep it at that!
I'm not trying to be a peace keeper here, I just want all of this misunderstanding of each other to end!

Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

+1 44. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

BombDiggady I appreciate what you are say re: home country bias. Not entirely true however, I, as previously noted, am British but feel I am more than capable of criticizing Britain and all its problems. I know they are there because I see them everyday and have to deal with them, to deny them would be ignorant. There are also good things about my country , do they out weigh the bad things I don't know. I will quite happily discuss things I have knowledge about and therefore feel I can have an informed opinion about but to discuss something unknown have have a strong opinion about is pointless. How can anyone hold/defend an opinion without knowledge of the subject matter?

However the problem I fell the non-Americans here have been trying to make is that America is not loved for its foreign policy. It may or may not be for the greater good (I'm not sure anyone on the planet can come up with a definition that everyone would agree with), but to expect everyone to agree with you is wrong. America does wade on into things, sometimes without obvious reason, to 'improve' things, but this is subjective and should be open to free and frank discussion without reproach or fear of being labelled as anti-American and made the next target for improvement.

Just because the USA is big and powerful does not give it the automatic right to set the rules and enforce them. That when simplified to this level sure doesn't look democratic does it? And after all isn't that what the USA wants for everyone?

Anyway can I ask where the USA gets its opinions/policies for the rest of the world when Americans themselves state that the media (any nations) can not be trusted and that they don't care to leave their own country to investigate the world outside their door?
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+1 45. supra11000 commented 15 years ago

BigBombDaddy, i dont know where you get the idea that i like the UK, its a shit country, hence why i want to move to new zealand. I am a biased person, i dont care that i am.
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+1 46. supra11000 commented 15 years ago

lol, it has been proven that there were actually no terrorists on the plane, they were remote controlled. The buildings were pre-rigged with explosive, and thermite, hence why 5 weeks after the "attacks" there was still molten steel in the midst of the rubble. as I have said previously, look up, or ask for, information on operatiion northwoods, it legalises ( i believe) and orders US military operatives to attack US soil and citizens so that military retaliation is deemed the only reasonable response. The attack on the pentagon was a missile fired from a small, old, figher plane. Read up on it, then come back and comment on it.
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 47. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

maybe you dont know that germany (82M people) exist of 16 states on land as big as iowa. For germans, going to another state is sort of another world. maybe you are not even able to understand people even if it sounds german. the north is very liberal and the south pretty concervative. every state is also devided in regions. and of course citys. all of them have 'there own government' ... after all its a democratic country you know.
And what really annoys me is the "you are all so far away so we dont care." attitude ... after all its OUR GLOBE!
so to look at it globaly, we are all imigrands in that global state we all have, and we all know what happends with imigrands that dont want to follow the rules of there state.. they get harrassed/abused/kicked out eventually... we are all new to this game.. trying to figure out the best rules... so if we get blinded now .. we get blinded forever.. and then there will be 9/11 all over the place... everybody that thinks you could prepare a burning 40+ story building for destruction in just a few hours is just an idiot (building 7)...
what ever .. peace
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 48. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Thanks for the fun comment, but where in the name of God (don't Interpret this as me being religious) did you get that I'm from the Netherlands?! :O

I'm from Norway, and not particulary proud of it (since we have a great country just because we were lucky enough to find oil and thorium). The point I've been trying to make is that almost every single American think their country is the greatest thing ever invented, while they know near to nothing about other countries. Yes, Norway is a very small country, but still, I don't know how many times I've been asked by Americans "Isn't Norway the capital of Sweden?". I might be a geek who remember shit like this, but at least I know every state capital in each state in the US. And they're not even a individual country, but just a state.

Back to USAnumber1:
"You must realize that if Hitler had not been defeated you would be speaking German and probably would not have the luxury of a computer or any weapons."
And if it werent for a few Norwegians commandos (Operation Gunnerside), Germany would have been able to develop one or more experimental nuclear reactors during WW2. But I'm not expecting you to know things like this.
And besides, If you wanna keep bullshitting with this 'you would speak German' act, we might just mention that it was a Viking named Leif Ericson who found Norht America first. You should maybe even thank me (for my forefathers) that he didn't claim America as his territory. If we go far enough back, America was nothing, so I almost dear you to keep it up. I get it, I really do, USA is (in comparison to a lot of other countries) a new country, and you want to be proud, but please, find something else than "you ow us for saving your ass", cause when push comes to show, America was founded by EUROPEAN settlers. >:)
Picture of Mantric1 achievements

+1 49. Mantric commented 15 years ago

Bomb, Ali is from Norway, but that's pretty much a step upward from The Netherlands (where I'm from :) )

The Human Development monitor is a pretty good grademeter to show a country's overall progress, regardless of who funds the scientists running it.
Regardless, the top twenty of that list is so close together bar the cultural differences it's a moot point.

The US debt averages at 30k $ per person which is not too far from the average for a western country.

I also severely doubt Germany could've kept Europe annexed for 60 years. you really underestimate our lust for freedom.

USA has ~300M inhabitants, Germany has ~80, England ~65. Pretty obvious 300M can tip the tide in a battle. Too bad they were just as slow then as the UN is now. It's called caution and it's not always a bad trait.

Oh yeah, Austin is the capital of Texas (ex-colleague lived there and it's in the series Jericho)
Springfield is Illinois, easy to remember because of The Simpsons and Atlanta is the Captitol of Georgia (1996 Olympics with bombing and all, who can forget?)

Disclaimer: Any of the above information may be faulty or totally untrue, I'm not an encyclopedia. This is the internet though, who cares :)
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 50. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

I for one really wanna see the seized video tapes from outside Pentagon.. And the reason the FBI had to confiscate a video showing a 'plane' hitting the pentagon.. >:)
Something just isn't right about that.. >:)
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 51. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

You should probably thank Europe in general.. America wouldn't be the same without Europe (read. European settlers).. >:)
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+1 52. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

Ahhh! Back home, from the office (where I was working my guts out, not chit-chatting with you people).
BombDiggady: I don't have a problem with Americans, or the country itself. I have my opinion about them, but I don't hate them/you. I hate rednecks, who think there are only commies, nazies and retarded people outside the US, and try to convince ME, that I'm a commie/nazie/retarded guy, because I live outside the states. But you look like a normal person, trying (very hard) to be objective, and that's good. I wouldn't mind drinking a couple of beers with you (and all the other people here), and talking about various things, like big boobs, cars, beer, sports, beer, big boobs and other fun stuff (not joking). About my country: I love it, but it's still a shithole, with a bunch of corrupt jokers, calling themselves politicians. Oh, by the way, does anyone know a job in Europe? I'm young, skillful and experienced.

Eerrm... one more thing: America was found by bunch of japanese a couple of thousand years before Leifr Eríksson, so technically they where the explorers of the new world. Their descendants where/are the indians (which is an incorrect and shitty name given by Columbus, because he tought, they arrived in India in 1492). Sorry, don't want to be picky (yes I do ;) ) but I had to share this as well.
Picture of ixidor1251 achievements

+1 53. ixidor125 commented 15 years ago

i could care less what ppl think of the USA, ppl r entitled to their own opinions, and to share them.i live in the USA and i say: "let people talk as much shit as they want."
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+1 54. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago

Ahhh, sorry; pure speculation failure on my part (was basing off of the IP comment)
I have to say, also: I wish that the people where I live explored into events and knew as much about the US as you.
It's really quite stupid for long time citizens of a country to not know anything about where they live.

Heh, Thank you!
What you say about politicians in your country pretty much applies to the US.
A bunch of immature men and women running rampant and unsupervised with their pockets full of money and minds made of sludge---Lobbyist are the closest thing they have to a guiding light.

I love the US people, not the government.
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 55. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

"Passengers on the planes made calls to loved ones to say the planes had been taken over.."

afaik there wasn't any way to use a mobile phone in an airplane till 2003.. cause up there there is no reception.
and the conversations i heard where really wicked/staged ..

also have you ever seen anyone on tv which loved ones where on any plane ? i only have seen people which loved ones where in one of the towers..

also there has never been a 'vaporized' plane before .. (plane4) .. just fell out of the sky and everything just disappeard in a hole.. sorry thats so nonsense..

i more believe in sience than in some corrupt government...

some movies to watch about that issue ..
"Loose Change, 2nd Edition" & zeitgeistmovie.com

but as long as 30% of the americans think that the earth is 6000 years old ..which is totally mad .. nothing will change there i guess.. poor kids..

scary movie to watch on that issue...
"Bible Camp"
Picture of supra1100017 achievements

+1 56. supra11000 commented 15 years ago

im not actually at uni yet. And Even though it was never carried out, it still shows that they were interested in doing it. But my point still remains that 9/11 was an inside job. Im not going to go on about it, because there are pages and pages of it already on the internet. It is a FACT that it was an inside job and if you cant see that then YOU are out of YOUR mind, Retard American!!
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+1 57. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

Yeah, like the UFOs of area 51! But that must be true, because aliens exist! They've kidnapped me too! They've drilled a hole into my ass!
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 58. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

I took one look at the hole at the Pentagon and knew that something wasn't right.. >:)
A big ass Boeing plane making a perfectly circular hole in a building just doesn't fly with me..
(Beggin' for a link here guys, help me out..)
Picture of Qiktor1 achievements

+1 59. Qiktor commented 15 years ago

Oldfart, why are you so curious? Did they kidnap you too? Want to talk about it?
Picture of Mantric1 achievements

+1 60. Mantric commented 15 years ago

Yeah, I read that before, it's very informative.
It's still a bit silly why they're so secretive.
Can't they just make a documentary with all that information and air it nationwide or even better, globally?

I'm sure it'll be painfull, but truth always hurts and this fearmongering doesn't do us any good.

Besides, setting up something like that and running the risk to be exposed and get 200 million guntoting rednecks looking to overthrow your government puts fear into the heart of even the strongest Bush >:)
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 61. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

yeah oldfart.. post a link to that video please .. the only one i saw (if you can call that a video at all) where a few frames from some pentagon securitycam ... not a clear shot of a plane at all .. post the link and convince me... and the call that i heard a guy said something like ... "hi mom.. i am calling from my mobile phone... " .. of cause i know there are phones on planes.. pff

Barbara Olson: born in Texas, worked for FOX .. thats all i have to read ... :D
did they all forget about that voting incident .. oh.. no that must have been conspirancy too..

please explain building 7! [ being able to pull in a few hours ]

i bet you have seen a video of those weapons of mass destruction in iraq too. shoot me a link.

and if you want to laugh .. this is some funny stuff .. an american senator compares the Inconvinient Truth to Mein Kampf ... read the little update...

The War on Science continues. lucky thats just an american sickness.. :D
Picture of 13ip0lar3 achievements

+1 62. 13ip0lar commented 15 years ago

My post as I said if anyone read which they obviously just picked out bits and pieces to bitch about, was just my reflection/opinion on what seemed to be a gradually building trend on this site; and only made the point that I perhaps expected more from a site that shares kinship with that of Mininova which in a sense promotes sharing amongst other things. You can all bitch till the cows come home I wont bother to read it cause Ive had my fill, I just came to express my opinion and as said and now proven, you all just jump on the Euro side or the US side and make it a battle of nationality. And I'm suppose to be the immature cry baby? Right...Hope you all set out what you hope to accomplish with your spell checked paragraphs and googled words. Anyways as I said, Ive had my fill best of luck with this site and your lives. :D
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 63. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Are we supposed to miss you or something?

1. Give me a link to a video were you can see clearly that it was a plane that hit the Pentagon. Please? :)
2. Barrett M8A1 + Raufoss Mk 211 = Dead anything >:)
3. We know that Saddam gassed the Kurds, but you ranting about the French selling weapons to Saddam is kinda idiotic when you consider how many people the US has supplied with weapons. Besides, the US also has gas and shit worse than that, so why doesn't we invade you because of WMDs? Point being, do you honestly believe you guys invaded Iraq because of weapons? You do know that the 'evidence' from the CIA was bullshit right? I know I've seen Bush on the stand talking about himself getting 'false intel' before he entered Iraq. And even if you believe the Syria shit, wouldn't you guys have invaded them already?
4. Eurotrash comment: It's pretty much the rest of the world, so maybe "the-rest-of-the-world-trash" would cover your basis a little better?

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 64. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

to all the PM believers out there ... here is the debunking of the debunk :P

sneak preview:
"The magazine is a cheerleader for the sophistication of advanced weaponry and new technology used by police in areas such as crowd control and 'anti-terror' operation. A hefty chunk of its advertising revenue relies on the military and defense contractors."

there is a lot more...

a little addition of info from my side (this is no secret)
Popular Mechanics is owned by the Hearst Corporation here all the Magazines they own:

Country Living
Country Living Gardener
Good Housekeeping
Harper's BAZAAR
House Beautiful
Marie Claire
O, The Oprah Magazine
Popular Mechanics
Town & Country

thats quite a believable lineup there.. :(|)
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 65. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Saddam had gas which he used on the Kurds.
America has worse gas, and a history of killing of native Americans. (And not to mention the use of Nuclear bombs)
Almost the same fucking thing in my opinion. Saddam couldn't be trusted, but neither can Bush or the US Goverment.

When America has delivered weapons to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Taliban, who-knows-who-hasn't-got-weapons-but-now-is-a-enemy-of-the-us, I really don't see the point in even bringing up the weapons from France. Like America hasn't gone done shit before without (or despite) the the UN telling it's ok.

I know the speed of a commercial plane, but considering all the video evidence from WTC, I can't fucking believe that there doesn't exist a video from the 'plane' hitting Pentagon as well. I know the difference between high explosives explotions and the shit you see in Hollywood, but do you honestly believe a missile can't be tweaked or altered into looking like a huge fireball? And besides, I never even mentioned a missile until you brought it up. I honeslye don't know what the fuck hit Pentagon, but the lack of video and the perfectly round hole they showed on CNN the day it happened doesn't add up to a Boeing 757!
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 66. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

You are hunting nobody because YOU are and will allways be on your side of the pond!
You couldnt stand europe! You would run in every McDonalds you see just to feel home for a second. You would piss your pans going 230km/h on the autobahn in rushhour with me.

and what the fuck ... OLD COUNTRY?

And dare you speaking in WE!
AFAIK is that 911lies site hoted in america made and taken care of by americans that REALLY love there country. you dont love your country because you are running around with guns and hoaxs in your head.

you should rather read CosmoGIRL! or House Beautiful... but dont even think you know anything about our land over here to judge us..

did you read or watch 1984 ?

Do you know the famous american Noam Chomsky ?

go to http://www.GOP.com (you know .. your führers site) and the first thing i see is DONATE ... i really had to search for that word on the 911lies site.. idiot

if you wanna know who donated to GWBush here is the list:

MBNA $3.0m
Philip Morris $2.9m
Microsoft $2.4m
AT&T $2.4m
UPS $2.3m
Bristol Myers Squibb $2.1m
Verizon $2.0m
Pfizer $1.9m
SBC $1.9m
Enron $1.8m
Citigroup $1.8m
Federal Express $1.7m
Time Warner/AOL $1.6m
Credit Suisse $1.6m
Ernst & Young $1.5m
UST $1.5m
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter $1.5m
Lockheed Martin $1.5m
Union Pacific $1.5m
Freddie Mac $1.4m
Bell South $1.4m
Glaxo Wellcome $1.3m
Amway $1.3m

Price W'house Coopers $1.3m
Deloite & Touche $1.3m
Eli Lily $1.3m
Goldman Sachs $1.2m
Anderson W'wide $1.2m
Merrill Lynch $1.2m
Exxon Mobil $1.2m
WorldCom Inc $1.2m
Lehman Brothers $1.1m
International Paper $1.1m
General Electric $1.1m
Global Crossing $1.1m
MGM Mirage $1.1m
Koch $1.0m
Aflac $1.0m
Paine Webber $1.0m
American $1.0m
Financial Gp
Boeing $1.0m
Southern Co $1.0m
Ltd Inc $950k
BP Amoco $950k
KPMG $900k
Am'can Airlines $900k
Schering Plough $900k

Brown & Williamson $880k
Bank Pharmacia/Upjohn $850k
One $850k
Qwest $850k
Anheuser Busch $850k
Cintas Corp $828k
MandalayResort Gp $810k
Lehman Bros $810k
Reynolds Tobacco $810k
Fannie Mae $800k
Bank of America $800k
American Int Gp $800k
GAF $800k
Chevron Texaco $800k
Paso $790k
CSX $770k
Burlington North $770k
General Dynamics $750k
American $740k
Home Prods
Joseph Seagram $740k
PepsiCo $720k
Chase Manhatten $700k
FPL Group $685k

Dominion Resources $680k
Prudential $900k
USX Corp $650k
Northwest Airlines $650k
Aventis $650k
First Energy $640k
Reliant Energy $640k
Walt Disney $640k
WalMart $630k
Cisco Systems $630k
Texas Utilities $630k
AEI Resources $630k
Westwood One $620k
Amgen $600k
K Mart $590k
UAL Corp $570k
Home Depot $560k
Duchossois Inds $550k
Archer Daniels Midland $530k
Edison Int'l $530k
Ford $510k
General Motors $510k
Daimler Chrysler $500k

and what did he do with that money? ... just winning the elections, drinking a lot of champagne and doing a lot of those companies a favour with keeping the oil price low for a few years.. nothing more..

i bet you are just scared that they put you into gutanamo bay if you say anything against your country.. but jeah.. thats the purpose of the patriot-act isnt it?
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 67. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago


First of all:
Oldfart mentioned me and started his rant, that's why I reacted to the missile comment.
As I said, I don't have a particular theory in my head, but the lack of videos and the hole CNN showed the day it happened never gave me that fuzzy feeling inside that I get when I feel something matches perfectly.

Pentagon is like a little own city within a large populated area (not HickTown USA), how in the hell could someone NOT get the plane on video? In these days you can't walk down a street without meeting five hundred peoples with camera phones.

The hole I saw on CNN the day it happened (and probably on a metric fuckton of other channels) wasn't clearly not from a Boeing 757.

How gives it more power to anyone by wanting to know the truth? (I'm not saying that I know the truth, but I'm saying I'm not 100% certain that it was a fucking plane)
I haven't heard of George Soros, and neither have I donated to anything even remotely involved with conspiracy theories (unless Pure Pwnage is some kind secret Myth I haven't heard about).

Who ever did what, I don't who, but I don't think Bush is responsible, he's not smart and doesn't have the balls.

I don't want to see another image (unless it's the same picture I saw that day), I want an explanation of the picture I saw that day.. And most of all I want to see a frickin' video of the plane hitting the building.. Yes, I know that a plane wouldn't make a perfect plane sized hole, but still, a perfectly circular hole just doesn't fly with me..
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+1 68. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

here is a list of US-Army people that are on the good side and at least try to find out the truth..

there are even more government people listed there (7 long lists of people)... just that nobody thinks that there are just entertainers being smart enough to think on their own.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+1 69. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Holy shit nooitaf.. :O
That's some serious interesting shit.. (Not kidding, seriously)

Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, MS, U.S. Air Force (ret) – Retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. Flew combat missions over Iraq. Former instructor at the USAF Fighter Weapons School and NATO’s Tactical Leadership Program. 20-year Air Force career.
"Statement to this website 3/25/07: "After 4+ years of research since retirement in 2002, I am 100% convinced that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were planned, organized, and committed by treasonous perpetrators that have infiltrated the highest levels of our government. It is now time to take our country back."

Capt. Daniel Davis, U.S. Army – Former U.S. Army Air Defense Officer and NORAD Tac Director. Decorated with the Bronze Star and the Soldiers Medal for bravery under fire and the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in Viet Nam. Also served in the Army Air Defense Command as Nike Missile Battery Control Officer for the Chicago-Milwaukee Defense Area. Founder and former CEO of Turbine Technology Services Corp., a turbine (jet engine) services and maintenance company (15 years). Former Senior Manager at General Electric Turbine (jet) Engine Division (15 years).
"As a former General Electric Turbine engineering specialist and manager and then CEO of a turbine engineering company, I can guarantee that none of the high tech, high temperature alloy engines on any of the four planes that crashed on 9/11 would be completely destroyed, burned, shattered or melted in any crash or fire. Wrecked, yes, but not destroyed. Where are all of those engines, particularly at the Pentagon? If jet powered aircraft crashed on 9/11, those engines, plus wings and tail assembly, would be there."

I know what I'm gonna be reading this summer.. :D
Thanks for the link nooitaf.. :)
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+1 70. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Thanks to the link by nooitaf I found the photo! :D

Some text from the website:
How does a Boeing 757, constructed from lightweight aluminum, penetrate over 9 ft. of steel reinforced concrete with piercing clean round holes, and leave no evidence of itself? A 757 Did this? ...if it wasn't so horrific, it would be laughable.

And I couldn't agree more. A 757 making that hole after going throuhg this [http://www.911lies.org/images2/entrance_pentagon_missile_911.jpg] much shit is just unbelieveable.
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u are welkom .. :)

its very good that you dont go to mcd.
i am driving a 120ps 1991 volvo .. nothing special. but i guess you didnt really read what i was writing but i dont see you going leagaly 230km/h in america at all (exept montana over day).. in germany you could go 500 if your car can handle the curves.

i was talking about heavy rush hour traffic and going 230 with a lot of other guys/girls going 280 or 230 or 180 or 120 or 80 if its a truck.. 2-3 lane road.. not as wide as those freeways where you are from .. those are just easy.. just pushing your corvette up to 260 doesnt mean anything .. i am talking about going arround 200 for about 6 hours non stop in HEAVY traffic.. maybe one stop for a leak and some gas.

here some videofootage (not the best i have to admit but its legal and nothing really special in germany exept that this is a LPG driven car.. )
some american documentary about the autobahn:

patriot act:
Of cause they didnt carry out a single act of terror since 9-11 because they never did in the first place! and it would be to early for another war. duuh!

harley and corvette.. you really are a full blown redneck. bah!
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+1 72. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

i am german .. :D
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0 73. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Are we supposed to be happy you 'saved' us from the Germans?
Or should you be grateful that some European (Leif Erickson, Amerigo Vespucci, Norse Vikings, Asian people, whoever came first) even found America?

If we haven't had found your country, you wouldn't have been an American.. So shut the fuck up when it comes you 'saving' our ass.. We got a fucking lot more help from Russia than we ever did from your fence-sitting ass..
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+1 74. most_uniQue commented 15 years ago

We should have forum of some kind...
Although i stand by Aliquantulus on this... Still...!!!1?
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+1 75. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

You stand by me? :O
This isn't looking good for the objectivity of moderators here on Snotr.. >:)

Sidenote: Can't we all just get along? :(|)
(This is not the beer talking, well, maybe a little bit)
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those who deny the holocaust are just stupid, cause there is way too much evidence and pictures and movies and dead people and buildings and IBM-Punchcard maschines that counted them .. we even got oil/patrol from america those days to make those bombing on london.. but when the russians came too close the americans got scared of communists and then they had to do something .. it was no secret about what happend in germany.. and the americans just watched what happened ..didnt care (as usual) .. as long as it doesnt effect themselfs (loosing economy opportunities and power or oil) till they got scared that the communists would take over europe .. .. now they get scared of muslim countrys cause they got the oil and america has nothing .. so they all have to be keept down.. we all know how america plays there games..

everybody and every country had made misstakes .. big countries make big mistakes .. small countries make small mistakes .. and your big country made a mistake with killing his own people and fooling the whole world so i poke my finger at your country ..

i just end it here.. there is no hope for USAnumber0 .. just weak arguments and BS.. talking about countries he doesnt know (not even his own, lol).. no intelligent reaction to the PM - Debunk .. no reaction on the donations list .. nothing .. so why bother .. one lost soul .. ~299.999.999 left to try to get some sense to .. :D

thanks to the moderators for keepin it low and high class .. i get very emotional when its about believing in things that dont make sense. like religion or patriotism.

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+1 77. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

Yes, calling every conspiracy nut gay isn't retarded (the act, not the person) in it self..

And by thw way Oldfart, don't confuse hate with pity..
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+1 78. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

Wow oldfart 'gay'. And your redneck problem with that would be what? In the event that nooitaf was as you so put it 'gay' what would the problem with that be? Is it a case that you can't be sure about your good old marines now that 'don't ask don't tell' is enforced? You know all those men spending so much time together... does your little ideal come crashing down if the men protecting you are interesting in saving your arse for their own pleasure? And if that's the case what does that say about USANumber1 as he hangs around with soldiers in his spare time whilst riding his harley in his leathers? hell oldfart sounds like you need to sort out what's going on at home before you worry about the rest of the world.
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+1 79. robthegingerone commented 15 years ago

British/European as explained before.

Anyway have you oldfart ever worked with a woman? Or has the distraction of sex been too great for you and you have found yourself chasing her around the workplace unable to think about work or anything beyond sex?

I don't suppose you see anything wrong with your attitude towards 'gays' i.e. leave them alone and don't have anything to do with them in case they want to jump you. Why is it possible for you to have such an opinion about one choice (homosexuality) but not another (religious freedom, personal opinions etc)?
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+2 80. Aliquantulus commented 15 years ago

I had a roommate in Uni that was gay.. As soon as I got him to take down the posters (of men posing) he hang on the fridge everything were great.. It was actually nice, cause he had a lot of friend (which were hot girls), and he was such a neat freak that he cleaned up after me without me even asking.. :D

He would hook me up with his hot female friends while making dinner for us all! It was great! :D
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+1 81. poobaire commented 15 years ago

Alright, I'm back. You all knew there was no way I was gonna stay out of this one!!!

USAnumber1 - what is patriotism? And don't spew me some bullshit from a bumper sticker ("These Colors Do Not Run" (in disgust at america, coloUr) because saying that means that every country with red, white, and blue on their flags also do not run (including the *evil* Russia, not to mention N. Korea) or another bumper sticker I love "United We Stand"... whatever)

I was born a patriot, and then I (unlike most Americans) had the desire to see something outside of the US. I came to Israel, and I have seen some unbelievable things here. I am Jewish, a very strong Zionist, and some of my best friends in the world are Arabs (not Christian, but Muslim, all the way). Why, you may ask, or if you are really stupid and closed-minded, how? Well, I understand and they understand, that there is no point in fighting (yes, we all learn from Fox News and CNN and MSNBC that they all want to kill everyone) apparently this is not the case. I can walk around with my buddies (side note: I am straight, and have a girlfriend) and just hold hands with them as a gesture of friendship. I know you (USAnumber1 and/or Patriot) are probably saying that I'm a faggot, because Americans have their little bubble and nobody is allowed within three feet of you or you'll pull your guns out (by the way, saying something like that, you should be shot in your fucking face, you asshole. Thats why the world hates you, because you all think that you're better than everyone else).

So, let me clarify something here. I am a patriot. (Patriotism denotes positive and supportive attitudes to a 'fatherland' (Latin patria < Greek patris, πατρ?&sigmaf;), by individuals and groups). That patriotism I feel is held for the entire world outside the US, because that country is SEETHING with hate, and all I want to do is love and the US wouldn't allow me to do that.

Thanks for listening

Sincerely James, Overland Park, USA (suburb of Kansas City, white suburbia, still seething with that hate of which I speak). Currently residing in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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+1 82. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

nice comment poobair. awsome that we all seem to be from different backgrounds and from all over the world.
even thou israel is wearing a bloody shirt too, it sounds like you are one of the good guys there and i hope you and your friends are doing something about the BS-Fighting thats going on in your region.
i commented again because wanted to add some more countries to the blue+white+red rule, just to be fair :)

North Korea
United States


The Netherlands
+ Colonies
The Czech Republic
Costa Rica
United Kingdom
+ Colonies
Dominican Republic

peace to all colors ! O:)
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to get the conpiracy to the next level check this site:

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+1 84. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

and something about holding hand is gay...
so these people must be all gay.
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+1 85. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

lol .. the connection is ... duuh .. they are holding hands .. and i dont think they even cared about if is it would be a guy holding another guys hand ..

you know hand holding is a sign of peace, but i guess as being a close minded person there is no way you could understand that..

what ever .. live on in your bubble ...
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+1 86. Tefkros commented 15 years ago

Wow, should i sat this? ok.... nice video, muahahaaha.
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+1 87. grizzlykiller2 commented 14 years ago

Cool a New Sport Mattress Boxing!!!