America's history by Michael Moore

Even Americans might find this funny :) A clip from Michael Moore's anti-gun movie Bowling for Columbine.

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Picture of wooptyfreakindo12 achievements
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-14 1. wooptyfreakindo commented 14 years ago

Michael Moore is a big FAT retarded moron! WOW that exactly how history went. All us white people!!!!
Picture of bergos2 achievements

+7 2. bergos commented 14 years ago

Well, he might over exaggerate a bit, but in general this is what happened. People from Europe (English, French, Spanish, Italians, Greeks etc) immigrated to the US, killed all the Indians, and just kept a few to entertain the tourists, stole their land, then brought slaves from Africa to work on that land and now 300 years later call themselves “True Americans” and some of them (not all for sure) are racists against immigrants. How ironic, since their ancestors were exactly that: immigrants….
Picture of xoffer12 achievements

-3 3. xoffer commented 14 years ago

Not a big Moore fan myself and was bored/cringing at his last attempt at overriding everyone elses' opinions with his own in assumption of his audience ignorance and treating them like a fucking 5 year old (no offense to 5 year olds). I'm pro-his political leaning (to a certain extent) but anti-Moore, in everything else.

This cartoon was part of his 'lets hope they don't think about it' tactics where, in Bowling For Columbine, he had just edited his interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park creators, for perspective) about their views on gun control, etc. Then he followed that up with this cartoon, pretty much making the ignorant (which was most likely everyone until the credits rolled and/or Stone and Parker blew the whistle) think that they had made this little animation as it seems to loosely replicate their humour and animation style.

Needless to say, he pissed them off. Probably two of the last people in the media world you'd want to get on the wrong side of.
Picture of bugalugs2 achievements
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-7 4. bugalugs commented 14 years ago

American taliban................
Picture of most_uniQue33 achievements

+1 5. most_uniQue commented 14 years ago

Well i think Moore's films are great. He tell's the truth as most of people think but are maybe just afraid to say it.
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

+6 6. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

Michael Moore went outside the US bubble and discovered the truth about his own country. Instead of just moving away he actually tries to break the bubble that Americans live inside. Tough crowd though.. Americans would rather believe that the rest of the world have been brainwashed to see America in a bad light, than believing that they are the one who has been brainwashed to see America as the greatest country ever..
Picture of dave919145 achievements

+4 7. dave9191 commented 14 years ago

Well that about sums it up nicely. :)
Picture of mdv1 achievements

-2 8. mdv commented 14 years ago

"Americans would rather believe that the rest of the world have been brainwashed to see America in a bad light, than believing that they are the one who has been brainwashed to see America as the greatest country ever.."

It's so refreshing to see Euros think they know more about my country than anyone who actually lives here. I love just driving around pointlessly all day with my ultra-cheap gasoline, polishing my many firearms, and proclaiming to my friends how superior we are to you dirty foreigners. It's a great life. If only I wasn't always occupied being a scared racist all the time and hiding in my basement from terrorists, it would be perfect.
Picture of spook2413 achievements

+1 9. spook24 commented 14 years ago

well we traded rum to the tribes chiefs for them.
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

-3 10. BombDiggady commented 14 years ago

I own guns....on my arms! >:)
(second attempt with this joke)
Picture of evul1 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 11. evul commented 14 years ago

Michael Moore should be shot in the head, close range with a .30-06
Picture of equilibrium2x25 achievements

-1 12. equilibrium2x commented 14 years ago

I remember seeing this a long time ago, but it got stuck in my head as a "South Park" clip. It is their style and its creators appeared in the documentary.
Picture of Petra12 achievements

-2 13. Petra commented 14 years ago

*blink, blink*

I doubt I would trust Micheal Moore. This clip seemed very... one sided.
Picture of totixpress18 achievements

-1 14. totixpress commented 14 years ago

It's obvious, that you americans, still can't see the real world beyond you...

You still think that B.Laden is the bad guy and you are the good lame and really sad.


M.Moore just has the head off the american ass and he's trying to make you open your eyes to see the real world and then change your attitude...

Sorry... :'(
Picture of xoffer12 achievements

-1 15. xoffer commented 14 years ago

equilibrium2x: read my first response
Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements

0 16. Aliquantulus commented 14 years ago

Point being that I know more about your country than do you about my (or other countries for that matter) country..
You live in a bubble which you wont look outside of, while the rest of the world stands outside laughing (and sometimes just feeling bad for you)..
Luckilly there's some Americans that actually manages to stay objective and actually learn something from the Internet.. They should run for President.. Seriously..
Picture of evul1 achievements

-2 17. evul commented 14 years ago

totixpress: You're a moron. Sit in your European bubble like a good little socialist and stfu.
Picture of LordFren32 achievements

0 18. LordFren commented 14 years ago

Well... Evul, I think you might need some school time again. Using such foul language is not a sing of 'cool'-ness but the sign of un-education.

As of Americans stupidity, the normal Americans are not really smart... I don't mean stupid, they are just not interested in the world... bless their hearts, they just need to look outside America, but nowadays I don't think that will happen.

Oh and BTW... Socialism is not the equivalent of communism, plus you should at least learn to use the Wikipedia to check what that is, because I don't think you even know what these 'ism's are...

Oh and a nice video to show you the average Americans... (If it violates any rules here, please ignore it, and delete the post, thank you)
Picture of LordFren32 achievements
Comment rated too low. Show this comment

-6 19. LordFren commented 14 years ago

Well... Evul, I think you might need some school time again. Using such foul language is not a sing of 'cool'-ness but the sign of un-education.

As of Americans stupidity, the normal Americans are not really smart... I don't mean stupid, they are just not interested in the world... bless their hearts, they just need to look outside America, but nowadays I don't think that will happen.

Oh and BTW... Socialism is not the equivalent of communism, plus you should at least learn to use the Wikipedia to check what that is, because I don't think you even know what these 'ism's are...

Oh and a nice video to show you the average Americans... (If it violates any rules here, please ignore it, and delete the post, thank you)
Picture of equilibrium2x25 achievements

0 20. equilibrium2x commented 14 years ago

evul i don`t like your attitude. if the EU decided socialism is better, and people are happy with it (2008 estimate: 497,198,740), it is a little disrespectful to talk like that.
The answer isn't that everybody should have guns, actually NOBODY should be allowed to carry them. But i must admit, that is hard to enforce in a country where killing is a tradition. Hell, you ran out of people to legally kill in the US so you needed to attack not one but two other countries to clench the killing thirst of your sociopaths. (that was me responding to your attitude, it just needed to be said and i don't necessarily believe it myself).
LordFren actually that video was posted here, if i remember correctly.
Picture of Maskime10 achievements

+1 21. Maskime commented 14 years ago


Well i'm french (sorry i didn't choose :D)
But i remember that i went to the theater with school to see this movie.
This animation itself is the visible part of the iceberg you should see the whole movie (i agree it's very one sided stuff but at least try to watch it...)
Picture of bergos2 achievements

-1 22. bergos commented 14 years ago

We shouldn’t be so cruel to the American people, and when I say people I mean the average middle or low class Americans. After all ignorance and being un-educated is not a crime. All the people are brain washed by their Government that they are the planet’s saviors, have God on their side and their job is to protect the weak and helpless countries (as long as they have oil of course or other territorial interests like in Serbia) and that if they don’t attack the Islamic people first then the Arab world will invade America, and the people believes that. And if they don’t teach them history in schools it becomes even worse. Americans are only interested in sports, cars, movies and most of them don’t even know the place on the map of the countries that they have invaded and the US soldiers are fighting and dying for.
Remember this: The biggest exporting product the US has to offer is guns and weapons, if there is no war on the earth they will create it. If by a miracle we suddenly had world peace, then the US economy would collapse and they would be the poorest country in the world.
Picture of mdv1 achievements

+2 23. mdv commented 14 years ago

"We shouldn’t be so cruel to the American people, and when I say people I mean the average middle or low class Americans. After all ignorance and being un-educated is not a crime."

Please continue sending the best and smartest people from around the world to our colleges, and have them not come back to their shitty 3rd world hellholes when they realize how much better it is here.

Our ignorant bubble totally rules.
Picture of bobjob251 achievements

-2 24. bobjob25 commented 14 years ago

America-bashers can shut up. You are as ignorant as you claim Americans to be.

Michael Moore is a manipulative prick whose only intent is take an issue, find one little problem with it, and then use that one little problem and blow it out of proportion. Then he gets all the weak minded shrews to somehow believe in his little rants and in turn start to attempt to act on them. In turn, he is able to get countless amounts of people to buy into his stuff, and make him money.

I saw Sicko the other day. The stories are OK (and they are stories, acted out by paid actors for many of them), but the entire premise is far-fetched. I have been disabled for about 4 years, and have had to switch insurance providers during this time (switching away from my parents) and have not encountered even one problem that would inhibit treatment. If insurance providers only cared about profit then wouldn't some sort of action have been taken on me and my situation, which has cost them probably close to 2 million dollars in 4 years?

Gun-control is important, but gun elimination is absurd.

Don't buy in to Mr. Moore or your so called knowledge on American culture. We Americans are just as happy, sad, scared, proud, and intrigued as any European who flaunts a bloated superiority complex.

We're all cursed to live on the God forsaken planet, and some of us are aggressive when everyone else is passive. Survival of the fittest. Get with the program or be left behind.

End rant.
Picture of bergos2 achievements

0 25. bergos commented 14 years ago

I don’t consider being an American-basher and I take this as an insult. I do know the American culture as I have lived in the US more many years as my father is an American. But I consider myself to be realistic enough to understand that all this aggression and war-creation has nothing to do with the war on terrorism and freeing the downtrodden. After all, there are worst dictators in the world than Saddam, for example in various countries in Africa but I don’t see the US army going there to “liberate” them simply because there is no oil in those countries.

It’s all about financial interests and I hate seeing US soldiers dying in order for Bush, Chainy and Condoleezza to get the multi-million weapons and oil contracts. Being ignorant and un-educated (and I surely don’t mean all the US people) does not mean that someone is stupid. The Government only allows you to learn in school only what they want you to learn. Same with the newspapers, and TV. It’s clearly propaganda and brain-washing. Politicians (all over the world) make a living by lying.

I agree that US has some of the best Universities in the World but creating great scientists has nothing to do with really knowing the reasons you are forced to fight a war thousands of miles away and who your real enemy is. Understanding and accepting the truth doesn’t make you an anti-American. America and Americans are great, but US foreign Policy really sucks, and it is sad to see how many enemies the US have made the last 15 years…

As for Michael Moore I’ve only seen one of his films, and I think he is not reliable in telling the complete truth. He is over exaggerating; he takes a small fish and turns it into a shark.
Picture of duck_dodgers3 achievements

-2 26. duck_dodgers commented 14 years ago

he processed it or he downloaded it???:(|)
Picture of Janosz12 achievements

-2 27. Janosz commented 14 years ago

so true
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

-4 28. nooitaf (admin) commented 14 years ago

those americans allways circle arround that oil issue.. like it wouldnt be there.. really obvious.
Picture of robthegingerone2 achievements

-1 29. robthegingerone commented 14 years ago

I have a question for the vocal Americans on this site:

If we can't trust our own nations news media or the US networks (both of which have been slated by Americans) who should we listen to for an unbiased and accurate view of the USA? Should it be American tourists (that small group of Americans that possess a passport and use it) or should it be those Americans that will stand up and have a voice on here? Or is there another option? As I feel that many of us not from America would love to have more information about the USA, so that we can make informed decisions to back our arguments up. Or is this request going to go unheeded or result in some more name calling?
Picture of poobaire4 achievements

-4 30. poobaire commented 14 years ago

i'm not even going to waste my time on this shit (this clip could be no farther from untrue - meaning i agree with it in every way)

Tell me this America, if nobody in the world had guns, you would still fight for your right to have them. WHY?!?!

and i know you would, because i'm a former american myself and i know you fuckers all too well.
Picture of Kasumi3 achievements

-2 31. Kasumi commented 14 years ago

If you feel the need to fight like with like then that is what people will think you are like.
Michael Moore is a disgrace, he takes perfectly valid arguments & distorts them to the point that no reasonable person wants anything to do with them or him.
When we in Europe are critical of the US we have reason, we have many, many thousands of them here. Only recently have the US forces in Europe been decreasing & please don’t be so silly as to suggest that they were here to protect poor Europe from the USSR, they were not, they were here as a first lineof defence between the US & the USSR, Europe would have just been a usefull battle field to slow the Russians down for a few weeks. Our homes & people would have been turned to ash a long time before mainland America got touched.
What is the real everyday American person like? We poor ignorant Europians couldn’t possibly know, all we know is what the US projects to the rest of the world & it is that self interested blind arrogance that turns many into American bashers. We hate the John Wayne history you believe because we know it is false. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour was not a “sneek” attack. The US did not declear war on Germany, Germany decleared war on islationist America. The US knew that Japan was trying to surrender but still dropped the two atomic bombs simple to show the Russians how dangerous the US could be. This is the history they don’t teach in US schools.
The American lives in front of his or her TV & believes what is fed to them via this medium.

No intelligent American would dare to come on this site & say that they are not being lied to on a daily basis via their own media. Michael Moore is an idiot, but he is only the other extreme from the sheeple that refuse to see.
Picture of Kasumi3 achievements

+2 32. Kasumi commented 14 years ago

I forgot to add, it was the Arabs with the help of other blacks that rounded up the slaves in Africa who they then sold to whomever would buy them. The whites only brought their ships to the coast of Africa to collect what was on offer. Nobody gets to walk away with clean hands if the truth is told.
Picture of Kasumi3 achievements

-1 33. Kasumi commented 14 years ago

I didn’t doubt your inteligent reaction to my post, but can you say that you are reprisensative of the general views of “The American”?
I didn’t know John Wayne was a Canadian, now that I am surprised about. I doesn’t however alter what I was saying in so far as he was used as an image, not an indevidual. I was talking about the Hollywood view of world history as I am sure you know. Your ideas on WW2 are not that silly, but they are much as I would have thought. There is little point to be served fighting out a detail by detail argument, you are American & I (almost) Europen, we will never agree & it could just get nasty, why go that way?
My main point was & still is, we only see & hear what is projected out of America, do we really know what the average American is really like & really thinking? I doubt it & having said that it is for people like you to take a balanced & more understanding view of what it is we see as America, don’t be so quick to blindly defend, because you know that there are failing that need to be seen as failing. When you defend everything American you lose credibility. I have an American daughter & American friends & I love them, but THEY (& you)are not America.
Picture of UncleChevitz1 achievements

+1 34. UncleChevitz commented 14 years ago

As a student of history I find a lot of what is in this clip objectionable. The not obvious inaccuracy is that the Protestants who left Europe did not always do so to escape religious persecution, many were pretty much forced out because THEY were the persecutors and everyone was rightly sick of them (Christmas was even banned in at least 1 country because the puritans thought everyone was having too much fun) The idea that we HAD to escape here for freedom is part of the basic "America is the greatest country in the world" i.e. "No one is really human but us" propaganda. Europeans can't really wash their hands of African slavery too easily though, as the Dutch also became very wealthy due to the slave trade
Picture of UncleChevitz1 achievements

-1 35. UncleChevitz commented 14 years ago

As an American, I would mostly only object to the comments of my own countrypeople, these people are all brainwashed and crazy, they do not respect anyone or anything outside of their own tiny paradigm. Ignorance is a virtue here. Anything repeated enough becomes true by default, it is like the Enlightenment never happened. Even many "liberals" here do not understand their own culture, they might be less disagreeable, but many also take their views as a matter of faith and not reason (even though they are secularists)

Who was it that said something like "those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it" some Roman wasn't it?
Picture of ijivanjee1 achievements

+1 36. ijivanjee commented 14 years ago

Honestly, it's pretty sad how people argue about how stupid americans are, or how corrupt our government is, or how greedy we are, or how much we suck, etc. etc. I'm not one to put other countries down, but it's kind idiotic to think that only our government is corrupt and no one else's is. I mean, if you really want to talk about history, you can argue that the UK and France fucked up the world in the first place. UK colonized america, india, south africa, the middle east, etc. South Africa underwent the apartheid, India split off into pakistan, bangledesh, and a few other countries (i think), the middle east (or the former ottoman empire) - thanks to artificially made borders created by france and england... well we know how fucked up that is.

The worlds fucked up, civilizations throughout history have done terrible things. But it's one thing to say Hitler was an evil man, and that people in Germany did very bad things - and it's another to say that ALL germans were anti-semites and ALL germans were evil. Anyways, historically speaking, the video DOES represent only ONE side of the story. Not ALL pilgrims came and killed Indians. A lot did, not all, probably not most. Unfortunately, Indians died of disease, and some even died of disease because of fucked up things a few families did like sending small pox infested blankets. There were always pro-Indian factions, although you generally never hear about it. Not all of America was engulfed in slavery, only the southern states were, the video neglected to mention that. The video neglected to mention all the movements GOOD people started to free slaves (and i'm not necessarily talking about hte civil war).

You can talk shit about America all you want. Truth is, we've come a long way. You think we're stupid? Some are, a lot aren't. Don't even think for a second that you're not as easily influenced by mass media as we are. We all are. The fact that you think we're so bad is an example of that.

Corruption transcends nationality. You think the shit we do is bad? What about genocide in Darfur? What about Saudi officials letting a school full of women burn alive because they weren't wearing hijaab? You think Europe is amazing and America is evil? Europian colonialism screwed up a LOT of things before the US began its colonialism. The middle east was Europe's problem, and they bailed out actually.

America's got problems. So does the rest of the world. Instead of bickering about who's got bigger problems, why not take steps to try to fix them?

I've travelled a lot. I've been to the middle east, to the UK, to India, to Canada... I gotta say, I love my country. It's a beautiful place. I'm not saying that because I'm white. I'm a muslim, my parents came here to find a better life, and they did - albeit that had to work much harder here than where they were from. I am free to practice my religion. Unlike France where it is against wear a cross, a hijaab, or even a religious cap, I can go to school and practice my religion openly. Of course, there are ignorant people out there, but to each his own.
Picture of clark5828 achievements

0 37. clark58 commented 12 years ago

#(removed comment) John Wayne was NOT a Candian. He was born in Iowa not far from where I was born. He was an Actor! It is too bad that Non-Americans get there impressions of Americans from the movies. In the movies Americans are either protraded as gangstas or normal people but live in very nice homes driving very nice cars. 80% don't live like that.

Peal Harbor WAS a sneak attach even the Japanese where not proud of that! The Japanese embasitor had just signed a treaty agreement before the bombing.

As far as US troops in Euope after WWII, we didn't need to protect America from there, our nukes would have stopped any thought of trouble from the Soviets for the US.

I for one would love to stop paying to protect other countries especially when I hear how much we are hated for it. I would vote to bring our troups within our boarders and let the rest of the world pay for their own defense.
Picture of tifmasta35 achievements

-1 38. tifmasta commented 12 years ago

wtf all are these 450 words comment .. dude its a comment not a history classes
Picture of Oovan2 achievements

+1 39. Oovan commented 12 years ago

This is extremely offensive. Not only is most of this incorrect, but it is EXTREMELY racist. Michael Moore is a terrible America hating lard ass.
Picture of alexandru21 achievements

+1 40. alexandru commented 12 years ago

hahaha ! tahts really true