Magic trick?

Air plus 'something' equals magic?

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Picture of wdwakwwa11 achievements

-1 1. wdwakwwa1 commented 13 years ago

Very clever, I wonder what kind of nozzle he is using. 8-)
Picture of jesus9 achievements
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-12 2. jesus commented 13 years ago

I do this when I'm bored.

Jesus out.
Picture of jesus9 achievements
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-12 3. jesus commented 13 years ago

I do this when I'm bored.

Jesus out.
Picture of emjaysea8 achievements

+4 4. emjaysea commented 13 years ago

I'd have to see it in person and up close to believe it. The air would make it spin, but as it's striking the side of the tape obliquely, I'd think that removing one's hand would simply cause the tape to be propelled away from the air stream.
Picture of NucleoVega23 achievements

-1 5. NucleoVega commented 13 years ago

there's probably air blowing upwards from below where we can't see.
Picture of thomsi1417 achievements

+5 6. thomsi14 commented 13 years ago

BURN HIM!!! he's a wizard or shoot him or stab him or get some crazy chinese looking dude with a big samurai sword to kill him
Picture of jej_knowles5 achievements

-1 7. jej_knowles commented 13 years ago

use your brains you numpties! the air flowing over the top of the roll creates a vacum below the roll in the same way that an aeroplane wing does and creates uplift! so much so that the air flow holds the roll in the air! THE END !
Picture of darrylg13 achievements

+1 8. darrylg commented 13 years ago

@ jej_knowles
airplanes don't create vacuum's below the wings, lol
you might want to check up on your theory
Picture of itsSimple716 achievements

+1 9. itsSimple7 commented 13 years ago

Basic physics, bernoulli principal, air moving over a wing at a higher pressure than the air under the wing causes lift, (suction upwards), and is the basic principal of flight. A similar class room experiment is done with a vacuum cleaner and an egg.
Picture of jej_knowles5 achievements

0 10. jej_knowles commented 13 years ago

nothing to do with vacuum's?
Hold a playing card infront of your mouth directly in front of a burning candle! when you blow you will find that the flame will be sucked towards the back of the card due to the created suction! what is sucction? read it and weep!
Suction is the flow of a fluid into a partial vacuum, or region of low pressure. The pressure gradient between this region and the ambient pressure will propel matter toward the low pressure area. Suction is popularly thought of as an attractive effect, which is incorrect since vacuums do not innately attract matter. Dust being "sucked" into a vacuum cleaner is actually being pushed in by the higher pressure air on the outside of the cleaner. :*
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+1 11. BombDiggady commented 13 years ago

Obviously explained.
Picture of f2ip1 achievements

+2 12. f2ip commented 13 years ago

jej, you almost have it right...

"The speed of a moving fluid has an effect on the pressure exerted by the fluid. Bernoulli's Principal is the concept that as the speed of a moving fluid (liquid or gas) increases, the pressure within that fluid decreases. The principle states that the total energy in a steadily flowing fluid system is a constant along the flow path. An increase in the fluids speed must be matched by a decrease in it's pressure."

taken from
Picture of Daybreak9 achievements

0 13. Daybreak commented 13 years ago

Hey laminilo quit posting URLs that infect people with spyware.
Picture of DonRobeo7 achievements

0 14. DonRobeo commented 13 years ago

no kidding, laminilo has posted that crap on every video I've checked out, 7 so far
Picture of duck_dodgers3 achievements

-1 15. duck_dodgers commented 13 years ago

Picture of thomsi1417 achievements

0 16. thomsi14 commented 13 years ago

your all WRONG!! its my damn cock painted like the background holding it muhahahaha
Picture of poobaire4 achievements

0 17. poobaire commented 13 years ago

no, even you thomisi14 are wrong, as well as the rest of you. this person is obviously a witch and a native american witch at that. burn him!!!
Picture of lejink2 achievements

0 18. lejink commented 13 years ago

air rushing over it causing a low pressure area drawing it up.. the fact that its spinning so fast keeps it from just turning over n falling out of the air stream
Picture of Maffis42 achievements

0 19. Maffis commented 13 years ago

oh 19, you just had to spoil the fun didn't ya?
Picture of skobalj1 achievements

0 20. skobalj commented 13 years ago

I am machinist and with air hose you can hold any object that have curbed end i do this when i am bored items like screwdriver is all about finding right spot to blow air under curb upward.
Picture of shavedfish2 achievements

0 21. shavedfish commented 13 years ago

#9 i did an experiment with a vacuum cleaner and an egg once :O
Picture of Denamic5 achievements

+1 22. Denamic commented 13 years ago

People who find this amazing needs to go to school more.
Picture of postman10 achievements

-1 23. postman commented 11 years ago

erm....what? this supposed to be mind bendingly amazing?
Picture of quadie39 achievements

+1 24. quadie commented 11 years ago

I had to try this out for myself when i seen it, it's real cool, just don't do it outside cause when the tape hits the ground it's gone
Picture of Hellion198238 achievements

0 25. Hellion1982 commented 11 years ago

Heck, I was ready to rate it down when it started. Couldn't wait to rate it up when it ended.