Coke mixed with Milk Experiment

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Picture of Scotsman5045 achievements

+6 1. Scotsman50 commented 7 years ago

Glad I do not drink Coke but Milk is nice and Natural
Picture of ringmaster54 achievements

+5 2. ringmaster commented 7 years ago

Not all transparent is glass, plastic or water. If I put on a chemistry show, I also show one chemical reaction at a piece of paper or something.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+7 3. fjwjr commented 7 years ago

The first question is whether that is "real" Coke. I know that when I was in the Middle East we got "Pepsi" that was made in Turkey and wasn't anything like what is made in the US.
The formula for what he's using might be completely different.
Picture of torbengb43 achievements

+3 4. torbengb commented 7 years ago

Did not expect that :)

#3 I second that -- when I visited St. Petersburg (former Leningrad, in Russia) the safest thing we could drink was Pepsi, manufactured locally on license. It did _not_ taste like Pepsi but that wasn't our goal anyway -- our goal was intestinal survival :x
Picture of drunkmonk42 achievements

0 5. drunkmonk commented 7 years ago

#3 it's the flavoring that makes cola cola. In batch you can import it from china, but I bet Turkey itself is industrious enough to make their own flavor. And that's is pure chemistry - but the color and the sediment that formed is from the sugar and food coloring.. Not a chemist, but that's basically it. I bet that the water would have the cola aroma without the sugar to enhance it. My grandfather when making calvados (apple distillate) uses milk to precipitate the bad smelling distillation fractions.

There is a chemical or a polarization process cola bottle goes through for the liquid not to do that on it's own, but the filtration with milk.. hmm.. Can't find it on a fast whimp.. Milk coagulates, but is it casein, and if it is, than due to what, and in either case - in vodkas case - why do fusel oils attract to the coagulant. And there lies the answer to why cola precipitated. If someone can find how - you get a thumbs up from all of us :)
Picture of Baboon39 achievements

-2 6. Baboon commented 7 years ago

#1 milk is what?
You are wrong, nothing worse than milk for adults, unless you are a kid.
it causes:

breast cancer
kidney stones
heart disease
multiple sclerosis
rheumatoid arthritis

and more...

Go learn about it please.
Picture of loadrunner54 achievements

+2 7. loadrunner commented 7 years ago

The acid in the cola reacts with the milk, and makes some sort of cheesecurd. it subtracts sugars, protein and minerals from the liquid. The liquid divides itself from the 'cheese' . If you add a bottle of cola to a gallon of milk and leave it for an hour at roomtemperature( then stir it a bit), you can put it trough a cloth to make cheese.
Picture of blue_alien41 achievements

+5 8. blue_alien commented 7 years ago

#6 But it's still natural :D
Picture of imagic42 achievements

+2 9. imagic commented 7 years ago

#3 plese don't call pepsi real coke >:)
Picture of Meggey42 achievements

+1 10. Meggey commented 7 years ago

#6 I'v been drinking milk since i was a kid and im 26 now nothing wrong with me same with my dad too 56yr fit as a fiddle
Picture of Noobeater26 achievements

+2 11. Noobeater commented 7 years ago

He turned water into wine!!! Almost.
Picture of Thanny37 achievements

0 12. Thanny commented 7 years ago

#6 is speaking absolute rubbish. Lactose tolerance in adulthood evolved for a reason in the populations that have it (virtually all Europeans, and a few tribes in eastern Africa).
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 13. sux2bu commented 7 years ago

#9 He didn't.
Picture of loadme33 achievements

+1 14. loadme commented 7 years ago

"share it. because this video is big. its insane"

LOL. Someone should tell this guy the truth.
Picture of dariodexter32 achievements

+2 15. dariodexter commented 7 years ago

#1 No. Cow milk that you drink is anything but natural. The milk that comes from the cow and the end result milk that you drink is so different (processed), it shouldn't even be called the same. Same goes for other milk (goat, sheep).
Picture of bella131 achievements

0 16. bella1 commented 7 years ago

#6 has no teeth, from calcium deficiency
Picture of drunkmonk42 achievements

-1 17. drunkmonk commented 7 years ago

#7 That, yes.. Maybe that's it. But even if that would be the answer, the question - why does the food coloring and in distillates case, fusel fuels are attracted to that milk.

(Casein, when due to H+ ions in the milk suspension the isoelectricity of casein changes, and like an enzyme it unfolds - this creates 3D structures, in which water is trapped. And when cut - that is curdle.)

I thought about it as well, so before I posted the comment I measured the pH of my grandfather's calvados - and it was 6. Technically .6 points of pH 6.6. - the point at which casein micellae start to become unstable and start unfolding. But that's not the case, because nor in this video, nor in distillate filtration the milk curdles. It remains liquid.

So ok, as cola is 2.2 Ph (if you can trust the internet) than - milk would form a regular curd.. So I think it's logical to deduce that the milk remains liquid when used as a filter (in colas and distillate case), because it's in (what was the correct chemistry term in English -- I mean here in a proportion where cola to milk is overwhelmed). So due to the overwhelmed proportion of cola milk stays, for magical reasons liquid.

Ok. But then how milk does it's selective work of taking out the bad stuff out of distillates and the bad stuff out of cola (leaving water :D )

#15 at least it my country it's the same milk still after pasteurization and fat separation.
Picture of 2up23 achievements

+2 18. 2up commented 7 years ago

#6 is mostly correct. Milk from cows is bad for all humans both young and old. To anyone that thinks consuming cow's milk is natural please answer these two questions:

1. What non-human species drinks the milk of another species?
2. What non-human species drinks milk as an adult?