Evolution of Wedding Dance

A combination of Best first dance at a wedding ever and Evolution of Dance. Quite long, but worth the time.

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Picture of dave919145 achievements
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-16 1. dave9191 commented 15 years ago

if you found the the first 45 sec boring, save yourself some time and go onto the next vid instead.
Picture of Tareim46 achievements

+20 2. Tareim (admin) commented 15 years ago

he sure is agile for a big guy (no offence intendid to anyone)
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

+8 3. nooitaf (admin) commented 15 years ago

its a funny idea ... and they did it pretty well :D

in the end its a show for there family :) seem worst wedding dances >:)

wow . .. got chills in te end :D
Picture of adipall17 achievements

+6 4. adipall commented 15 years ago

i agree with Tareim this guy can move for his size?(i still wouldnt want him walking up and down my spine though)lol congrat on your wedding.
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

+10 5. BombDiggady commented 15 years ago

That big guy can throw da moves!!!! :D
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

-2 6. banzemanga commented 15 years ago

rolf. Happy Couple?
Picture of nathan9 achievements

+3 7. nathan commented 15 years ago

this was heavy sport !!!
Picture of blacklama16 achievements

-3 8. blacklama commented 15 years ago

they sure watched this video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg

still, nice idea to do this as a wedding dance
Picture of imapwnzu7 achievements

+5 9. imapwnzu commented 15 years ago

lolz someone get some oxygen the guy is gonna die. jus kiddin XD. It jus goes to show even big people can get hot wives.
Picture of queston3 achievements

+2 10. queston commented 15 years ago

If tehy can cooperate like this for the rest of their marriage, They will have no worries.
Picture of sparK24 achievements

+2 11. sparK commented 15 years ago

hy all

pls some1 tell me what's the song name at 3:35
sorry for my english(i'm romanian)
Picture of adipall17 achievements

+1 12. adipall commented 15 years ago

hi spark the song is (cotton eyed joe)
Picture of sparK24 achievements

+3 13. sparK commented 15 years ago

thank you!! ;)
Picture of skc2 achievements

+3 14. skc commented 15 years ago


I like it when people can really surprise all there loved ones.

The excitement by the crowd is mind blowing! They have the crowd completely surprised!

Just Excellent!

Congratz to the married couple! It shows your commitment to each other and loved ones!


Picture of quick6 achievements

+4 15. quick commented 15 years ago

Picture of Johnisnascar3 achievements

+1 16. Johnisnascar commented 15 years ago

Picture of Johnisnascar3 achievements

+5 17. Johnisnascar commented 15 years ago

I loved it. Wish I could have been there :) :( 8-) :*
Picture of WildWilson2 achievements

+5 18. WildWilson commented 15 years ago

Lot's of practice - something special for the new couple for their memories and their guests

All the best wishes for the couple to enjoy love for their lives together!!! - the Wildman
Picture of smhinson4 achievements

+5 19. smhinson commented 15 years ago

Loved it....PERFECT!!!!!!
Picture of denaplus32 achievements

+4 20. denaplus3 commented 15 years ago

:D I couldn't stop laughing!
Picture of patj4101 achievements

+2 21. patj410 commented 15 years ago

I think it was great! I also think it is terrible that everyone comments about his size...that is almost discriminating! Does that make him less a person and less talented because of his size? Give me a break. We have some pretty shallow people that have commented here! If that is all we see than too bad for them.
Picture of javyphotography1 achievements

+4 22. javyphotography commented 15 years ago

I think this was great, I work for the media I can't help but send it to the media, loved it .. I will have them interviewed by the media.

Good luck.

Picture of scas6412 achievements

+2 23. scas64 commented 15 years ago

have seen a couple of these videos like evolution but this one is the best!!!
Picture of scas6412 achievements

+5 24. scas64 commented 15 years ago

have seen a couple of these videos like evolution but this one is the best!!!
Picture of silverfox2 achievements

+7 25. silverfox commented 15 years ago

you guys did your thing,I think thats cool,happy life to you both
Picture of ebtd2 achievements

+4 26. ebtd commented 15 years ago

This couple is delightful. With this kind of fun, they will make it through life!!
Picture of melissamaree2 achievements

+7 27. melissamaree commented 15 years ago

Hilarious!!! So original and entertaining! Such "musicality" too. Loved it!!!! Thanks for sharing your first dance with those of us who weren't so original. hahahaha :*
Picture of Laudley2 achievements

+5 28. Laudley commented 15 years ago

HAHAHAHA!!! This is great!! HILARIOUS! Also, I was cracking up when she smacked her own hand in, Mr. Roboto...LMAO!!
Picture of luvdancin1 achievements

+2 29. luvdancin commented 15 years ago

I just turned a young 70! May I PULEEEEEEEEEEEEZ have the next dance? I'm married to an ol' poop that wouldn't have fun like this if you paid him. Thanks for my laugh today!
Picture of stersource1 achievements

+1 30. stersource commented 15 years ago

Picture of nikkih2 achievements

+2 31. nikkih commented 15 years ago

That was Awesome! Congrats to the marriend couple. I especially liked when the husband busted a move to Michael Jackson!!
Picture of charlene1 achievements

+4 32. charlene commented 15 years ago

This is priceless. I imagine these two will have a long and happy life together sharing joys and sorrows with equal ease.
Picture of judithtjester1 achievements

+2 33. judithtjester commented 15 years ago

:) This marriage will last a long time! Fantastic!
Picture of fionap192 achievements

+4 34. fionap19 commented 15 years ago

Fantastic dance and video of it. thanks for sharing with us!! that is the best ever...by the way guys if you see this congratulations...i think you are fantastic and such a great sense of humour!!!

Best wishes from ireland

Picture of treehugger5572 achievements

+3 35. treehugger557 commented 15 years ago

These two have a far better chance at a successful union than many because of their love of life, shared interests and talents, and their desire to have fun together...good reasons to spend a life together. They obviously complement one another. May they always enjoy one another and life as they did on their wedding day! This is a fabulously entertaining video!!!
Picture of nana63443 achievements

+4 36. nana6344 commented 15 years ago

This was so awesome. They are a very cute couple. Congratulations and many more happy dances. You guys did such a GREAT JOB!! Thanks for shring the video.
Picture of dale18601 achievements

+4 37. dale1860 commented 15 years ago

Looks like the rest of the wedding must have been a blast! great idea! Best Wishes to the fun loving couple!
Picture of ladyboop1 achievements

+2 38. ladyboop commented 15 years ago

WOW, I want to do that at my next wedding...congrats to the young couple you are going to have a lot of fun in your marriage....don't ever forget to laugh and have fun. :D
Picture of Motherof22 achievements

+3 39. Motherof2 commented 15 years ago

I laughed,cried,laughed some more. What a wonderfully loving,and compatable couple. You are truly blessed. This is an example of how a couple should start off their life together. God Bless and Congratulations!
Picture of plurft46 achievements

+2 40. plurft commented 15 years ago

She's beautiful. Good job, big guy. You done good.
Picture of bunnyskys2 achievements

+2 41. bunnyskys commented 15 years ago

This was beautiful, it made me cry.

This is romance, love, and marriage....FUN, LIVING, ENJOYING each other!!!!!!

My best wishes to this couple on a loving happy marriage. You're off to a good start. Never forget the enjoyment you shared this day, and WHY you were sharing it.

Blessed Be!
Picture of stsax5 achievements

+2 42. stsax commented 15 years ago

I enjoyed the video for sure. Me and my brother-in-law are part-time professional DJ's and do a lot of weddings. I have never seen something as good as what you two have done here.
Good luck in your marriage.
Picture of clarkandavis2 achievements

+2 43. clarkandavis commented 15 years ago

Someone ought to show this to Oprah. She had another couple on her show, that did a dance similar to this one at their wedding. It was great too. I liked this one as well as I did that one. It was called the best wedding dance ever too, I think. If you type the word wedding on Snotr, it will come up.
Picture of dlphngrl1 achievements

+2 44. dlphngrl commented 15 years ago

That was absolute GENIUS!!! I hope that if I ever get married I will find a guy who will do that at our reception. :(|)
Picture of karen2 achievements

+5 45. karen commented 15 years ago

That was awesome ,best of luck to both of you in your journey of life together!
Picture of Suzy19631 achievements

+4 46. Suzy1963 commented 15 years ago

That dance was great! I just got married last year and wish I thought of doing something like that. I would have done it but my husband is more on the shy side, so I'm not sure if he would have been like the groom on this video. Our wedding song was Shania Twain's "From this Moment."
Picture of daisykme2 achievements

+3 47. daisykme commented 15 years ago

Picture of echoe2 achievements

+3 48. echoe commented 15 years ago

That was great!!! Best I've seen Both are Very Good O:)
Picture of titanup2 achievements

+3 49. titanup commented 15 years ago

I am so jealous!! Congrats!! I hope your whole life is as much fun!!
Picture of harleymom20002 achievements

+3 50. harleymom2000 commented 15 years ago

Loved it! I had 4 daughters that married well. This was priceless. I hope their lives are together are a blast.
Picture of RENIE222 achievements

+3 51. RENIE22 commented 15 years ago

Picture of constanceperez11 achievements

+3 52. constanceperez1 commented 15 years ago

That is the best video ever! Good luck to you both! That was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture of mamadear2 achievements

+3 53. mamadear commented 15 years ago

Incredibly fun and enjoyable. Great Job! ;)
Picture of slp53tn2 achievements

+3 54. slp53tn commented 15 years ago

This was absoluty awsome. If the video is a sample of your lives together...you are in for a great ride. More people should have so much fun!!!! Best wishes and God's blessings. :*
Picture of Joh1 achievements

+3 55. Joh commented 15 years ago

Awesome....I can't wait to see their children dance ! ! !
Picture of Joh1 achievements

+2 56. Joh commented 15 years ago

Awesome....I can't wait to see their children dance ! ! !
Picture of StaciD1 achievements

+2 57. StaciD commented 15 years ago

These kids had a great time and really entertained their guests. Congratualtions on such a perfect way to start a new life and begin married life with fun and laughter. I enjoyed their dance even without being there.
Picture of gram152 achievements

+1 58. gram15 commented 15 years ago

I loved this, I am 73 years old and hope I can see something with this couple in 10 years with their kids. :*
Picture of gram152 achievements

+1 59. gram15 commented 15 years ago

Better make that 5 years.
Picture of aneeter71 achievements

+1 60. aneeter7 commented 15 years ago

How creative and they looked like they had a good time, they kept their guests wll entertained, FOR SURE congrats to the couple
Picture of MOMUV81 achievements

+1 61. MOMUV8 commented 15 years ago

Picture of MOMUV81 achievements

+1 62. MOMUV8 commented 15 years ago

I think this is just great. Been married 25years this year and I bet you two are gonna be happily married for many years to come. Wish I thought of that....I hate tradition.
Picture of cheyennez_mom1 achievements

+3 63. cheyennez_mom commented 15 years ago

This was hilarious what a great idea and how fun ...... :D
Picture of Patfabric2 achievements

+3 64. Patfabric commented 15 years ago

This is an absolutely wonderful example of how people can relax and DANCE AS IF NOBODY IS WATCHING -
what confidence, what joy, what a feeling I have that this couple will have a wonderful marriage! No inhibitions, simply good, clean fun and beyond enjoyable to watch - my hats are off to this couple and the parents that raised such good humored folks! From the heart - Pat
Picture of terri1 achievements

+3 65. terri commented 15 years ago

Very Good. I agree with one of your comments about people being so shallow!!Congratulations to you both. This was clever and fun..
Picture of Canditweety20002 achievements

+3 66. Canditweety2000 commented 15 years ago

I think this is the best video I have seen in a long time! I could not imagine how much time was put into getting this together! It is awesome! I wish I could do something like this if I ever get married again..
Picture of hoosierlady1 achievements

+3 67. hoosierlady commented 15 years ago

I think it's GREAT!!!
Picture of LuluBelle2 achievements

+3 68. LuluBelle commented 15 years ago

:D :'( :D
Laughed so hard I cried!!!!!
Picture of LuluBelle2 achievements

+2 69. LuluBelle commented 15 years ago

:D :'( :D
Laughed so hard I cried!!!!!
Picture of jhusted2 achievements

+3 70. jhusted commented 15 years ago

Congratulations! :) I really enjoyed watching this one. May they have many happy memories of their FIRST DANCE.
Picture of SHARONG1 achievements

+2 71. SHARONG commented 15 years ago

That was awesome! Congrats to the the Bride & Groom! I would love to see more from them.
Picture of snobrzlr2 achievements

+3 72. snobrzlr commented 15 years ago

Picture of 712kingskid1 achievements

+3 73. 712kingskid commented 15 years ago

This is great! I loved it. I sure hope he never records a football game over his wedding video. :)
Picture of jkm2 achievements

+1 74. jkm commented 15 years ago

This is Fantastic....If they keep the humor, they will be married for a long long time. Definitely in love.....
Picture of Texan5 achievements

+1 75. Texan commented 15 years ago

I can't remember when I have been so entertained! What a great couple. A friend sent the video to me a few days ago and I just have to watch these kids dance - several times a day. I love to dance and did so until last year (my 4th back surgery did me in. :( Now I just watch and pat my foot. :D :D I am 72- started dancing when I was 8. Keep up the good work; bet I'm safe in saying everyone loves you guys.
Picture of Dutchboy7772 achievements

+3 76. Dutchboy777 commented 15 years ago

I loved it. He moves good for a big guy (like me). The bride is hot! >:) And she has moves also and looks great. If he ever does her wrong, my number is 555-12...
Picture of sueallen2 achievements

+1 77. sueallen commented 15 years ago

:) this is a very good veido need to see more
Picture of Christyrose2 achievements

+3 78. Christyrose commented 15 years ago

I really enjoyed this video:D

For as much fun you both had on the floor, I hope you never forget, and make as much as you can of your lives. If you ever get into argument, just remember your wedding dance. That should make you both laugh!
Picture of Christyrose2 achievements

+1 79. Christyrose commented 15 years ago

I really enjoyed this video:D

For as much fun you both had on the floor, I hope you never forget, and make as much as you can of your lives. If you ever get into argument, just remember your wedding dance. That should make you both laugh!
Picture of mecordl1 achievements

+3 80. mecordl commented 15 years ago

This is quite good and inspirational for those brave enough to do this.
Picture of maniac2 achievements

+1 81. maniac commented 15 years ago

i got shivers watching this. they were amazing and having so much fun which is what dancing is all about. starting a marriage off this way - they'll laugh everyday.
Picture of AuntLydia591 achievements

+3 82. AuntLydia59 commented 15 years ago

A great beginning for a wonderful journey in life. Always keep a smile in your heart.

All the best.
Picture of jujuju1 achievements

+1 83. jujuju commented 15 years ago

Thank you for an enjoyable laugh before bedtime. Many years of love,hoy,happiness,good health.and the gift of laughter.
You make a great couple.

Picture of dana10242 achievements

+3 84. dana1024 commented 15 years ago

A friend just sent this video and it had me laughing out of my chair. Best video I've seen. The bride and groom know how to bust a move and I wish my husband and I thought of something like this at our wedding. You guys really knw how to have fun. Best wishes and a long and prosperous future :*
Picture of christina2 achievements

+1 85. christina commented 15 years ago

To this awesome dancing couple: Who are you, and will you both PLEASE be my friend?? I need more fun people like you in my life! You guys ROCK the house! Do me a favor.... when times get rough, and you don't see eye to eye - REMEMBER THAT DAY and that DANCE - and then kiss and make up! Best of luck to you both and congratulations!!!
Your kids will LOVE to watch that video when they get older.
Picture of AtyetsVolk2 achievements

+3 86. AtyetsVolk commented 15 years ago

Adorable. These kids really worked together to provide us with so much joy. I totally agree with Christina of # 85:If this couple can work together on all the issues that will occur in their lives, as well as they have with this, I feel certain they will have a long, happy and successful marriage. I am thrilled to see these kids having such fun, without vulgar language, nor references to smut. Again, absolutely adorable. Congratulations! Mazel Tov! Much happiness!
Picture of Nednmike2 achievements

+1 87. Nednmike commented 15 years ago

:D This is simply the best ever,just love it. O:)
Picture of Damaris1 achievements

+3 88. Damaris commented 15 years ago

This is one wedding they will remember forever. It will be fun to show their kids. That was really creative Congrats!! :D
Picture of Jotija1 achievements

+1 89. Jotija commented 15 years ago

In response to #11, here is the name.The name is "Cotton Eye Joe".During the "Urban Cowboy" era the Johnny Gimble version of "cotton eye joe" was the most popular.
The origin of "cotton eye joe" goes back to the civil war.During the "Texas Swing " era Bob Wills had a version that was very popular.In the group "Alabam's" song "If Your Going To Play In Texas" the "cotton eye joe " is mentioned.In about 1994 the Swedish band REDNEX recorded the song.
Picture of GatorTrunk1 achievements

+3 90. GatorTrunk commented 15 years ago

Can't Touch This came out in early 1990 and Ice Ice Baby came out in late 1990.
Picture of GatorTrunk1 achievements

+1 91. GatorTrunk commented 15 years ago

Fat guys dont get hotties like her. This is fake.
Picture of joannie1q2w3e1 achievements

+3 92. joannie1q2w3e commented 15 years ago

Comment for 91: It is true! My guy's got a "gut," and he's got me :* Best wishes for them on a great marriage! Fun video..
Picture of zr2john2 achievements

+3 93. zr2john commented 15 years ago

:) You're a beautiful couple. Like someone wrote earlier, I hate tradition, I agree. The time you spent working on those dances before the reception was definitely worth something to later cherish! I wish the both of you MANY happy moments in your marriage.
Picture of bobbinmiami1 achievements

+3 94. bobbinmiami commented 15 years ago

In Response to Comment #11 above;
"pls some1 tell me what's the song name at 3:35
sorry for my english(i'm romanian)"
The name of the song is "COTTON EYE JOE"
BY Al Dean
Picture of blainejrjeni2 achievements

+3 95. blainejrjeni commented 15 years ago

I thought this wedding dance was "GREAT" nothing is better then seeing fun,and free spirt people being thereselfs, you dont see that to much anymore, And Iam sure the rest of the wedding was a "HIT" Congradualtions to the both of yous!!!!!! It Wa GREAT!!!!
Picture of DOLIVO2 achievements

+1 96. DOLIVO commented 15 years ago

Picture of marilynsb2 achievements

+1 97. marilynsb commented 15 years ago

Very nice! Great job!!
Picture of reddiva1 achievements

+1 98. reddiva commented 15 years ago

This is GREAT! Congratulations and may God Bless You both. You two are very beautiful people - it is #91 that is ugly on the inside.
Thank you for posting your video and for giving me the hope that life can be as fun as you can make it. :)
Picture of photosbybalsam4u1 achievements

+3 99. photosbybalsam4u commented 15 years ago

Hello, I am a wedding photographer and I love this video great job you too!
Picture of MANATEE2 achievements

+3 100. MANATEE commented 15 years ago

Picture of slick12341 achievements

+3 101. slick1234 commented 15 years ago

I Wish I had those moves....been married 43 years hope yours is just as long
Picture of Texan5 achievements

+3 102. Texan commented 15 years ago

Poor ole GatorTrunk :( (#91) How sad your life must be. :'(
The man is NOT FAT - Are you that light on your feet? Shame on you. Drop your head & beg forgivness :O
Picture of Kristy211581 achievements

+1 103. Kristy21158 commented 15 years ago

This video is so cute. I laughed till I cried. Such a creative couple, and even included dance moves, from back in the past. Way before our time. I loved it and thanks for the laugh. Best wishes!
Picture of bigoldbob1 achievements

+1 104. bigoldbob commented 15 years ago

the could at least be original instead of stealing this guys routine

Picture of pregimbald2 achievements

+1 105. pregimbald commented 15 years ago

You guys are awesome!! My husband and I argued for our first dance cuz it was all so fixed. This is just too cool.
Picture of opichardo1 achievements

+1 106. opichardo commented 15 years ago

Loved it-nice couple with great sense of humor. Congratulations!
Picture of Flymama282 achievements

+3 107. Flymama28 commented 15 years ago

OMG.....This video just made my day....So AWESOME!!!!!!
Picture of windaloft2 achievements

+3 108. windaloft commented 15 years ago

O:) Very enjoyable, clean video. The dance, the music, and the creativity of husband and wife are such a treat to view and listen too.
Picture of mred1 achievements

+3 109. mred commented 15 years ago

one of the greatest and funniest videos Ive ever seen. both of them have some great moves. :)
Picture of bonddj1 achievements

+3 110. bonddj commented 15 years ago

This is so cool. My daughter is getting married in January and this would be so much fun! :D
Picture of missycarmalita2 achievements

+3 111. missycarmalita commented 15 years ago

this was hella funny. the person below me doesnt know lol :D
Picture of minka2 achievements

+3 112. minka commented 15 years ago

Cute. Well done. I' like to have both of them over my house for a party. BUT don't forget the old show business adage: "Always leave them wanting more...";) This wss too long!
Picture of DiamondDawg2 achievements

+3 113. DiamondDawg commented 15 years ago

This was really cute! If this couple (and all couples) can keep the lighthearted and fun spirit we see here, their marriage will last a lonnnnng time! :D
Picture of skoopdee2 achievements

+1 114. skoopdee commented 15 years ago

This is hilarious!! I want this couple at all my parties. So funny. Anyone send this to Ellen?
Picture of Belle011 achievements

+2 115. Belle01 commented 15 years ago

If this is how they are starting their marriage, I see a couple that knows to take time and enjoy life and each other. It definately made me laugh.
Picture of moonpie20052 achievements

+1 116. moonpie2005 commented 15 years ago

:D Excellent video...had me spellbound and amused and I found myself smiling til the end. I can see their life together will never be dull.
Picture of gotyeah1 achievements

+1 117. gotyeah commented 15 years ago

:* :D ;) :O
Picture of maudine592 achievements

+1 118. maudine59 commented 15 years ago

This is going to be a beautiful marriage. the sense of humor and the practice it took to make this..... I am blessed by this viewing. Don't think big men hdon't have moves or are geeky!!!!
Picture of janieh_19981 achievements

+1 119. janieh_1998 commented 15 years ago

This is sooooooooooAWESOME it made me cry .....they will remember their first dance ALWAYS and so will all their guests ....and ALSO the world now ....THANK YOU to the persons sharing this VERY SPECIAL EVENT...BEST WISHES ALWAYS IN YOUR NEW LIFE AS MAN AND WIFE !!!!! Mr.& Mrs. F.T.Hare
Picture of spigootz1 achievements

+1 120. spigootz commented 15 years ago

This dance is so incredible!!! You two are very talented & imaginative. I wish I'd been at the wedding as I'm sure the whole thing was a blast after that first dance! Best wishes for a long, hapoy & healthy life together.
Picture of bucyrus221 achievements

+1 121. bucyrus22 commented 15 years ago

Great dancing, however not original at all!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how many of you have never seen the original evolution of dance. go to youtube and see it for yourself. It is the most watched youtube video ever. This couple just used another person's routine.
Picture of G551 achievements

+1 122. G55 commented 15 years ago

Of course it's a copy of evolution of Dance like it says at the top. It's a combination of first dance and Evolution of Dance. Excellent idea by the couple to surprise their Wedding guests by copying Evolution of Dance which pretty much everyone watching it here I'm sure has seen. That's what makes it funny. I'm sure the original guy would be proud of them. Well done.
Picture of rondee1 achievements

+3 123. rondee commented 15 years ago

To 104: Have you done nothing worth copying?
To the couple: I agree. You have a bad few moments, watch this together. Great show of togetherness in the bud!
Picture of skizix1 achievements

+3 124. skizix commented 15 years ago

I really loved it. Both of them have their groove on.
They will obviously have a happy life if they can do this on this day ..Kudos..

To the person who asked about the song title at 3:45. It was
Cotton Eyed Joe or The Macarena..One of those played then.
Picture of gramphen1 achievements

+2 125. gramphen commented 15 years ago

This was great!!!!! I loved it!!!
Picture of acflygirl2 achievements

+2 126. acflygirl commented 15 years ago

Absolutley the best wedding dance ever. Shows great imagination and a love of fun. Who cares if it is not an original idea. The greatest compliment to the creator of the idea is that someone will copy their work. Not only that, but this couple improved on the original. Good on them!
Picture of Rodney1 achievements

+2 127. Rodney commented 15 years ago

I'm a 62 year old man. Based on that, it is obvious I was born in 1946. A lot has changed since then. When I watched this video, I cried like a 12 year old schoolgirl. I can only wish this couple a very long and happy marriage, and based on what the video demonstrated, it is obvious this will happen. Emotions!!!
Picture of BIGAL2 achievements

+3 128. BIGAL commented 15 years ago

Thanks it was like an invite to a great wedding. You both did an excelent job.I wish you both all the luck,health & happiness in the world.It was very unique and different. great tast.
Picture of genrledger1 achievements

+3 129. genrledger commented 15 years ago

Picture of pantera19chick1 achievements

+3 130. pantera19chick commented 15 years ago

This was so neat. Such a good idea too. It looks like you both had so much fun. That is so awesome. I hope you two are happy together. Congratulations on the marriage and best of luck in everything you do.
Picture of CABurroughs1 achievements

+3 131. CABurroughs commented 15 years ago

The answer to comment #11, the song played at 3:35 is "THE COTTON-EYED JOE". :)
Picture of notso1 achievements

+3 132. notso commented 15 years ago

Great idea, pretty well executed. What a shame the videography isn't better!
Picture of dancerb42 achievements

+1 133. dancerb4 commented 15 years ago

:) The only thing wrong with this video is it took too long to go through. The dancing was perfect though. I love to see couples dance when they dance decent. I give the dance a big 10. My video kept stopping and I don't know if that is normal or not.
Picture of latinandloveable1 achievements

+2 134. latinandloveable commented 15 years ago

Good for you guys keep each other laughing and you will have a great marriage and be as goofy with your children it helps. To all of you that said something negative @ this video you need some laughter in your life!!! Congratulations to the couple!!
Picture of Agustofjoy2 achievements

+3 135. Agustofjoy commented 15 years ago

This video made my whole day...it is great to see such great entertainment and a couple having such a great time. May they stay that happy, ALL THE DAYS OF THEIR LIVES!!! What a joy to watch!
Picture of badgirlwalbridge2 achievements

+2 136. badgirlwalbridge commented 15 years ago

What creativity, this is by far the best 1st dance I've ever seen. I wish I had thought to do something like this for my wedding 2 years ago. GOOD JOB :D
Picture of monkeymomma1 achievements

+2 137. monkeymomma commented 15 years ago

:D :(|)
Most Awesome wedding footage ever, it was inventive and well performed. I have been married for 14 years and I believe that any couple that can be that funny, well coordinated, and aware of the needs of others will be together forever. Oh, and nice moves. We laughed and were truly impressed we were too nervous to talk very well perform on our day. AWESOME!
Picture of littlecat1 achievements

+2 138. littlecat commented 15 years ago

What a wonderful couple with a great sense of humor. Maybe you guys have started a trend. Just remember to dance your way through life with such good humor and you will be happy together for many years to come. Ever thought about a guest spot on Dancing with the Stars? Ever thought of going for the $100,000 on Funny Videos?
Picture of Songbird1131 achievements

+4 139. Songbird113 commented 15 years ago

I thought that was very clever and I'm extremely glad someone sent this link to me. It really made my day! I haven't seen as exciting and surprising a first dance since my youngest sister and her husband surprised us all by ballroom dancing! We had NO IDEA that they had taken any lessons.

I can't wait to see the dance they come up with for the first baby! ;)

Power to them! And, of course, CONGRATULATIONS! May your Wedding Day be the saddest day of your marriage (think about the words I said before you decide I'm cursing them!). For those who can't think that hard, I HOPE EVERY DAY IS EVEN HAPPIER THAN YOUR WEDDING DAY! (Better?)
Picture of lizzard329702 achievements

+4 140. lizzard32970 commented 15 years ago


Absolutely awesome. Best wedding dance I've ever seen! Wish I'd have been there! They seem like a fun couple for sure!
Picture of tattoedlol2 achievements

+4 141. tattoedlol commented 15 years ago

I thought this was hilarious!!! Wish I was there to see it personally!!! What an imagination!!!!
Picture of itmustbemsp1 achievements

+4 142. itmustbemsp commented 15 years ago

This couple will grow old together and still be having fun when they are 90!
Picture of edterijo5 achievements

+4 143. edterijo commented 15 years ago

I love this!! SOO original. I agree with those who said that this couple will be together for a LONG time! All they ever need to do is look at this video when problems arise. I have shared it with everyone I know! Congrats on your wedding!
Picture of kelalemik1 achievements

+3 144. kelalemik commented 15 years ago

This is hysterical, and this couple is so happy. Whether or not he is heavy, he looks like he loves his wife and his life. As for the person posting on his agility, he may be heavy, but I bed he can spell INTENDED. When you have the intelligence to post properly, then you may comment on people.
Picture of LEBREAULT2 achievements

+4 145. LEBREAULT commented 15 years ago

this is great!!!!!!! i love it.

Picture of conniea602 achievements

+4 146. conniea60 commented 15 years ago

I've been married 3 times and all 3 marriage ceremonies were zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wished I was half that creative as they was.. I cant remember my last wedding, bet they wont ever forget their first. Awesome job !!!
Picture of bowchickiebowbow2 achievements

+4 147. bowchickiebowbow commented 15 years ago

I am sorry, but that had to be an awesome wedding. They totally went out of the way to develop their own little dance thing, that just rocks. :D
Picture of CreoleRicanQueen2 achievements

+3 148. CreoleRicanQueen commented 15 years ago

This IS the best wedding dance I have ever seen. I wish I would have been there. If I would ever get married again, I hope we would have a dance like that. Congratulations, and stay connected. Be Blessed, Y'all
Picture of LisaJoy7161 achievements

+4 149. LisaJoy716 commented 15 years ago

That is just fantastic.... I loved it!!!
Picture of forgetful11 achievements

+3 150. forgetful1 commented 15 years ago

Would have loved to have been invited to this Wedding & Reception! Looks like a great couple to have as friends and be around. What a treat to see this!! Fantastic!
Very best of luck to the couple--- many, many loving, happy years--you have a perfect start!!
37 1/2 years and counting!! Blessings!!
Picture of tat2edcare_bear2 achievements

+3 151. tat2edcare_bear commented 15 years ago

I love it! This is so original and they look like they are having a blast! I wish them all the best in their new life together! I teared up a little at the end because they truly look like they are in love and I bet they continue to have fun like this through out their marriage! Best of luck you two and thanks for sharing.
Picture of Beausmom1 achievements

+3 152. Beausmom commented 15 years ago

Having been to a number of very boring wedding receptions, I think this would have been great.
Picture of zamboniman2 achievements

+3 153. zamboniman commented 15 years ago

These guys are great, I laughed and applauded
the wholle routine through
For those that mocked these guys,
try it sometime in front of all your friends and family
congrats people-hope your marriage is awesome too...
Picture of Susu2 achievements

+3 154. Susu commented 15 years ago

What a cute couple! they will be married forever because they know how to have fun with each other. Goof for them.
Picture of patti1020071 achievements

+3 155. patti102007 commented 15 years ago

:D ...THANK YOU... :D I needed that laugh today. What a fun couple, they will be HAPPILY MARRIED FOREVER :D The guy seems like a very JOLLY man!! :D Good Luck in your brand new life togther :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Picture of moonlove732 achievements

+3 156. moonlove73 commented 15 years ago

:D I really Loved your Video! It's Lookes like your a Very Happy Couple! and like you had sooo much fun! I wish you all the Happiness in the world! Your Awsome! Enjoy your New Life Together... :D ;)
Picture of lynn_47122 achievements

+2 157. lynn_4712 commented 15 years ago

:) best ever , this shows what true love is and with this love in the,when life throws them a curve ,ther love for each other will bring them threw it . :D
Picture of tlcppc071 achievements

+1 158. tlcppc07 commented 15 years ago

Picture of Texan5 achievements

+1 159. Texan commented 15 years ago

This is for all the entries about this extraordinary young man being fat, heavy, etc.
I think he looks like a FOOTBALL PLAYER! Watch the video again and pay particular attention to his jumps and high kicks, and the ease with which he executes all the moves. Fantastic!! :O
Picture of shellbugger2 achievements

+2 160. shellbugger commented 15 years ago

:'( OK, I know it's really pathetic when I get teared up over people I don't even know!!! But I think this is a wonderful testament of your obvious love, respect, and fun together. Whenever you have arguments (and you will.... someday!) think back on this time ~ it will make you laugh, cry, and remember what you saw in each other. Thanks for posting this so we could all enjoy your great fun together!
Picture of ChanaRo2 achievements

+1 161. ChanaRo commented 15 years ago

If these people can have that much fun together and have such good senses of humor, then for sure their marriage will last! This was GREAT! They obviously put a lot of thought and planning into it. :-)
Picture of lovinglife2 achievements

+3 162. lovinglife commented 15 years ago

I registered just so that I could add a comment! I love to dance. I showed this clip to my hubby and told him that they make a great team and that guy has rhythm like no other!!! My hubby said that guy also has some muscles to help him with those moves. He said must be a football player. After he said that (I have dated a few college and a pro ball player) I believe that he is right. We might do something like this in the future. It is awesome and I have watched it several times!! Congrats to the both of you! Many years of love,laughter and cute videos to share with the kiddos some day!!
Picture of chyanneraine2 achievements

+3 163. chyanneraine commented 15 years ago

AWESOME guys!!!! Best of luck to you both!
Picture of nwall2 achievements

+3 164. nwall commented 15 years ago

I am a military wife who has been married for almost 14 years. Wonderful way to celebrate a "first" dance at a wedding :* My husband and I laughed our butts off :D
Picture of PumpkinHead1 achievements

+3 165. PumpkinHead commented 15 years ago

Hi, this was lovely. Does anyone know of the name of the song at 3:25? thanks.
Picture of Maprinces31 achievements

+3 166. Maprinces3 commented 15 years ago

Great couple and what fun they are having. Wished we had taken video at our wedding. Time passes so quickly and its fun seeing things like this as they unfold...
Picture of semills1 achievements

+3 167. semills commented 15 years ago

I LOVED this video!! What a cute idea for your first dance together. I think they make a great couple and loved the music. If all marriages could start off this happy and stay that way the divorce rate could be obsolute. Thanks for posting the video. May God Bless you both with many years of wedded bliss! :D
Picture of samagogo2 achievements

+3 168. samagogo commented 15 years ago

:D :D
WOW!!! Having funny at your own wedding!!!! didn't think that was possible...This couple will be together forever just HAVIN' FUN!!!
Picture of Jess9371 achievements

+3 169. Jess937 commented 15 years ago

Hi PumpkinHead. The song is Cha Cha Slide by Casper
Cute video, it's nice to see people with that much energy, even if it was copied. Good luck!
Picture of mswiz19691 achievements

+1 170. mswiz1969 commented 15 years ago

:* I loved it that was cool!! To answer the person #11 comment that song is Cotton-eyed Joe by Rednex
Picture of fluffycat2 achievements

+3 171. fluffycat commented 15 years ago

These two are CLEARLY best friends and get a total kick out of each other. That was really cute and I hope they have a great marriage.
Picture of JAMC20081 achievements

+1 172. JAMC2008 commented 15 years ago

I LOVED the video!!!
I wish my husband & I would've choreographed something like that...it looks so fun!!!
Picture of pepper2810a1 achievements

+3 173. pepper2810a commented 15 years ago

I enjoyed this. Nice to see a couple that is not afraid to do something out of the norm. Looked like fun
Picture of bcap3 achievements

+1 174. bcap commented 15 years ago

I loved this video so much. They were both great but the husband was really terrific. They looked like they had a lot of fun.
Picture of Charlene681 achievements

+3 175. Charlene68 commented 15 years ago

:D I viewed this video today, 11/17, for the first time when receiving from a friend. LOVED IT! Thought this couple very creative and am sure their guests had a great time at their reception!

I see them being married for many years to come! Thoroughly enjoyed all their time and effort into making their reception unique and a lot of fun! Best of Luck to them!
Picture of lacewing1 achievements

+1 176. lacewing commented 15 years ago

Hi Folks, I believe that if you maintain your marriage with the same love and humor as you started it, you will have a great life. Good luck! Nancy
Picture of lani2 achievements

+3 177. lani commented 15 years ago

he's definately the dancer of the family...but it's amazing he didn't have a heart attack!
Picture of julzgaye2 achievements

+1 178. julzgaye commented 15 years ago

Neat couple. I hope they will be able to repeat this at their 50th wedding anniversary.
Picture of twofeathers7 achievements

+3 179. twofeathers commented 15 years ago

WOW what a great video and both can really dance what a great job lots of practice I bet LOL
What I was wondering is does anyone know all the songs they played during this video The one song I am wanting to know in particular it starts about 3:07 or 3:08
it sounds like So Party and repeats it several times
Can anyone help me to find the song title and artist
I would really appreciate it
Great video by the way all my friends just love it
Picture of jonanie1 achievements

+1 180. jonanie commented 15 years ago

wow, this was awesome! This couple cracked me up. I'm getting married next year in June, so i might have to do this too! You guys rocked!
Picture of BRENDA8111 achievements

+3 181. BRENDA811 commented 15 years ago

;) Awesome way to start out a marriage! Remember to always have this much fun together and you guys will last a lifetime! I loved it! CONGRATS
Picture of SPOKANEMAMA2 achievements

+1 182. SPOKANEMAMA commented 15 years ago

What a cute & happy couple. God bless you & your happy marriage!
Picture of slippybippy1 achievements

+3 183. slippybippy commented 15 years ago

The song at 3:07 is Sugarhill Gang's "Apache", otherwise known as Jump On It.
Picture of Texan5 achievements

+1 184. Texan commented 15 years ago

To lovinglife: Did you read my post (#159)? I was so glad to see your comment in which you state that this young man must be a football player. :D That's my thought exactly. :)
Picture of lindak3 achievements

+3 185. lindak commented 15 years ago

so funny i love it i would love to go to wedding that much fun'''''''''''''
Picture of llove13131 achievements

+1 186. llove1313 commented 15 years ago

8-) Outstanding, what a great idea!
Picture of dianajager2 achievements

+3 187. dianajager commented 15 years ago

This was absolutely hilarious and adorable. What a cute couple. The guy reminds me of my oldest son. A healthy guy with some really good moves! :D
Picture of PegFrith2 achievements

+3 188. PegFrith commented 15 years ago

I really enjoyed watching this couple. If they can keep up the fun level in the years ahead, they will have an awesome marriage. Good Luck and Best Wishes!
Picture of americanbabe1 achievements

+3 189. americanbabe commented 15 years ago

This was FANTASTIC,The couple are very great together. May they always have moments like this their whole life

Bless this marriage
Picture of beckyd2 achievements

+3 190. beckyd commented 15 years ago

hey you guys are awesome I've seen this first on utube, by accident. I was browsing, and threre are several on there, but by far yours is the BEST.....you are both beautiful people, and I could see "best friends" in each of you, I hope someone does put this on Oprah, or Dr. Phil, its nice to see some happiness in the world, instead of all the bull we see and hear daily...I don't care if you copied this, was first or last, to do it, you are awesome, and I pray for your happiness and a lifetime of love...I think the funniest part for me was when right at the last, you went back to your original song,as if nothing happened, thanks for sharing a beautiful and fun moment in your life, waiting for the next idea you do on film......you are awesome...love you Beckyd from Dallas.......
Picture of sawyer2 achievements

+3 191. sawyer commented 15 years ago

what a wonderful video to show on your 50th wedding anniversary. Best whishes
Picture of uploadtvsd1 achievements

+3 192. uploadtvsd commented 15 years ago

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Picture of touchstones4u1 achievements

+3 193. touchstones4u commented 15 years ago

May you have as much joy and laughter in your marriage as you have given your audience. Wishing you Love, Luck, and Laughter.
Picture of mickeyland71 achievements

+2 194. mickeyland7 commented 15 years ago

I am a wedding planner In fl and I can believe your dance it was very different and one of a kind..Keep the happiness in you marriage, like you did in your dance and you will stay together forever..great dance mickey
Picture of mountainmomma1 achievements

+1 195. mountainmomma commented 15 years ago

I thought this was the best first dance ever, no matter what others say this ROCKED!!! if only people took more initiative to make it work. I have to admit when i first saw the couple i was thinking they are so opposite, but then when they started moving they have a lot in common and that is why i think this marriage is gonna work. Hope you guys live a wonderful and happy life together you really impressed me and others i am sure some are just jealous they did not come up with the idea first. Yes I did see the comedian do his thing and he has some great moves but the way they did this was more appropiate.
WAY TO GO!!!!! 100 stars/
Picture of RAVEN5 achievements

+3 196. RAVEN commented 15 years ago

The song at 3:07 asked about by Twofeathers in post 179, is the 1981 Sugarhill Gang song "Apache". In 1996, Sir Mix-a-Lot played off of the lyrics of Apache and released his version called "Jump On It".

The Sugarhill Gang song Apache was actually a cover of the version of the song from "The Incredible Bongo Band", which they had covered from the original tune by the 60's band, "The Shadows". SG just added rap lyrics and their own style.

"Apache" is also known as "The Shadows Song", as the Shadows were the first band to release it in July, 1960. It has been covered by many other artists since then.
Picture of BoulderBurke2 achievements

+4 197. BoulderBurke commented 15 years ago

Awesome! How cool must it have been to be at this wedding!
Picture of longhair2 achievements

+4 198. longhair commented 15 years ago

Picture of djratchit2 achievements

+3 199. djratchit commented 14 years ago

:) i think this iz great i fort they were both really entertaining and just registerd to this site just to say how gd i enjoyed that :)
Picture of laceygirl181 achievements

+3 200. laceygirl18 commented 14 years ago

I thought it was GREAT and who cares if he was a big guy, he probably treats her like gold, which is more than I can say for the so called in shape good looking guys~!

Picture of costa7 achievements

+3 201. costa commented 14 years ago

can anyone give me the songs names starting at 4:00 until the end? thx a lot
Picture of Dman1 achievements

+3 202. Dman commented 14 years ago

:* And they though Michael Jackson had all the moves.
Picture of bongomama1 achievements

+3 203. bongomama commented 14 years ago

THANK YOU to this precious couple. THIS is a gift to your family, friends and all of us who view your very special "First" dance as Man and Wife. Can you "Bottle" your energy and love and cooperation for the rest of us please? Bless you and your marriage.
Picture of isobel3 achievements

+3 204. isobel commented 14 years ago

>:) that couple should last for ever wish i had been at weding 0:0
Picture of keya1 achievements

+3 205. keya commented 14 years ago

I need the song title 1.09.

thank you
Picture of Cira4 achievements

+3 206. Cira commented 14 years ago

Laceygirl18 (comment#200): I believe this "big guy" IS in shape! That's an extremely vigorous program he executed there; the man is awesome - the girl is beautiful - the dance is entertaining! By all means guys, get your video on the
upload.TV so it can be enjoyed by the world.

Picture of Nancy602 achievements

+3 207. Nancy60 commented 14 years ago

:D 0:21 8/5/09
Loved it. Really laughed and brought back some good
memories. Nancy60
Picture of legs1272 achievements

+3 208. legs127 commented 14 years ago

I am in love with this guy!! This video had me laughing out loud and I have sent it to so many friends. I loved it,,,,great music and great dancing! What an awesome couple, I wish they were friends of mine...I know they are going to have a great marriage and I wish the very best for this wonderful couple. :)
Picture of Donnie35 achievements

+2 209. Donnie3 commented 13 years ago

Great video, they both have some terrific moves...
Picture of Gosia1 achievements

+1 210. Gosia commented 13 years ago

Hi. Who's help me?? I need titles of songs. (1.Elvis- ),
3. and (7.Elvis- ), 10. and 11. 14. 15. that's all. thank you. :)
Picture of Bream7333 achievements

+2 211. Bream73 commented 13 years ago

Mega mix, mega wedding dance!
Picture of Texan5 achievements

+1 212. Texan commented 13 years ago

Can this video be cleaned,or whatever it takes so that it will play clearly? This start/stop play is terrrible.
Picture of ini4k33ps4 achievements

0 213. ini4k33ps commented 13 years ago

absolutely adorable! i hope these two are still living the great married life and fully in love!
Picture of rubi46 achievements

-1 214. rubi commented 12 years ago

@205 Oompa Loompa Song (1:09):
Picture of WickedOne1423 achievements

-2 215. WickedOne14 commented 12 years ago

Hell, I'd marry him if he'd dance every day for me! <3 <3 <3
Picture of Burimi59 achievements

-1 216. Burimi commented 10 years ago

Deserved 6,983,946 views! ;)