Fuck the poor

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Picture of repcentbl44 achievements

+11 1. repcentbl commented 10 years ago

I almost gave up of watching this in first 15 seconds and gave thumbs down .
But then after watching it to the end , it is a lot more easier to understand the point ...
In the beginning it was really confusing for me , i must say !
Picture of cameramaster55 achievements

+7 2. cameramaster commented 10 years ago

Change just one word...and change peoples response totally, isn't it sad world.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+10 3. fjwjr commented 10 years ago

Well done!
Picture of jaikku28 achievements

-2 4. jaikku commented 10 years ago

Humanity. Will we ever survive?
Picture of MakeTnotWar38 achievements

+11 5. MakeTnotWar commented 10 years ago

#4 Some rich people will. Not you.
Picture of woschman39 achievements

+11 6. woschman commented 10 years ago

#5 Or you.
Picture of DetectiveBlack11 achievements

+21 7. DetectiveBlack commented 10 years ago

You don't help the poor by giving them money.

You help the poor by giving them hope.

And that is a problem with its roots at the very core of our society.

If you asked a youngster 30 years ago what they wanted to be, you might get a reply such as "... a doctor", "... a clockmacker", "... a joiner", "... a sculptor", "... an artist", "... a writer", "... a mechanic" .............

Ask kids today what they want to be, and you're more likely to get this answer:

Picture of MrJaKoSe31 achievements

+3 8. MrJaKoSe commented 10 years ago

Who would give money to a guy with a sign "HELP THE POOR"? I dont give money to guys on the street just because i dont want to be deceived. This doesnt mean I dont spend money every year.
Picture of Judge-Jake53 achievements

-2 9. Judge-Jake commented 10 years ago

#8 That's exactly the problem Man. You spend your money every year instead of giving it to the poor. You see if you didn't spend all your money every year, you could have some left and if you had some left you could maybe give to the homeless people or maybe to Oxfam or help the aged people. You are the problem and if you are the problem then you cant be part of the solution. Maybe you should take out some of those £2 direct debits for water aids and help a child that is abused or make a blind child see again or the health lottery or go to your doctor and say here mate here is £2 make the next child better on me instead of being a burden to the health service. It doesn't matter what you do just do something. Just don't spend your money every year :(|) :P
Picture of schlafanzyk35 achievements

+3 10. schlafanzyk commented 10 years ago

Clever. However, this is totally to be expected and the solution is not treating the symptom (begging harder for those in need) unless you also deal with the root of the problem. We pay a shit-load in taxes, so we feel like we are already done helping the poor. That makes some sense. But when our governments then waste the money on paying themselves and their corporate buddies and fucking over the poor, we cannot be bothered to address that, as long as most of us are still above the poverty line. So the powerful just have to make sure enough people are not desperately poor to keep the status quo intact and keep leeching off of our collective hard work, which is supposed to benefit those in need, not those already in excessive wealth.
This is the weirdly hypocritical society modern socialism does come with when combined with badly regulated capitalism, unfortunately. We put our elderly, disabled and otherwise troubled in dedicated facilities and pay for it so we don't have to deal with the emotional baggage or see the struggle. It makes it easy to avoid actually caring, while also not feeling like a totally apathetic asshole. It is barely one step better than community churches helping the poor, if at all - and that's coming from someone who is outspokenly not a fan of religion.
That also explains why the U.S. are constantly at the top of charity donation lists, because the social safety-net over there is such a disaster and hence the emotional desire to help is much healthier, so people are much more involved in actually fixing injustices - even though they are of course hopelessly outmatched in the face of hundreds of failed policies, endless corruption and growing income inequality.
I'll stop here before I fill up the entire comment page. Can you tell I almost can't stop once I get going on this issue?
Picture of bella131 achievements

+1 11. bella1 commented 10 years ago

Give poor people money but never through organizations they take atleast 40% on "Administration costs"
Picture of DetectiveBlack11 achievements

+2 12. DetectiveBlack commented 10 years ago

#11. 40%? ...and the rest.

Sadly, the truth is that out of every £ donated to a charity, less than 5% reaches its eventual intended target.

If you really cannot resist the compulsion to give, then give directly.

If you see a hungry man, give him a hamburger.

If you see a child with no shoes, buy her a pair.

If you see a Romanian beggar in the street, kick him in the balls and tell him to fuck off back to his own country.
Picture of saturas13 achievements

+1 13. saturas commented 10 years ago

#9 Thats your naive point of view, reality is quite different. 90% of poor/homeless ppl are themselves the cause of their problem. There is very few ppl who became poor/homeless while not being the reason. Poor/homeless ppl will remain the same despite the milions of money spend on saving them with no meaningful result and society should finally understand that. This is the point when our poorly designed social habits go against the laws of nature/space and thats never going to be right.