Dynamic Tower

A video of the cool Da Vinci Tower, aka the Dynamic Tower, which is to be built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Picture of caives20 achievements

-1 1. caives commented 16 years ago

Picture of Tefkros17 achievements

0 2. Tefkros commented 16 years ago

It would be a wonder of architecture, but i don't think that this could be habitable.
Picture of Setsuna3 achievements

0 3. Setsuna commented 16 years ago

Wow, amazing !
Complètement incroyable !
Picture of ivats32 achievements

0 4. ivats commented 16 years ago

Interesting in this case, i think is how the lifts will be moving in this building
Picture of sharkya21 achievements

0 5. sharkya commented 16 years ago

That looks sweet... I wonder if you would get used to the spinning all the time.
Picture of JonnyC8 achievements

0 6. JonnyC commented 16 years ago

By wasting a looooot of energy :|
Picture of imapwnzu7 achievements

0 7. imapwnzu commented 16 years ago

not suprising its in UAE
Picture of Misha9 achievements

0 8. Misha commented 16 years ago

Wouldn't that drive the inhabitants nuts?
Or make them dizzy?
Picture of cannnobaL21 achievements

0 9. cannnobaL commented 16 years ago

1) It's probably impossible to do
2) Humans will never be able to live in such environment without psychological/bioself problems

In the end they'll need pirates to accommodate that thing.
Picture of banzemanga46 achievements

0 10. banzemanga commented 16 years ago

lolz. For the people who live there, at every 3 second the main door at 3 degree northwest and by the time you chase the building the backdoor is in front of you.
Picture of rowanc881 achievements

0 11. rowanc88 commented 16 years ago

g0t motion sickness?

It's not impossible to do, obviously. It just rotates very slowly around the central core. At quickest 6 metres a minute.
So nothing near the video.

still, it'd look damn good.
Picture of thief_s1 achievements

0 12. thief_s commented 16 years ago

Johnny C:
"The slender building would be energy self-sufficient as the turbines would produce enough electricity to power the entire building and even feed extra power back into the grid, said the Italian architect at the unveiling of the project in New York." and for the rest of you: rotations are planned to complete in 90 minutes, video is sped up for simple understanding of the CONCEPT.
Picture of dave919145 achievements

-1 13. dave9191 commented 16 years ago

Its a cool idea, but I have doubts as to how durable the building would be.
Picture of SuPhOkK86 achievements

0 14. SuPhOkK8 commented 16 years ago

That Enzo looks mean
Picture of NoNameMcGee13 achievements

0 15. NoNameMcGee commented 16 years ago

Picture of fikazane1 achievements

0 16. fikazane commented 16 years ago

ok, about the questoins, a complete 360 rotation will take 3 hours, which means tht the building will rotate 8 times a day, about the energy, it will generate powerr itself using wind power, some new technique, the video explains it inbetween.
Picture of ginara2 achievements

0 17. ginara commented 16 years ago

heh my building rotates every friday night >:)
Picture of Kosmology5 achievements

0 18. Kosmology commented 16 years ago

First of all, not earthquake proof at all.
Second, how do the lifts work?
Third, horrible waste of energy!
And last but not least, Why the ^@%* would anyone want to pay an extra 10 million dollars to live in a building like that?
Picture of UAE17 achievements

0 19. UAE commented 16 years ago

guys its possible as long as its in UAE =)
Picture of richardhalo20 achievements

0 20. richardhalo commented 16 years ago

The thing is like this: the demo building is made to move fast like that so that the investors would know how the motion of it would be. In real life it will move WAY MUCH SLOWER (when it shows from inside the apartment there's a glitch how slow it'll move). If this building will be constructed - which I have no doubt it will be done - it might become the next of world's seven wonders!
Picture of nooitaf40 achievements

0 21. nooitaf (admin) commented 16 years ago

LOL ... i really like the idea of having a Ferrari in my livingroom (00:41) .. wonder how the elevator would handle that :D
Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements

0 22. BombDiggady commented 16 years ago

I just do not see the point of having a building like this.
Picture of andreitaker7 achievements

0 23. andreitaker commented 16 years ago

it rotates 360 in a week, so it's very very slow.
Picture of Gyzome1 achievements

0 24. Gyzome commented 16 years ago

The music really fits the video :D
Picture of Noureddin5 achievements

0 25. Noureddin commented 16 years ago

I must say...People are stupid to say its a waste of energy.
Picture of raverel1 achievements

0 26. raverel commented 16 years ago

for the guys that wonder how the elevators would work i have a sugestion. think about the center axis. it is stable all the time so it could be used among other things for an elevator shaft. and technically speaking the building is fizicaly buildable. and besides it is in UAE, if it is possible they will do it.
Picture of kokorutu1 achievements

-2 27. kokorutu commented 16 years ago

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Picture of 94otto3 achievements

0 28. 94otto commented 16 years ago

looks cool, but it probably takes a million volts of electricity a second
Picture of Snowball2 achievements

0 29. Snowball commented 16 years ago

Do some googling and you can find out everything about the design. Very much metainance and wear probably. Some nice appartment to have if you have also an appartment in miami, new york, los angeles, amsterdam and some other cool places.
Picture of kekeke1 achievements

0 30. kekeke commented 16 years ago

can it dodge planes?
Picture of kekeke1 achievements

0 31. kekeke commented 16 years ago

can it dodge planes?
Picture of kekeke1 achievements

0 32. kekeke commented 16 years ago

can it dodge planes?
Picture of kekeke1 achievements

0 33. kekeke commented 16 years ago

can it dodge planes?
Picture of KristofferAG18 achievements

0 34. KristofferAG commented 16 years ago

The whole building is built around a core that is not rotating. Every story rotates on it's own. Some stories are divided into multiple flats, while other's are one flat. The elevator will be in the middle. It's easily doable!
Picture of InAshesWeTrust2 achievements

0 35. InAshesWeTrust commented 16 years ago

I would sell my grandparents for a flat up there !
Picture of Cheezymadman7 achievements

0 36. Cheezymadman commented 15 years ago

#22 There is no point. The people of Dubai build stuff like this all the time. Which is why we're paying $3 a gallon for gas.
Picture of Wotty127 achievements

0 37. Wotty1 commented 8 years ago

What a monumentally stupid idea.
Imagine being in there!
You'd need sick bags on every wall!