Could you be a "Super Hero"?

Common sense method to make for a better world....

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Picture of Watchman21 achievements
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-5 1. Watchman commented 10 years ago

Common sense? I am not convinced.
Picture of BloodBeast28 achievements

0 2. BloodBeast commented 10 years ago

Rightwing claptrap. This attitude is why America falls so far short of common decency in health care - "I'm not paying for somebody else's treatment...!"
It's not "Obamacare", it's not "socialist" - it's the right thing to do, and it's a national benefit to have a healthy populace.
Picture of itmeanshope7 achievements

+1 3. itmeanshope commented 10 years ago

He's right. But some people are happy being told what to do. For those people, we have Planned Parenthood :)

I like the ending. "If you cant be one of those people, MAKE one of those people". I would say, "MAKE several".
Picture of blue_alien41 achievements

+4 4. blue_alien commented 10 years ago

#3 I agree with this guy too, but he's a bit too aggressive and insulting at times for my taste. Yes there are people who prefer to be told exactly what to do, but this is not bad, there will always be need for bus driver and for innovators, non of them is better or worse than the other and both are equally important.
You just have to choose and act accordingly.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements
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-5 5. Urmensch commented 10 years ago

Jonas Salk gave away the vaccine. Damn socialist!
Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements

+1 6. Gringo_el_Diablo commented 10 years ago

#5 Most of his "clients" aka "patients" would of been dead by the time he went through all the legal bs to make money off the vaccine. Damn Heartless! >:)
Picture of Kolepto15 achievements

+4 7. Kolepto commented 10 years ago

This was considerably accurate. Some people are doers, some are thinkers, and some are consumers. You have to face the fact that we are equal, only up to an extent based on respect.

The reality is something like this: most of us that live in developed countries all work as links that setup a foundation for a circulating economy; one of which that provides the potential for the "doers and thinkers" to thrive within.

If those individuals find a niche that will allow them to utilize their surroundings accordingly, they can help improve the lives of everyone, or the less-than-fortunate individuals that aren't successful or healthy. ;)
Picture of mj812 achievements

-4 8. mj8 commented 10 years ago

MMMMM I don't think so ....
Picture of mightymaxx28 achievements

-4 9. mightymaxx commented 10 years ago

"Make one"? Like a person can simply will a world changing individual into existence? This was a load of nonsense. The only thing separating me and some Saudi prince is hard work? Yeah right, STFU. You can accomplish a lot with hard work and skill, but at some point society will have helped you along.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

+2 10. fjwjr commented 10 years ago

My god! There are some dim people out there. Did anyone actually listen to this? #9 for example, he didn't say you had to become a Saudi prince or that that should be your goal. Typical liberal. Always thinking about what the other guy has. No, he was saying be the guy who permanently fixes the sewer (or some other problem that will benefit society). You may get wealthy along the way or your 'wealth' may be the recognition of having done something great for society. Either way, don't wait and think someone else will fix it.
It's a simple, powerful, unarguable message.
Picture of SpanneurRouge10 achievements

+2 11. SpanneurRouge commented 10 years ago

Socialists believe Society must be controlled.

The first step is convince people they cant change anything, only the state can 'do' things. It is summed up with the US President's wife holding up a sign saying "#Somebody else do something"

There are people who want to be told what to do. Some people dont want to be set limits or told what to think.

Dont be told what you can be:
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+4 12. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#5 Freely giving something of yours away is not socialism ; but having the government take what is yours and giving it to others who contributed nothing ,is.
By the comments here it is easy to separate the sheeple from the individualists.
The more power citizens allow their governments to have, the fewer freedoms they will have.
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-3 13. Urmensch commented 10 years ago

A guy looks at a load of effluent in some place in Africa and then says that any American male would look at that and say that a visit to Home Depot and $200 would fix it.

Seriously! Yeah because those Africans are too lazy to just go to their local Home Depot and get the sewage and sanitation infrastructure kit, which presumably costs $199.99. Fucking moron.

The irony of idiots calling other people sheeple when they parrot the same strawman arguments about socialism. There are many different forms of socialism and those of us who pay into it all benefit. The NHS is one example here in the UK.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 14. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#13 Oh yea, NHS is great until you reach a certain age and you find out you are too old and useless
for them to spend any more of other people's money on you. That is why so many Canadians cross
the border to get serious operations in the US ; great service and no six month wait for life -saving
If you guys in England don't start smelling what you're stepping in you are going to be getting
healthcare through the Sharia health care system, cause with all the no - go areas already in London and all across
the country, it's coming. (You do realise you will have no health coverage then, don't 'cha cupcake?)
There is so much ignorance here it is hard to comprehend.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

-1 15. fjwjr commented 10 years ago

#13 Yet how many places (including in Africa)still have sewers running down the middle of the street?
Guess he has a point. Now, who's the fucking moron?
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-2 16. Urmensch commented 10 years ago

#14 You have swallowed all the right-wing American bullshit, haven't you?
Sharia health care? And you talk about ignorance! You Yanks are kept in line with the fear of a Muslim takeover now just like you were kept in line with the fear of Commies during the McCarthy era. Who is your representative? Michele Bachman?

#15 Let me spell out what I meant with that comment as you seem to have difficulty comprehending. There are no Home Depots in Africa. $200 or it's equivalent might temporarily clean up the street but it won't create real change without real infrastructure. The idea that the average American male could just swoop in and solve their problems is so ridiculous. It is a symptom of your overweening hubris.

Look at the state of Iraq after you lot. Good job.
Picture of fjwjr62 achievements

0 17. fjwjr commented 10 years ago

#16 I guess you're right. There's no Home Depot in Africa so there's no way they could ever get any kind of building supplies.
Congratulations! You win because there's no Home Depot in Africa!
And as far as Iraq, there's not much difference between before and now. Sewers ran down the middle of the street then and they still do now. Because no one ever solved the problem in the 'Cradle of Civilization'. And they still piss and shit on the sidewalk. And what toilets there are, if they get clogged (and that happens a lot) they don't do anything about it except stop using it when the shit piles up past the top of the seat.
In other words, as he said, it never gets fixed because everyone thinks someone else will fix it.
Bet you've never traveled outside your country......
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-3 18. Urmensch commented 10 years ago

#14 Oh, and as far as Muslim "all the no - go areas already in London and all across the country", I'd like some evidence of even one. Not just the second-hand reporting in American press of the ravings of the BNP and other fascists. You get a handful of stupid young Muslim dickheads harassing people for drinking, or defacing a few posters at a bus-stop and suddenly its a no-go area.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 19. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#16 Ok fog horn, just keep hoping for the best like Neville Chamberlain did and everything will be just fine for you.
By the way, now that Soviet-era FBI files and tapes have been examined, they prove McCarthy was correct in most cases
about Soviet influences in our government.
And Iraq? The US relied on British Intelligence (an oxymoron if ever there was one) that reported Iraq was buying
Yellowcake uranium concentrate from Niger to justify the accusation that Saddam was starting up his nuclear program
again. Don't forget, the Brits went to war in Iraq too. (and even wikiLeaks has vindicated Bush)
Now since the brilliant OB1 Nairobi told the enemy that we were pulling out and even gave them the time-line for the
withdrawal ISIS is murdering and raping thousands of peaceful Christians and Muslims who do not support
their bloody conquest.
Picture of BloodBeast28 achievements

-2 20. BloodBeast commented 10 years ago

#19 "British Intelligence (an oxymoron"
*This* from a person who lives in the country that *re*-elected GWB?
From that stupendous intellect's own mouth:
"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me".
Well, that's what he *tried* to say...
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

-3 21. Urmensch commented 10 years ago

#19 The one thing really noticeable about all that was that you didn't offer one piece of evidence for these no-go zones in Britain. Go on. I'll wait.

You also ignore the link about how good the healthcare offered by the NHS is.

Stick to that first, and don't try to wriggle out of it by changing the subject to Iraq.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 22. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#20 is just a drooling slack-jawed booger-eating moron who needs no reply.

#21 I notice you had to swallow what you said about McCarthyism, how come?
You also avoid Britain 's role in instigating the Iraq war even though you
are the one who brought up the Iraq war.
Approx 47% of the people in the US pay no income tax and are on some
type of public assistance, yet 85% of Americans had healthcare before
Obamacare got shoved down our collective throats. Many fewer have
adequate medical insurance now. We will see how it all pans out, but the
sooner Obamacare gets repealed the better. Even with all this going on
you have very little wait time for life saving surgery, unlike NHS.
Till tomorrow,.....
Picture of BloodBeast28 achievements

-1 23. BloodBeast commented 10 years ago

#22 Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...
I laughed until I stopped...
Your nickname told me a long time ago what your mentality is, and this comment confirms it.
I shall waste no more time on you. You're a troll. A very good one, I have to admit. But still a troll.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

0 24. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#21 Here you go.
So all this is just hogwash? If it is then I am
happy for you for your country's sake,but.....
I have seen the videos of rock-throwing sign-carrying
Muslim crowds marching down the streets there demanding
special rights and wanting to cut off heads for dis-respecting Islam.

No-go zones established by British police....

Video of Muslims attacking police in this link...

Sharia courts in Great Britain....

Shop owner threatened with 40 lashes for selling alcohol...
Picture of Urmensch44 achievements

0 25. Urmensch commented 10 years ago

#24 All of those links are from the right wing over here. The EDL are like the BNP and just the flip-side of the Muslim extremists here. They're both minority opinions and not representative.
Tommy Robinson was forbidden to enter Tower Hamlets as a condition of his bail. That is supposed to support your claim of no-go zones? Pathetic! One yob's bail conditions!

I live in London, in the middle of an area where 40% of the residents are Bangladeshi origin. Half the staff at my local Tesco are Muslims. All lovely people.
I went to college in the area where Anjem Choudrey tried to stop the restaurateurs, all Muslim, from selling alcohol. He arrived with his gang of yobs, and nobody listened. Just because they put up stickers saying it's a Sharia zone doesn't make it one. The stickers just get taken down. Anjem Choudrey is a clown.

There are no no-go areas. There have been isolated incidents of young Muslim idiots harassing people, but the Muslim communities themselves speak out against this and they are punished for their actions though the legal system.

You are a xenophobic bigot; I am wasting my time with you.
You are just the mirror image of the Muslims who are troublemakers. The irony of it all is that these Muslim twats point to people like you as an example of why they need to keep themselves separate and why they can never trust non-Muslims.
Bigots like you point to these Muslim gobshites and say this is why we can't trust any Muslims.

Except for one newspaper all the links are to websites with agendas. The one newspaper you link to is known as The Daily Heil here, because they supported the Nazis and Britain's fascists and have never really changed.

All of this is old news here, and nothing came of it. On the off-chance that you are more open-minded than your comments suggest, and not a bigot but just ill-informed then I'll link to a relevant humanist post that is more balanced.
Picture of sux2bu67 achievements

+1 26. sux2bu commented 10 years ago

#25 Tommy Robinson was first arrested for entering a Muslim Sharia zone in London and a requirement of his bail was to not return there; why was he arrested in the first place?
CBN News is not a British news group,it is American and known for being truthful. I am pretty sure Rightside news is also US.
So you would have no problem walking through Whitechapel with a beer in your hand some evening?Or even Tower Hamlets ? Please post a video of you doing that. :D
There is way too much smoke here for there to be no fire.
Paris has even more troubles with Islamic violence and in Oslo nine-out-of-ten rapes are perpetrated by Muslim immigrants,so it looks to be an European problem.
You just keep ignoring the elephant in the room.
ps A "xenophobic bigot" would be someone with an irrational fear of something different or foreign without reason. I don't dislike or mistrust them because of who they are but because of what they do and their beliefs.
Picture of Sizzlik64 achievements

+3 27. Sizzlik (admin) commented 10 years ago

*Grabs popcorn* Thats better then my daily soap :)